La cote Une biblioth caire d une cinquantaine d ann es apr s vingt cinq ann es faire ce m tier et en bonne partie dans la cave d une biblioth que de province ranger des livres sagement align s dans leur ra

  • Title: La cote 400
  • Author: Sophie Divry
  • ISBN: 9782923682136
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Une biblioth caire d une cinquantaine d ann es, apr s vingt cinq ann es faire ce m tier, et en bonne partie dans la cave d une biblioth que de province, ranger des livres sagement align s dans leur rayon respectif, et qui trouve ce m tier terrifiant ma triser cette vertigineuse production humaine, fruit de deux milles ans de civilisation Elle qui ne s accorde d autrUne biblioth caire d une cinquantaine d ann es, apr s vingt cinq ann es faire ce m tier, et en bonne partie dans la cave d une biblioth que de province, ranger des livres sagement align s dans leur rayon respectif, et qui trouve ce m tier terrifiant ma triser cette vertigineuse production humaine, fruit de deux milles ans de civilisation Elle qui ne s accorde d autre fantaisie que d installer une plante verte pour rendre les lieux plus agr ables, mais qui pulv rise dans l explosion de son monologue th tral l ordre et la toute puissance de la rationalit , incarn e par le syst me de classification de Dewey Dans son sous sol, on lui balance tout ce qui ne peut tre class les numismates, les m dailles militaires, la g n alogie, la psychanalyse, l occultisme Et la cote 400 est vacante depuis qu on a mis les religions avec l histoire et a lui donne le vertige d imaginer quel domaine du savoir prendra cette place.Ici, les livres deviennent des tres de chair les personnages de roman, des interlocuteurs avec qui partager nos exp riences les crivains, pouss s par des envies, par des souffrances, des hommes et des femmes d abord et avant tout Ici, le livre est fait pour dialoguer avec son lecteur Pas fait pour tre rang derri re une vitrine Pas fait pour entrer dans un quelconque syst me Pas fait pour rester l , muet, sans rien donner et sans d ranger personne Au contraire.

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      425 Sophie Divry
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    About "Sophie Divry"

    1. Sophie Divry

      Sophie Divry vit Lyon Journaliste engag e au mensuel La D croissance, elle crit galement des chroniques litt raires pour le Monde Diplomatique La cote 400 est son premier roman.

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    1. "Book and reader, if they meet up at the right moment in a person's life, it can make sparks fly, set you alight, change your life." Ramblings of a middle-aged librarian about books, authors, and about a man she has a crush on. Many great one liners that cracked me up but also hit bull's eye with their simplicity.

    2. Saturday was National Library Day. I went into the library, returned books, had a quick scan of the shelves, picked up by reservations, checked them out, and then left without seeing any sign of a librarian. The result of technology, budget cuts, and council departments being merged. And so it was particularly lovely to bring home a library book with a real life librarian inside.untitledThe lady in question arrived for work in the basement to find a reader who had been locked in overnight. She w [...]

    3. "To all those men and woman who will always find a place for themselves in a library more easily than in society, I dedicate this entertainment."From the moment I opened the book and read that one line, I knew this book was for me. I could not have put it in better words, Sophie Divry spoke to me directly with that dedication.I was looking for a short, quick read to get me from one book to another. I had been reading a lot of heavy material lately, and I needed that little breather in between. S [...]

    4. It was an ok book, just that. Sometimes I found myself nodding to some parts of these ramblings of an old French librarian, but more often than not, I just wished she would shut up. I am especially disappointed that the author chose to focus on the old stereotype of librarians (did she do her hair up in a bun? I bet she did) instead of showing what libraries and librarians are all about right now. Oh well

    5. There are some books that I instantly love - some books that I instantly hate (I never really finish those, bad habit alert) and then there are books like The Library of Unrequited Love by Sophie Divry. Is it a bad book? Not really. Is it a good book? Not really.It’s short and easy to read and “meh”.The story is just a monologue from a female librarian talking to an unknown man who spend the night in the library. I think it’s always impressive when someone creates a whole book (fine, 80 [...]

    6. Loved this precious monologueThe rantings of a middle aged female librarian , purportedly to a reader who gets locked within the library in the night, and subsequently discovered by her when she comes for work was funny, scathing, satiricalI loved looking at the world through the cynical eyes of a librarian who has seen, nay, read it all.Her soliloquy covers various subjects including Dewey system of classification, various existentialist writers, and mundane subjects like ordinary people and th [...]

    7. Lots of great one-liners about the value of books, but overall a rather aimless little literary experiment and not particularly well translated. As a former library assistant myself, I could certainly sympathize with this bitter librarian’s disappointment with the state of libraries today: “It’s not a library anymore, with silence reigning over shelves full of intelligence, it’s a leisure centre where people come to amuse themselves.”[The original French title was La Cote 400, referrin [...]

    8. What do you do if you love going to Library, and the first page of a book reads "To all those men and women who will always find a place for themselves in a library more easily than in society, I dedicate this entertainment". You know this entertainment is definitely for you and you then devour pages after pages because all these pages are just screaming to you in a passion only you, a fellow library lover will understand.The Library of Unrequited love is brilliant in so many ways. There is only [...]

    9. Ok what did I just read? I thought this was book was going to be a nice and well written book about the library as an institution. What I got instead was the rambling of a woman who is not satisfied at her job and/or her life, its hard to follow the core of the story, its just one person talking the whole book, no breaks, no chapters, no meaning. Wow I just dotn know what to think about this. It made me feel kind of depressed since I do happen to work at a library, but then I realized that the f [...]

    10. 3.5A short and sweet book having continuous one sided ramblings of a librarian. Written in a very funny tone, laughed my heart out more than a couple of times.Thank you so much God! My dreams of becoming a librarian never materialised :D

    11. This little book is a sweet soliloquy by a librarian woman as she converses with a man who accidentally spent the night in the library. If nothing else, the idea of the book intrigues me and I have to admit that I currently feel inspired to attempt something similar. I love the style of it. It's so different. I made a couple of notes for how I would do mine and I do love my idea already. Let's see if I actually complete it!

    12. Pretty intriguing & delightful monologue. I'm torn between 3 & 4 stars and finally end up with 3 but actually it's 3.45. From the book,"Going into the library is nothing more or less than getting back onto your your mummy's lap. Yes, like mummy, the library gives you a magic kiss and everything's better. Love life in ruins? Hate everyone? Despair over the state of planet? Headache? Insomnia? Indigestion? Corns? I can tell you, there's nothing the library can't cure"."l have a conversatio [...]

    13. Things you need to know about this book:It's a monologue.It takes place in a library's basement.It is honest and it has so much loneliness!It is small and adorable.I liked it :)I bought it because I loved the cover and the title,I didn't have a clue about the story.Yes,sometimes I do judge a book by its cover and it's not bad at all!

    14. Loved the ramblings of the librarian. And my lifelong wish to become a librarian has taken a backseat for now.

    15. Well that was quite the rant! I don't think I'll ever look at a middle aged librarian in quite the same way ever again. A fun, short read.

    16. I found that it was not really the best of ideas to begin reading The Library of Unrequited Love just before I went to sleep, because it is a continual stream-of-consciousness work, which has been written in just one paragraph. This rendered it difficult to know where to stop reading. Everything which I love about contemporary French literature can be found in this slim volume; it is witty, shrewd, clever, slightly sarcastic, and intensely readable. The unnamed librarian’s narrative voice is c [...]

    17. Monologous ramblings of a librarian on various aspects of her life Many of the quotes were eye-catching, but it was too long and tiring for me!!

    18. A very intelligent, very witty rant of a frustrated librarian. A superb mix of hilarious and touching, with just a little dose of crazy. A delightful read.

    19. I'm conflicted about this book. The main character was a lonely burned out librarian who complained through the whole story about her library, her coworkers, her patrons, basically everybody and everything save the young scholar with the nice neck who ignores her except to ask her to turn the lights on one day. It had some truly lovely language and good discussion of Dewey and library organization philosophy, but ultimately it was a big bummer for me.

    20. 1.5-star Review:The Library of Unrequited Love by Sophie DivryThink of a word. Then, randomly, think of a person who you have a secret crush on. Now think that the word and that crush exist within a realm called "The Library". Got the context? You're good to go down a vociferous path of mumbo-jumbo, then.Now, speak (read rant) elaborately on the word you thought of. Exaggerate the prose with ad hoc abuses toward your job of twenty-five years and the people you interact with on the job. Then, con [...]

    21. Curahan hati seorang librarian, menarik tapi kadang gengges, rada membosankan tapi banyak kalimatnya yang quotable plus sehati dan sepikiran.I read a lot, it's comforting. You're never alone if you live surrounded by books.

    22. “To all those men and women who will always find a place for themselves in a library more easily than in society, I dedicate this entertainment”This is the thing which drew me into the book. The author definitely has a flair for sales. The best part about the book was its 'dedication'. And after that,it was a downward spiral. Books are good Books teach Books are a treasure Wait a minute I didn't actually mean that.!!!This book gave sort of mixed messages. It began with saying all the wonderf [...]

    23. I was drawn to this book in a way that I expect many people were - the introductory dedication "To all those men and women who will always find a place for themselves in a library more easily than in society, I dedicate this entertainment." In the end, whilst I appreciated this love song to libraries and the humour that was related to it, the story was in the end slightly disappointing.I should say that I did enjoy this book. It was quirky. It included lines that really rang true with me about w [...]

    24. Lo que parece ser una historia sobre libros y bibliotecas se convierte en un monólogo sobre la soledad de la bibliotecaria, a veces exasperante, a veces tierno, a veces triste, a veces muy muy real.

    25. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 4.25/5The Library of Unrequited Love isn't a book, or novel, so much as it is a monologue.  A librarian opens up her department of the library to discover a patron who has been locked in over-night.  She begins talking to the patron and winds up letting out a great deal of pent-up frustration. For ninety-five pages.I'll admit that, despite this being a short book, I was hesitant to dig in to it.  Mainly because the ninety-five [...]

    26. A short, fairly entertaining soliloquy presented by one of the most wonderfully annoying characters I've come across in a while. I found this little book from my local library while browsing their section of novels in English. Since I was in the mood for quick, short reads, I decided to pick it up. And while it was not life changing or even all that wonderful, it did entertain me for its duration and introduced me to one of the most annoying characters I've come across with in a while.The Unrequ [...]

    27. The Library Of Unrequited Love is a short story at 92 pages, and I’m going to say this again – I am a HUGE fan of short stories. I genuinely believe that short stories deserve more publicity than they currently receive. Short Stories are PERFECT for when you want to read something, but you’d like it all in one go, rather than having to put the book down and come back to it. They are perfect for being on the move, as you can read short stories on the bus, during your lunch break, and you ca [...]

    28. Avec ce titre énigmatique faisant référence à la classification de Dewey, Sophie Divry nous immerge dans une conversation avec une bibliothécaire d'une cinquantaine d'année. Malgré son amour pour les livres, cette employée n'est pas heureuse de sa situation. Au contraire, elle développe un peu de rancoeur, un sentiment d'avoir laissé passer sa chance tant sur le plan professionnel que dans sa vie amoureuse. Elle part dans un long monologue et, de digression en digression, nous dévoile [...]

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