Ring Around the Sun A classic tale from one of science fiction s most creative forces Suddenly strange things begin to happen World industries collaspe People sometimes whole towns disappear without a trace And writer J

  • Title: Ring Around the Sun
  • Author: Clifford D. Simak
  • ISBN: 9780881848526
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • A classic tale from one of science fiction s most creative forces Suddenly, strange things begin to happen World industries collaspe People sometimes whole towns disappear without a trace And writer Jay Vickers knows he s being watched Now, to save his own life and all of humanity he must solve the secrets of the parallel Earth Lovely, rationalized magic TheA classic tale from one of science fiction s most creative forces Suddenly, strange things begin to happen World industries collaspe People sometimes whole towns disappear without a trace And writer Jay Vickers knows he s being watched Now, to save his own life and all of humanity he must solve the secrets of the parallel Earth Lovely, rationalized magic The Times London

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      277 Clifford D. Simak
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    1. Clifford D. Simak

      He was honored by fans with three Hugo awards and by colleagues with one Nebula award and was named the third Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America SFWA in 1977 See enpedia wiki Clifford

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    1. Love this SO much! I remember reading it, 20-something years before and loving every moment of it!To get the full impact of this novel, one has to realise this was one of the very first sci-fi books in my life. I started reading it out of sheer curiousity, just to see what it was about, this book I found stuck on the upper shelves of our home library. And gradually I grew to love it. The idea that at any point in time there are parallel worlds, which are simply on a different schedule on their m [...]

    2. Este libro de Simak nos retrotrae a esos clásicos de la Edad de Oro de la ciencia ficción, ingenuos por una parte pero también muy entretenidos, ese tipo de lecturas que se leen con un gran placer. ‘Un anillo alrededor del Sol’ nos relata una historia sencilla a primera vista, pero en realidad toca temas muy interesantes, como son la Teoría de la Relatividad, la existencia de mundos paralelos, la Guerra Fría, la caída del capitalismo, así como una crítica feroz de la sociedad de cons [...]

    3. Jay Vickers thinks he's a normal guy in a quickly changing world--new 'forever' products (razors! cars!) are coming out that never need to be replaced or maintained. Big Industry is scared and tries to hire Jay to write something negative about the innovations, but he politely declines. Soon Industry has riled up the masses to riot and smash all the forever products--and sometimes their owners. Jay then escapes on a road trip to his childhood home and relearns a forgotten ability that changes hi [...]

    4. Simak writes very much like Ray Bradbury. His characters are not superheroes who save universes. They are everymen caught up in extraordinary circumstances. This is why I enjoy the works of Bradbury and Simak more than the modern writers who rely on technology and superheroes to drive their stories.Much of the 1950s culture can be found in this book. Economic displacement was a hard reality of early 1950s with runaway inflation brought about by the end of World War II and the Korean War. We also [...]

    5. the concept of this story is great. the parallel Earths and mutation of the humans, although that part surprised me at first I came to enjoy it. As I was reading this story I realized this was written decades ago and I used to think there are ways to hear the starts as well didn't know others thought the same let some well before I was born. The story Revs up from there real quick, a little too quick and suddenly ends, I do wish there was more said before left to the imagination but all in all i [...]

    6. Jay Vickers, living a rural existence in a small town, is a restless writer. There are new gadgets on the market. Everlasting razor blades and lightbulbs are in the shops and then there is the Forever Car, which is guaranteed never to break down.His agent arranges an interview with a client who wants the writer to investigate and disparage the companies behind the devices, since no one knows where these cheap products are coming from and they are undermining the Capitalist system of America. He [...]

    7. "Ring around the Sun" by Clifford Simak is by many fans of the genre novel has considered canonical. Noble and almost exemplary embodiment of the principles of the science-fiction convention. However, I regret to have to say that this work has already eaten a worm time or at least well chewed them.Successful start galloping promises not wonder, too late translated by another slightly jerky movements of the story. We get into the hands of an interesting vision of a world flooded by the "miracle" [...]

    8. Simak is one of the most important Science Fiction writers of the early 1960's, mostly because he created novels of marvelous ideas, ones with much potential and meat on them, if you understand. But Simak didn't always create great characters and plots to go along with those ideas (like so many other science fiction novels, the ideas are more important than the story). However, Ring Around the Sun is not one of those. It is a marvelous sci-fi novel, centering around the very idea that Currie use [...]

    9. Though I'm a longtime fan of science fiction, I have often found something a little formulaic about most of the novels from the "golden era" of the genre. The problem is not with the premise -- though that can crop up from time to time -- so much as with the plot, which typically functions in the standard pattern of boy-meets-girl, boy-fights-antagonists (usually against seemingly overwhelming but ultimately surmountable odds), boy-gets-girl. For a while, though, I thought that with this novel I [...]

    10. Jesus, this was hard to finish.I don't remember why I wanted to read this. My shoddy memory makes me think it was mentioned in trivia, the basis for a movie or Twilight Zone episode. I'm really glad I passed up every opportunity to buy it (which wasn't often, either).The main character is bland. No personality. Basically walks away from the plot right off the bat but is dragged back in and we're forced to follow him. Maybe it's the writing style, Sorry Clifford, but none of the characters were [...]

    11. Classic science fiction - not as good as way station (but then again what is) There are off course sign of age, everybody smokes, the Cold War is ever present, but you need to be able to overlook these things, if you ever are going to read an older story.But the story flows quickly and effortless and introduces some very interesting concepts

    12. Il libro per certi versi tocca tematiche attualissime.Non è male, se piace la fantascienza è un libro che piace. Ma ormai è il terzo libro di Simak che leggo e alla fine, stringi stringi, i suoi libri mi piacciono ma, non sono come quelli di Asimov. Il mio paragone per la fantascienza è quello.E penso che con questo libro con Simak per ora basta

    13. Ive read 5 Simak books now, The City and Way Station are my favourite, out of his more generic ( to me) books this one is the best i've read so far, there's even suspense here, if you enjoyed Time and Again or Time is the simplest thing go for it

    14. Very good stuff if a little dated; but then that's what I like about classic sci-fi, the juxtaposition of 50s and 60s settings with mentions of parallel universes and hi-tech gadgetry.

    15. Starting 2018 with a great book. Well, ending 2017 and starting 2018, because it took me a bit longer then I expected while reading this short novel. Though it was priceless!It was a while since I've read sci-fi, so this was twice as exciting experience.The story is set in our world on the verge of economical crisis. A strange new products are appearing in the market - "forever" products: razors, that never get dulled; lighters, that never run out of gas; cars, that never break down or require m [...]

    16. 2.5 stars.This was my fourth Simak novel and my third "early Simak" novel. Like his other books, this one is full of sci-fi ideas (some great; some, in this case, fairly sloppy) and philosophical debates. The characterization is minimal and, despite the fantastic setting and premise, the stage feels too narrow, with only about a half-dozen characters, none of whom makes an impact. Overall, just too bad that the forced & half-realized ideas (I'm looking at you, Pretentionists) kind of dampen [...]

    17. Fun and entertaining Sci-Fy book. The cover of the book, that is different then the one posted here on GoodReads is what caught my eye most of all. Reminded me of other Sci-Fy books I read as a child. Copy Right was 1952 and is still relevant to today.

    18. I really liked this. It was another classic scifi where the modern world wasn't exactly right. Here you had people trying to attack society by destroying capitalism. It was an interesting take on multiple realities and ultimately hopeful. Very different and very enjoyable.

    19. un po' perplessa da certi aspetti della psicologia dei personaggi, non sono sicura di cosa penso di questo romanzo. certo è influenzato dal periodo in cui è stato scritto /1953-54) e di sicuro per trovare un significato alla storia non si può prescindere da quellorse mi suona bene definirlo "fantascienza sociale". incerta fra 3 e 4 stelle al momento ne ho messe 4q un libro da leggere, anche a chi non è un patito del "genere fantascienza", è cmq un buon romanzo.Aggiungo il post che ho scritt [...]

    20. Clifford Simak is rightfully regarded as one of the masters of the golden age of science fiction. Ring Around the Sun is one of his earlier novels, published in 1952, but still reads fresh despite the passage of time. The protagonist, Jay Vickers, seems like a mild-manner man who is wedded to his routines as a confirmed bachelor and is a well-regarded novelist. But he lives in a time when there are some surprising innovations. A series of products -- light bulbs, razor and automobiles -- are int [...]

    21. "Pierścień wokół słońca" łączy w sobie prostotę charakterystyczną dla prozy gatunkowej z okresu, w którym powstała i swego rodzaju naiwny optymizm - ślepą wiarę w szybki rozwój technologii i postęp naukowy. Sednem opowieści jest jednak tytułowy "pierścień" - czym jest nie zdradzę - i w tej kwestii liczne koncepcje Simaka - przypominam, jest to nowela z 1953 - były niezwykle nowatorskie i odcisnęły piętno na twórczości wielu pisarzy w późniejszym okresie (przywołam [...]

    22. L'anello intorno al sole è un romanzo di fantascienza scritto da Clifford Simak nel 1952.Uno scrittore di provincia, Jay Vickers, viene incaricato da un'associazione governativa di indagare sulla comparsa sul mercato di numerosi prodotti che stanno mandando in rovina l'economia mondiale, come lamette che non perdono mai il filo, lampadine eterne o accendini senza ricarica. Ma è quando viene messa in vendita l'automobile eterna ad un prezzo ridicolo, che il governo si preoccupa seriamente e non [...]

    23. Една страхотна книга на Клифърд Саймък – "Паралени светове". Макар и да няма много екшън действия в нея, тя през цялото време ме държеше нащрек и с любопитство какво ще стане по-нататък. Много добре автора е описал заплахата, която виси над нашият свят и чрез паралелен свят п [...]

    24. I read this around 20 years ago and it has sat on my bookshelf ever since. I couldn't remember if I loved it or hated it (though assumed I wouldn't have kept it if the latter), so thought I would give it another go as i'm 'clearing out' my old book shelves - only 5 star books to be kept in future.Turns out it was a bit bland, so it went on the fire last night after finishing so that it served some final purpose in helping warm the house. Hasn't aged particularly well (I know that feeling), and t [...]

    25. Al principio sono negozi modesti, quasi insignificanti, sparsi qua e là per l’America, che vendono oggetti d’uso comune: lampadine, lamette, accendisigari… La gente passa, legge il cartellino che ne vanta la durata eterne e sorride. Ma poi, incuriosita, entra. Perché non provare? E a migliaia, a milioni, lampadine e lamette eterne cominciano a diffondersi, seguite dalle automobili eterne, dalle case prefabbricate eterne, dagli indumenti eterni… Cosa si nasconde dietro questa incredibil [...]

    26. Primo libro di Simak che leggo: sembra di leggere Dick, ma senza la sua vena allucinatoria.La prima parte ha un registro più fantastico che non di fantascienza; quest'ultima entra prepotentemente nella trama della seconda parte.La narrazione procede "a strappi": si alternano fasi in cui succede poco, ed il protagonista si dilunga in monologhi interiori e riflessioni sulla società che lo circonda e sulle situazioni che sta vivendo, ad altre in cui l'azione diventa improvvisamente concitata.Bell [...]

    27. An entertaining romp through a "Golden Age" 1950s science fiction novel. The descriptions of "normal" then seem alien today -- everyone smokes, the corner drugstore, the Car is King, and the phone system -- needing a human operator to make a long distance call! The upbeat ending in the face of adversity is also typical of the "Golden Age", and is present here. The obsession with (view spoiler)[mutant humans taking over the earth (hide spoiler)] is very 1950s also. My main complaint with the nove [...]

    28. Mejora la novela a partir de la 2ª parte. Al inicio todo parece estar sin conexión y con elementos muy "raros". Luego todo parece encajar y se hace compresible, pero le falta algo para ser una gran novela. Es muy posible que haya inspirado a las series de TV "Sliders" con sus mundos paralelos y "Heroes" con las habilidades de los mutantes, e incluso la película "Matrix" con el alma de las personas en androides.

    29. An excellent novel and the first Simak I have read. I plan on reading more based on what I have read here. I have City,/i> on the way and I already possess Shakespeare's Planet,/i>. But this is a wonderful concept with a really good execution. Just a delight to read and the plot thickens almost with every chapter. Great fun and I recommend to anyone looking to discover some great science fiction.

    30. One of the few enjoyable utopian science fiction stories you will ever find. The Harry Harrison introduction was apt and highly relevant. The pros of this pulp fiction classic are the simple description, abstract concepts, message, and relevance. The only reason this isn't five stars is for the rather wooden dialogue, especially with respect to the female characters--which in Simak's defense is highly common place in pulp fiction. I read the book in one sitting and found it highly entertaining.

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