Daredevil Echo Parts of a Hole She is Echo Though seemingly kindred souls their secret identities are very much at odds Maya seeks out her father s killer a man that Kingpin fingers as Daredevil Can Matt Murdock clear his name be

  • Title: Daredevil / Echo: Parts of a Hole
  • Author: David W. Mack Joe Quesada Jimmy Palmiotti
  • ISBN: 9780785142874
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover
  • She is Echo Though seemingly kindred souls, their secret identities are very much at odds Maya seeks out her father s killer, a man that Kingpin fingers as Daredevil Can Matt Murdock clear his name before his new love becomes his executioner Acclaimed writer painter David Mack and artist Joe Quesada weave a tale of dangerous liaisons and forbidden romance that will chaShe is Echo Though seemingly kindred souls, their secret identities are very much at odds Maya seeks out her father s killer, a man that Kingpin fingers as Daredevil Can Matt Murdock clear his name before his new love becomes his executioner Acclaimed writer painter David Mack and artist Joe Quesada weave a tale of dangerous liaisons and forbidden romance that will change the Man Without Fear forever Collects Daredevil 9 12.

    • ✓ Daredevil / Echo: Parts of a Hole || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ David W. Mack Joe Quesada Jimmy Palmiotti
      112 David W. Mack Joe Quesada Jimmy Palmiotti
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    1. David W. Mack Joe Quesada Jimmy Palmiotti

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name See this thread for information David W Mack is a comic book artist and writer, best known for his creation Kabuki and his work on the Marvel Comics titles Daredevil and AliasThe author of the Star Trek Novels is David Mack

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    1. At first i thought Mack's writing is either (a) simply better than Kevin Smith (who immediately preceded this volume) or (b) first-rate. I now realize it's the latter. Mack is a gifted storyteller, and this story is a gift.The art is generally as bad as the first Queseda DD volume with some incredible pages thrown in. It turns out that the layouts (blocking, in stage terms) for these pages were contributed by Mack, so Queseda had some really strong inspiration to drive the improved though sporad [...]

    2. David Mack takes over the writing and some of the art in this volume, which introduces the character Maya Lopez, also known as Echo. The Kingpin again messes with Daredevil's life by telling Echo that Daredevil killed her father. Meanwhile, Matt meets Maya and they become close quickly, which becomes complicated when Matt recognizes that Maya and Echo are the same person.Echo is another very interesting romantic foil for both Matt and Daredevil, this time representing a sensory contrast to Matt' [...]

    3. This book was close to a five. Unfortunately Mack wasn't around for one issue and the quality suffers. Mack makes Quesada art bearable. No small feat.I really thought that Bendis created Maya. I love her character and her short straw as a character is one of my biggest Marvel failures.

    4. Straight on the spandex-heels of the introductory arc to the rebooted Daredevil franchise comes a much more improved arc titled Parts of a Hole. Parts of a Hole was written by David Mack, a different writer than the first arc. Joe Quesada still helms the pencils for illustrations.From the onset, Parts of a Hole was better than Guardian Devil. Matt Murdock is still getting over the death of Karen Page and coming to grips with his fledgling law firm. We're also introduced to a new character, a bea [...]

    5. Parts of a Hole is a story I always wanted to read when I first started reading Daredevil five years or so ago, but it wasn't available in paper form at the time. Thanks to Marvel Unlimited I got a chance to read it finally and I'm very impressed. First off, the story is very long, but also pretty organic. The kind of story you don't see lately, because it would cost nearly $30 to put it out in trade paperback form. Some of the best parts of the story are the origins of Echo and the Kingpin. Bot [...]

    6. Oh Matt Murdock. I believe I'm developing an unhealthy obsession with his character. That thin line between Matt the lawyer and Daredevil the vigilante superhero is something that I can't get enough of! He's such a sweet guy. Such a kind person, that definitely deserves some semblance of a normal life. But he won't ever get that, because he's too good. Oh, Matt. You're just too kind for your own good.In this volume, we meet Echo. Maya is her real name, and she's a prodigy. Being deaf has allowed [...]

    7. As many others have noted, this is a dramatic improvement over Kevin Smith's work in volume one. Mack opts for the pathos approach over an unnecessarily convoluted plot that relies on trickery and revelatory climaxes (that disappoint in the depths to which they are cliche) to produce an emotionally appealing and satisfying Daredevil story. "Parts of a Hole" is aptly titled as the volume spends most of its pages sounding the depths of Murdoch's sense of loss. In the wake of the death of another l [...]

    8. No idea who this David Mack is, but this was a hellava Daredevil story. Matt Murdoch, once again, gets involved with a woman who's no good for him, as this time she's really an assassin out to kill Daredevil. Mack gets all up in this woman's business and life history, and also narrates a heavy portion of what caused the Kingpin to become such the heavy he is today. (Ha, fun pun.) I'm also liking the infrequent appearances of Black Widow as a member of the supporting cast.It's nicely written, not [...]

    9. The story is good, but what makes this amazing is the artwork. There are so many tiny details and hidden messages, and you can enjoy reading this the fourth and fifth time just as much as the first.

    10. Matt and Foggy meet a client with a severe speech impediment that only Matt can seem to translate, introducing the theme for this volume: miscommunication. The client only has the speech impediment in high stress situations, much like Matt and Maya can only communicate with each other when she isn't trying to rip Matt's face off. Maya Lopez is a deaf assassin who goes up by the name Echo and was brought up by Wilson Fisk after the death of her father. Fisk tells Maya that Daredevil killed her fa [...]

    11. My exploration of the character of Daredevil continues with David Mack and Joey Q's installment, "Parts of a Hole," following directly in the footsteps of Kevin Smith's "Guardian Devil" arc. Though this story lost a bit of its steam by the end as a result of shifting its focus to Wilson Fisk about halfway through the narrative and sort of losing the thread its started with, it's still pretty damn good, for the most part. Mack is an acquired taste, I think, but thankfully I acquired a taste for h [...]

    12. Parts of a Hole is an interesting proposition. First, there's the art, done by Joe Quesada. Quesada is best known for his highly dynamic, visually interesting, "cartoony" style. Big fists, thin arms--that sort of thing. Quesada has a tendency to draw Daredevil as if he were Spider-man--with the lithe, muscular build of a teenager. That said, Quesada stretches himself here, essentially doing a David Mack impression for the length of the book with a mixed media creation, apeing Mack's style consid [...]

    13. "Visionary" is a word thrown around too cheaply in the world of sequential art, but I think David Mack is a rare creator to truly earn this distinction. Although he hasn't had a major influence on his peers YET, he works in the comic medium in a way you've never seen before, and I hope his impact has an eventual long term effect on the business. This is a great Daredevil story and a great examination of the character. Unlike Kevin Smith, Mack never forgets Daredevil is blind and takes the opport [...]

    14. When people go back to read Daredevil, Parts of a Hole is perhaps the most easily overlooked by people. Kevin Smith's name draws attention to Guardian Devil, and Bendis' time and reputation on the book catch people's attention right away. Mack's story doesn't wind up in the Omnibus collections, you don't see IT getting visionary reprints.Which is a shame, because Parts of a Hole is a way better story than Guardian Devil. Think of it like this, Kevin Smith was brought in to bring people's attenti [...]

    15. I liked Parts of a Hole well enough. Everyone says that Kevin Smith's Daredevil, Vol. 1: Guardian Devil is overwritten, but I think Smith's story was better crafted than David Mack's. Mack's writing is serviceable: the story stays at a purely superficial level and it ultimately feels like a transitional story arc. Daredevil is on the fringes of his own story, while Echo steals the spotlight. She is the light of this trade. I hope to see more of this character soon - I'm sad she's not better know [...]

    16. 4.7/5Điểm cộng:- Cốt truyện, mạch truyện tốt. Có backstory của nhiều nhân vật, giúp người đọc có thể hiểu thêm về các nhân vật đó. Tui khá thích mối quan hệ của Wilson Fisk và Maya Lopez.- Tui đặc biệt thích một tập truyện, đó là Gun Play. Joe Quesada viết tập này rất hay.- Xây dựng nhân vật ổn. Tui thích Maya Lopez. Ban đầu tui có lo là tác giả sẽ không viết tốt nhân vật nữ này (chuyện đ [...]

    17. Disappointed. Been reading a lot of Daredevil lately, and loving it. Hit a wall with this one. The arteas are great, if that makes any sense. A lot of really creative stuff going on, like when Echo is giving a monologue about her childhood, half the city is drawn "real" and the other half a child's drawing. Very cool. Otherwise, not so much. The art is pretty soft around the edges and a bit cartoony. The guy likes drawing ribbons as well, as in Daredevil's rope is like 10000 feet long and whippi [...]

    18. After being intrigued yet unfulfilled by the abovementioned TPB, I decided to give this book a try. The initial chapter was included in Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra, and I read the rest sitting in a comfy chair at BN. The art is this volume is absolutely stunning. And incredibly innovative. The layouts are fluid, incorporating such details as puzzle piece frames, sheet music backgrounds, and childhood crayon scribbles. The intricate covers interestingly translate each chapter into a complicate [...]

    19. Ne avrei fatto volentieri a meno. Parti di un buco è il seguito spirituale di diavolo custode, abbiamo un Matt Murdock ancora addolorato per la sua grave perdita, ancora più triste del solito. Conoscerà Maya Lopez che condivide con lui la perdita di uno dei cinque sensi (nel suo caso l'udito) ed insieme proveranno un senso di reciproca completezza. Più in là scoprirà che si tratta della ennesima ragazza che farà capolino nella sua vita solo per portare altri problemi. Ritmo troppo blando, [...]

    20. This may not be my favorite Daredevil story, but it is pretty excellent. This book aptly channels the feel of the golden age of comics into a fresh story where Murdock meets a girl and falls in love. Turns out she is deaf. And has family ties to the Kingpin. Things get as muddled and complex as that setup would imply. This book is a great read and Joe Quesada's art is incredible. There's no static form. The flow is so perfect for the story and includes child drawings as they tell stories from th [...]

    21. I absolutely loved the story, but I do honestly wish David Mack had illustrated by him as well. No disrespect at all to Joe Quesada, who did a fantastic job, but I am especially partial to David Mack's Sienkiewicz-esque dreamlike, painterly style. Of David Mack's work, this is the first that I've read that he hasn't both illustrated and written, and though the collaboration worked very well, I did miss his style.

    22. Dibujos que pasan de pedorrientos a bastante buenos más guion que pasa de normalucho a interesante dan un comic que está bastante bien si no se le exige demasiado. Ah, y me gustó que Daredevil ooootra vez se enfrente a una novia-rival por las manipulaciones de un villano, aunque estas fueran medio pedorras. Aunque ya tengo leído también el #3, que todavía no reseñé, espero poder leerme el #1 antes de que desaparezca.

    23. El periodo de Daredevil dentro del sello Marvel knights fue el pináculo del personaje y, si bien los lectores centran su atención y su recuerdo en el arco argumental de Bendis y en el de Brubaker, David Mack también puso su granito de arena y, a diferencia de Smith, lo hizo con gracia y solvencia. Aquí comienza la historia de Eco, que junto a Electra y a María Tifoidea está llamada a ser uno de los personajes femeninos memorables en la tradición del héroe ciego.

    24. This book has a lot going for it, because it's got cool ideas and interesting artwork to back it up. But the resolution is a little sudden, and sometimes the pacing is a little awkward. Anyway, still a very good book.

    25. I liked this comic more than the other two, not only because of the plot (and the girl, I liked the girl and the fact that she was deaf) but also because of the drawings, which were lighter than in the first one. I actually loved this one.

    26. This volume was everything the previous one wasn't. This one had new ideas; it had artistry; the plot wasn't a re-heating of 90's Miller comics and it wasn't grim for grim's sake. It was grim when it needed to be. Really, really impressed by this.

    27. I enjoyed David Mack's writing. Although he does get repetive explaining Daredevil's powers and the accident at the start of almost every issue. Echo is also an intriguing villian who is a good foil for Murdoch. Decent read.

    28. I *really* like the complexity of Joe Quesada's art. The story by David Mack is very interesting, but it is the art that makes this worth re-reading. Text, motion, and mood are woven into the backgrounding of the frames. It's unique, and expresses the story in elegant ways.

    29. "Mack and Quesada did an excellent job for this title. The plot and the art are truly alive, intense and interesting! This made me think, characters with the most limitations, trials and challenges are usually the most appreciated."

    30. great relief from smith. i first encountered echo while reading new avengers so getting to know her a bit better here with a more narrow focus was great. fisk/kingpin is my favourite marvel villain of all time so my enjoyment is no surprise here.

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