Quinn s Hart Quinn Delaney has never had much luck with men Shy and uncomfortable with his height he s always tried to blend in rather than stand out When his former foster sister and best friend cons him into go

  • Title: Quinn's Hart
  • Author: Cassandra Gold
  • ISBN: 9781602726369
  • Page: 259
  • Format: ebook
  • Quinn Delaney has never had much luck with men Shy and uncomfortable with his height, he s always tried to blend in rather than stand out When his former foster sister and best friend cons him into going on a singles trip to Walt Disney World, Quinn is certain he will be miserable Then he meets Josh.Being dumped by his high maintenance boyfriend a couple of weeks beforQuinn Delaney has never had much luck with men Shy and uncomfortable with his height, he s always tried to blend in rather than stand out When his former foster sister and best friend cons him into going on a singles trip to Walt Disney World, Quinn is certain he will be miserable Then he meets Josh.Being dumped by his high maintenance boyfriend a couple of weeks before a trip to Disney World isn t what Josh Hart had planned, but he s determined not to let it get him down Rebooked on a singles trip, Josh intends to make the most of his first trip to an amusement park On the first day, he meets shy, sexy Quinn, but the man is clueless about his own appeal.If Quinn wants to catch the man of his dreams, he ll have to be willing to risk the one thing he s never put on the line before his heart.Genres Gay Contemporary

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      By day, I am a middle school teacher I spend much of my time grading papers, filling out paperwork, and trying to get 6th and 7th graders to read.When I am not at work, I can generally be found at the computer, dreaming up stories about men falling in love When I have spare time which is unfortunately not too often any I read romance of all kinds Occasionally I pretend to do housework, but my hubby isn t fooled

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    1. WARNING!!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!!!!!!!!(view spoiler)[ More my speed but I digress. :P(hide spoiler)]That's righty if you are prepared for a case of the feels straight to the vein, should you attempt this book.What to expect:- a socially awkward, 6'7", gentle giant of an environmental engineer named Quinn. He's never known love and had to endure an alcoholic, abusive father until t [...]

    2. For what I wanted to read, this book was very enjoyable.I wanted zero angst, zero hurt, zero stress. I just wanted to read about nice boys falling in love. This book completely delivered.Aspects of the plot were a bit perplexing, but this may be due to cross-cultural confusion. New Zealand doesn't have a tradition of a dating culture, and because of this the idea of a singles holiday with assigned pairs for activities seemed very weird to me**.Had I been in a more demanding mood I would have pic [...]

    3. A cute romance and a lovely all-round feel good story, perfect pick me up without all the tragic drama and misunderstandings. If anyone deserves a bit of happiness its Quinn and Josh.

    4. Being a Disney Geek Girl, this book auto-upgraded from 4 to 5 stars for me. What can I say, it took me to the happiest place on earth, that's worth a star.A very sweet read, probably a little too sweet for some tastes. But, if you are in the mood for that kind of book (who isn't sometimes?) then this is a good pick. Quinn is a big guy with terrible self-esteem and crippling shyness. He gets shanghaied into a singles trip to Disney World and is dreading it from the beginning but determined to see [...]

    5. I loved this very cute and sweet story. I have loved all of Cassandra’s books. They are happy

    6. This was so frigggin' cute, I'm still smiling and I finished it last night.Quinn is going on a singles trip to Disney World his friend Stephanie roped him into. One of the guys in the trip, Josh Hart, attracted his attention immediately. But Quinn knows that Josh is WAYYYY out of his league. Josh is gorgeous, and likeable and Quinn knows, that a gigantic (literally) shy geek like him has no chances with a man like that.Josh however is not just a pretty face, he's also looking for someone special [...]

    7. Quinn is a very shy man, with low self esteem issues. He’s also very tall and broad which brings him a lot of unwanted attention and means that people make assumptions about him. He’s persuaded by his travel agent friend to take a holiday to Disneyland on a singles’ trip, with the idea that it means that he will be forced to mingle with people. Whilst there one of the group, Josh, catches his eye. Josh is everything he is not: personable, witty, charming and able to be the life and soul of [...]

    8. Quinn is the epitome of a gentle giant and is painfully shy and self conscious due to being a very tall guy and a rough childhood.On a singles trip to Disney he meets Josh. Josh soon discovers there's more to Quinn than meets the eye.This is a sweet, romantic and angst free story, that I really enjoyed!

    9. This is a very cute and sweet story. Quinn is an introvert. Because of his height, people are either afraid of him or want him to tie them up in bed. In reality, he's shy, hates crowds and not very handsome. Josh is the opposite. He loves crowds, is always happy and extremely attractive. When they're both booked for a single's tour to Disneyland, they realize just how perfect for each other they are.This is definitely a book many people will probably re-read because of how sweet the romance is. [...]

    10. This novel is a romance story in the truest sense, as the focus of the story is the burgeoning relationship between Quinn and Josh. There really isn't a plot to the story other than providing a scenario for the relationship to develop. Quinn is a shy, gentle giant, overcoming a difficult childhood and people's expectations of him that his size seems to inspire. Josh, on the other hand, is a charming, outgoing doctor who had been recently dumped by his narcissistic boyfriend. The story focuses on [...]

    11. d what a chore that book was! The story was as boring as Magic Kingdom itself. Rainbows and lollipops wherever you turn, even "villains" feel sticky with sugar syrup residue.An attempt at angst via introducing us to a few shady characters at "meet and greet" and a sorry excuse for an "ex boyfriend" character was pathetic. Not my cup, as they say (I myself prefer a glass of wine)1 star.

    12. Now this is a feel good book done right. I have a huge smile on my face from start to finish. It's giving me such good vibes. This is going to be a great day! :)

    13. Quinn’s Hart is a sweet and nice love story, as often the stories by this author are. There is a good story behind, but nothing of complicated or too much angst, and basically there is a “dream date” plot that most of the time doesn’t happen in real life, but it’s not so unconceivable that couldn’t be. Quinn is a big and shy man; due to his body, more than 6’7’’ of height and all heavy muscle, Quinn scares off people who see him for the first time, and since he is also shy, he [...]

    14. My jaws hurt from reading this book.What I said at the beginning is true. My jaws are very sore from reading this book. I had a sappy grin on my face from the third chapter on-wards.The characters were just too cute. Quinn and Josh had me laughing and sometimes I felt like I should cry. But I didn't, it was too hard to cry because as the reader we knew what was going on better than the character. I ca't say who I preferred because they both had something really special about them.This book had a [...]

    15. This is a sweet short story about a big man with a troubled past and terrible self-image, and the guy who sees past his shy aloofness and size to the man inside. This would be a great choice after something angsty; just enough stress and emotion not to be saccharine, a hot couple with character and chemistry, and a little humor thrown in. Very nice.

    16. Sweet, sappy, romantic perfection! Thanks to my dear GR friend Ann for recommending this book to me during a weekend when I was particularly bummed out and needed an angst-free pick-me-up. This book delivered with extra sweetness and a big 'ol HEA that made me smile 'till it hurt! Recommended for anyone else with the blues!

    17. Yes, everyone is right. Light, sweet, heart-warming, romantic, adorable, charming-all true. I really liked how these guys took the time to see beneath the surface, really get to know each other in this feel good and believable story.

    18. 3.5 starsI'm a Disney girl, in fact I just got back from visiting Mickey so this was the perfect time for me to read this. Because of this I may be a bit biased but I don't care. It was sweet and romantic and both MC's were adorable. It put a big smile on my face.

    19. Well isn’t Quinn just the sweetest doll ever! I admit I’ve got a soft spot for the big tall behemoth that just has no idea how adorably sweet they are. Plus I totally understand the whole not being comfortable in crowds thing. This book just let me with a warm soft spot in my heart. And for once I didn’t hate a HFN sort of ending.Quinn Delaney hasn’t had a lot of luck in life, his size being rather intimidating to most people. Growing up with an alcoholic abusive father who constantly be [...]

    20. It's so nice to know that there are books I can come to when I've had it with angst and drama. When my emotions need a little downtime, I can fall into a sweet, fun, easy read that makes me happy and leaves me feeling good. That, in a nutshell, is 'Quinn's Hart' by Cassandra Gold. The story of one man who has spent his whole life with a very poor self-image, and the man who looks inside him and finds what he's been waiting for.At six foot seven inches, and two hundred and fifty muscled pounds, Q [...]

    21. When Quinn Delaney's best friend, Stephanie, overbooks a singles trip to Disney world, she sees an opportunity to get her best friend out of his shell and out into the open. And with a little luck, maybe get him laid.Quinn just wants to survive the trip, not make a fool of himself, and maybe grab a little free time to stare at the hottie that keeps popping up. Not that Quinn thinks he'll have a mouse's chance in a cat shop of snagging the beautiful, smiling man, but no one said he couldn't look. [...]

    22. Quinn’s Hart is told in third person through the eyes of Quinn Delaney an engineer who happens to be very shy because of his height and the fact he’s large, and Jason Hart, a pediatrician.(view spoiler)[Quinn’s Hart is the story of Quinn who goes on a single’s matchmaking trip to Disneyland at the urging of his friend Stephanie. There he meets other gay singles, some nice and some not so nice. There is one guy that catches his attention, Jason Hart, but Quinn is sure that he has nothing [...]

    23. Every once in a while, a really nice story comes along. It has all the right elements, characters that are kind, interesting, sweet. A story line that isn't filled with angst or cheap plot twists, rather a simple but well written snapshot of two lives that collide at just the right moment. A hopeful, happy ending that fills you with the sense that there really are people in this world, who meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. Sometimes, in a right moment, kismet happens and a little b [...]

    24. 4.5I loved this sweet, gentle story about a sweet, gentle man. We actually got both viewpoints in various chapters, so technically I suppose it was almost as much Josh's story as Quinn's. But it felt very much like Quinn's story. His insecurity, shyness, and self-doubt were explained well and realistic, so I never felt like he was too self-deprecating (something that's great in small doses and obnoxious when taken too far). And I loved seeing him come out of his shell and have fun.The romance fe [...]

    25. This was a super sweet story about Quinn, a big ole shy softy coming out of his shell when he meets the right guy, Josh, on a singles vacation he gets roped into taking by his best friend. During this time, there are numerous jackasses hitting on them and basically bullying Quinn for his size, etc. and acting worse than a bunch of school kids. However, Josh realizes pretty quickly how potentially special Quinn is, and their budding relationship journey makes for a really sweet, easy going read.

    26. 3.5 starsOh, love at Disney World!!! This one has the fun two people can get when you're in the "Happiest Place on Earth". Quinn Delaney is a shy big guy (literally, he's six foot seven) and he always feel uncomfortable in social ocassion. While Josh Hart is more outgoing and friendly. But they get along really nicely with one another, Josh brings out the fun inside Quinn and Quinn gives Josh comfort and protection and the ending might not be full-closure HEA but it gives so many happy promises [...]

    27. This book was an absolute delight. After the first 10 pages or so, I think I was smiling through the entire rest of it. Quinn and Josh are so freakin' adorable together. Complete opposite attracts and they complement each other so well. Nice, sweet, happy read of two guys meeting and connecting and starting a relationship. Was just what I needed. Still smiling about it.

    28. This is exactly what I needed to cleanse my angst cloud. It was adorable, Quinn was adorable--I just wanted to give him a big hug. It was light and fluffy and sexy reading. And it really is the perfect book to read if you've just need a break from all the drama--fiction or not.

    29. I loved this story. Quinn was so sweet and Josh melted my heart when he decided on Quinn. I wish there was more to it I want to know that they had a HEA, but a HFN is better than nothing and it really was a sweet story.

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