The Hearts of Horses In the winter of a big boned young woman shows up at George Bliss s doorstep She s looking for a job breaking horses and he hires her on Many of his regular hands are off fighting the war and

  • Title: The Hearts of Horses
  • Author: Molly Gloss
  • ISBN: 9781400111961
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Audio CD
  • In the winter of 1917, a big boned young woman shows up at George Bliss s doorstep She s looking for a job breaking horses, and he hires her on Many of his regular hands are off fighting the war, and he glimpses, beneath her showy rodeo garb, a shy but strong willed girl with a serious knowledge of horses So begins the irresistible tale of nineteen year old Martha LesseIn the winter of 1917, a big boned young woman shows up at George Bliss s doorstep She s looking for a job breaking horses, and he hires her on Many of his regular hands are off fighting the war, and he glimpses, beneath her showy rodeo garb, a shy but strong willed girl with a serious knowledge of horses So begins the irresistible tale of nineteen year old Martha Lessen, a female horse whisperer trying to make a go of it in a man s world It was thought that the only way to break a horse was to buck the wild out of it, and broken ribs and tough falls just went with the job But over several long, hard winter months, many of the townsfolk in this remote county of eastern Oregon witness Martha s way of talking in low, sweet tones to horses believed beyond repair and getting miraculous, almost immediate results and she thereby earns a place of respect in the community Along the way, Martha helps a family save their horses when their wagon slides into a ravine She gentles a horse for a dying man a last gift to his young son She clashes with a hired hand who is abusing horses in unspeakable ways Soon, despite her best efforts to remain aloof and detached, she comes to feel enveloped by a sense of community and family that she s never had before With the elegant sweetness of Plainsong and a pitch perfect sense of western life reminiscent of Annie Dillard, The Hearts of Horses is a remarkable story about how people and animals make connections and touch each other s lives in the most unexpected and profound ways.

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    1. Molly Gloss

      Molly Gloss is a fourth generation Oregonian who lives in Portland.Her novel The Jump Off Creek was a finalist for the PEN Faulkner Award for American Fiction, and a winner of both the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award and the Oregon Book Award In 1996 Molly was a recipient of a Whiting Writers Award The Dazzle of Day was named a New York Times Notable Book and was awarded the PEN Center West Fiction Prize Wild Life won the James Tiptree Jr Award and was chosen as the 2002 selection for If All Seattle Read the Same Book.

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    1. I met Molly Gloss when I was in high school in Eastern Oregon, the setting for her beautiful novel, The Jump-off Creek. She was a local hero for the simple reason that she wrote about our world, our hills, our familiar tamarack forests and sagebrush, our quiet people and the lives they lead. In a state best known for Portland and the accessibility of natural wonder to the urban I-5 corridor, it was a refreshing bit of acknowledgment to see real - published! - art showing an interest in and sensi [...]

    2. What a surprise! The cover is so off-putting, along with the title, that if it hadn't been given to me from the library just before I got on a plane with nothing else to read I probably wouldnt have looked at it twice. It's fabulous! There is none of the sappy, over emotionalized nonsense you might expect from a book about a woman who gentles horses in the early years of WWI. Instead, it's very well-written, with deep, extremely real characters in whom humanity truly exists. Molly Gloss takes th [...]

    3. This is an absolutely amazing book. It takes place over a six month period from the fall of 1917 through the spring of 1918 in cattle country in Oregon. It's a wonderful story of a shy young woman, more at home with horses than people, who comes into the valley to offer to break horses for various farmers and ranchers. And, of course, it is the story of those ranchers and farmers that she meets.Even with the background of the war and of the surfacing of human meanness, this is a gentle book--and [...]

    4. It’s too bad about the title and cover. This is a lovely work of literary historical fiction, which happens to feature a protagonist who trains horses, but which neither anthropomorphizes nor is sentimental about them. Really it’s a story about the hearts of humans: how they live together and love one another. It’s the first winter of America’s involvement in WWI, and the shy but tough 19-year-old Martha Lessen arrives in a rural Oregon county looking for work. Which she finds gentling h [...]

    5. I never would have looked twice at this book, had I not heard the author speak at MPIBA. Her speech, though it had nothing to do with the book, was impressive enough (and I heard enough people saying they couldn't put the book down) that I had to give it a chance. If the following description doesn't sound like your normal cup of tea, just know that it isn't mine, either. And yet.The story takes place in the American West at the beginning of the first World War, when the young men were just star [...]

    6. I'd call this book almost a sequel to Monte Walsh by Jack Schaefer, and I consider Monte Walsh one of the perfect novels. The writing is superb, in that run-on raconteur style that feels like the easy canter of a horse. It's 1917, and young Martha Leeson leaves home to become an itinerant bronco buster, only she's a horse whisperer instead and she doesn't get that far from home, either.This book works on so many levels, I hardly know where to begin. It's a book about World War I at home, it's a [...]

    7. Well, it's been proven: you can still write a novel with an omniscient narrator. I don't pretend that setting it in the historical past (the U.S. homefront during WWI) doesn't help, but it can obviously still be done, and done well.Apart from settling that debate, The Hearts of Horses is an enjoyable read, more page-turning than its quiet, even-tempered tone would initially give you cause to guess. It may prompt you to chuckle in company, and, when pressed, explain lamely, "Just horses being hor [...]

    8. It would not be overstating things to say this book was a joy to read. I adored every minute with it, so much so that I had to dole it out to myself in nibbles because I just didn't want it to end. It's one of those books I love too much to write any kind of review of, so I'll just try to sensibly state what spoke to me about it.Martha Lessen. A great, big-boned, awkward girl of a character, and I loved her. I loved her quiet confidence with the horses, I loved her insecurity with the bipedal wo [...]

    9. This is a lovely, quiet book that reminds me of the late, great Kent Haruf's gems, and if that isn't sufficient praise, I don't know what is. The time and place are an important part of the story as well as the wonderful cast of characters

    10. Books about horses join a stable of well-loved titles foaled by Black Beauty in 1877. Over the years, Anna Sewell's only novel, which she called "the autobiography of a horse," has sold more than 50 million copies, and more recent titles, such as Nicholas Evans's "The Horse Whisperer," Laura Hillenbrand's "Seabiscuit" and Jane Smiley's "Horse Heaven," have kept readers stampeding to the bookstore.I don't know if Molly Gloss's lovely new novel will spur such intense interest, but I hope so. The H [...]

    11. In the winter of 1917, nineteen-year-old Martha Lessen saddles her horses and heads for a remote county in eastern Oregon looking for work "gentling" wild horses. Many of the regular hands are off fighting the war, and though the ranchers are sceptical of Martha's quiet, unconventional methods, it is clear that she has a serious knowledge of horses. Over the long, hard winter, the townsfolk witness Martha talking in low, sweet tones to horses believed beyond repair - and getting miraculous, almo [...]

    12. Molly Gloss certainly did a lot of research for this book. I have no doubt that she could actually write a fairly in-depth non-fiction work that deals with life in the western US states at this time. The only problem is that she seems unable to incorporate her exhaustive research into this work of fiction. The facts are never really part of the story, the narrator just tells the reader, as though they were reading a text book when the story of a girl breaking horses got a little dull for them. A [...]

    13. I know it's a cliche to love horses when you're a twelve-year-old girl, but I did. After reading this book, I'm suddenly interested in horseback riding again. It's a beautiful story of independence and the connections that knit together families and communities. The writing is restrained, which fits with the setting nicely. I did skip over some of the description, but this book totally nails that fierce fear of loss that comes right along with love. It may have been more of a constant threat liv [...]

    14. Based on the title and cover, I would never have picked up this book if it hadn't been so highly recommended by a trustworthy friend. Don't be put off by the hokey Lonesome Dove cover--this book is completely engrossing.

    15. I was skeptical of this book even though I have always been drawn to horses; I thought the book might be sappy or have a focus on describing the horses and their handling and using that as a pretense for a plot. But I found the book to be genuinely interesting, describing an area of the country that I'm slightly familiar with during an era I would never have thought to consider together. I liked the way the author made you feel the simultaneous distance and heaviness that World War I had in this [...]

    16. A quiet, but soul-filled book. A story about a changing land, a young woman who lives life on her own terms, and the people who come to be her family.

    17. As the United States enters World War I, the final remnants of the Old West can still be found in eastern Oregon. Nineteen-year-old Martha Lessen rides into Elwha County with a string of horses and a dream of making her way as a horse gentler. In ranch and farm country depleted of young men heading off to war, Martha finds an unusual niche as she begins making her rounds training horses in a circuit. Her unusual garb and ways with horses are a spectacle to behold, but slowly, Martha's soothing w [...]

    18. I picked up this book in one of those "little Free Library" houses in our neighborhood, hoping it wouldn't be too annoying (the cover did not bode well). After reading a few pages, I had to flip to the cover page to find out when it was written (2008).For some reason, it had the "feel" of a book written in the 1920s, and reminded me of something by my hero, Willa Cather. For the rest of the book, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I tried to figure out why.It might be the seemingly unvarnished prose, w [...]

    19. This story of a young woman from an abusive family who becomes a horse tamer in rural Oregon is reminiscent of Willa Cather (O Pioneers; My Antonia) and Kent Haruf (Plainsong, Eventide) blended with Jane Smiley (Horse Heaven). The year is 1917. Gasoline powered vehicles and machines are just being introduced, electricity and indoor plumbing are far in the future, medicine is primitive, and the younger men (and many of the horses) are being sent to France to fight in WW I.As Martha travels from r [...]

    20. Loved it! I am a sucker for the bygone era when everything was so pured people had to really work hard for their livelihoods I just loved Marthach a unusual leading ladyde me realise we live in such a fake world full of farcical relationships.Nice work Molly!

    21. I accidentally read Falling from Horses: A Novel first, not realizing they were related. It didn't dampen my enthusiasm for either book. Molly Gloss is a lovely writer, detailing times and places long past. She manages to both romanticize the setting and lay bare the lives of those who were settled in the American west of the early twentieth century. She manages this with an omniscient narrative voice that harkens well to the time it is meant to evoke. Her horse details and her historical detail [...]

    22. This book didn't really grab me right away, in spite of being about training horses, but I stuck with it. The circle ride was interesting to learn about and the history of the early 20th century in Oregon. I think Gloss tried to do too many things with the story, horses, intro of mechanization to farming, WWI, cancer, homesteading at the end she really fast forwarded Martha's life as if she was tired of telling the story and just wanted to be done. I'll send it on to Jane and her girls. I think [...]

    23. Incredible book! Set during WWI, it's a coming of age story of a girl and the country. Very insightful. My favorite quote is, "George didn't feel he had room in his life just now for worrying about what the rest of the world thought of the United States of America." And Martha's summation late in life that, "You know, honey, I guess we brought about the end of our cowboy dreams ourselves. It was a startling thing to hear herself say, but then she thought: Here I am in my old age and just at the [...]

    24. 3.5 stars. A very enjoyable story about life before and during WWI in the remote grazing/farming lands of eastern Oregon. The story revolves around a young woman, Martha, who leaves her home and seeks work as a horse gentler. Through the circle of horses she is riding and working, she comes to know and care for the farm families living there. Since most of the young men had gone to war, most farms were short handed and were happy to hire women to help with the farm work. Martha came to be respec [...]

    25. Bewildered by the glowing reviews for this one. I've seen her compared to Kent Haruf, so I had pretty high expectations. I found it to be sticky sweet, contrived, and populated by one dimensional characters. There's also no cohesive story here. It's very well researched in terms of historical and regional detail but otherwise lacking.

    26. Well written story in another era though in the end we sense that we haven't changed our ability to avoid war. Loved the horse -human connection and the characters of the old west. Discriptive visuals that set you in the scene of the time.

    27. I loved this one. Molly Gloss gets into a period and you can feel how people thought then. I've read it four times in one year, to try to figure out how she's doing it. Bought it for my horse-loving niece.

    28. The most interesting parts of this book were the descriptions of the life of ranchers in the first part of the 20th century in Eastern Oregon.

    29. This is a gentle little book about the lives of the people of Elwha county Oregon during WW1. Work, love, injury and death; and an unlikely hero in the form of a quiet, shy bronco busting girl.

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