High Anxiety High Anxiety

  • Title: High Anxiety
  • Author: Charlotte Hughes
  • ISBN: 9780515147407
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • High Anxiety

    High Anxiety Dec , Directed by Mel Brooks With Mel Brooks, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman, Harvey Korman A psychiatrist with intense acrophobia fear of heights goes to work for a mental institution run by doctors who appear to be crazier than their patients, and High Anxiety High Anxiety Rotten Tomatoes Dr Charles Montague Enjoy yourself, for God s sake Get your mind off the Wentworth murder Accident Accident A Psycho Comedy High Anxiety is a High Anxiety High Anxiety High anxiety is a condition born of an inappropriate level of fear response Anxiety causes a raft of physical and mental symptoms that render the sufferer unable to function normally. High Anxiety Experience Life Anxiety Disorders Types, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis Anxiety disorders are different, though They are a group of mental illnesses, and the distress they cause can keep you from carrying on with your life normally For people who have one, worry and

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    1. Charlotte Hughes

      Charlotte Hughes published her first category romance in 1987, a Bantam Books Loveswept, titled Too Many Husbands, which immediately shot to 1 on the Waldenbooks Bestseller list She went on to write almost thirty books before the line closed in 1998.Although Charlotte is widely known for her laugh out loud romantic comedies, she went on to pen three Maggie Award winning thrillers for Avon Books in the late nineties, before resuming her first love, funny stories about people falling in love She thrilled readers with her hilarious books, A New Attitude and Hot Shot, the latter of which won the Waldenbooks Greatest Sales Growth Achievement in 2003.Her books received so many accolades that she was invited to co author the very popular Full House series with mega star author Janet Evanovich With that series behind her, Charlotte began her own, starring psychologist Kate Holly What Looks Like Crazy, Nutcase, and High Anxiety, creating a list of somewhat kooky but always loveable and funny ensemble characters.Charlotte is currently launching Tall, Dark and Bad, starring Summer Pettigrew and bad boy Cooper Garrett She is writing a series set in the Lowcountry that is a WIPadcharlottehughes or her blog at blogadcharlottehughes

    802 thoughts on “High Anxiety”

    1. Kate Holly just can't catch a break! Charlotte Hughes has written a light-hearted, antic-filled story in the vein of Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. One minus: Why do so many authors use the same MC names (Kate, Kathryn, Katelyn, James, Jay, Jack, Jake)? It annoys me. But other than that, it was a nice, short audiobook with easy giggles (some action was a bit too absurd to actually LOL).

    2. Similar to the rest of the series. These are twinkie books (no redeeming value, but fun every now and then). It moves along quickly, the scenes are often funny, with that "Stephanie Plum" kind of feel to them.

    3. High Anxiety-A Kate Holly Case (Charlotte Hughes)Kate Holly Is a psychologist, with problems of her own. She has an ex boyfriend who still wants to get back with her, and ex husband whom she loves, but can not be with due to his career choice. She has her junk collecting mother and her twin (equally eccentric Aunt), trying to get her to join their business. Yet still, Kate comes to work every day (as a therapist) to help people. When her secretary falls ill, she must find a temporary replacement [...]

    4. The third book in the Kate Holly Series. In this installment Dr Kate Holly agrees to fill in for another Doctor and lead their Anger Management Class. Mona (Best Friend and receptionist extraordinaire) goes with to keep Kate from getting into any trouble - naturally this means that they BOTH get into trouble. An older woman and her daughter-in-law get into a fight which leads to a gun going off and one very shaken Kate and Mona. The next day Mona breaks out in “Stress Hives” and cannot come [...]

    5. The 3rd installment in the Kate Holly series.Kate is still attracting "crazies" and her (ex)husband, Jay, is still not happy about it. Mona is a little stressed because she has a rash, so she refuses to be seen in public. Kate needs someone to man the office for her and resorts to calling a temp agency. The new temp is a little odd, but in Kate's life, who isn't? Her neighbor Bitsy Stout is out to save Kate from the depths of Hell and drives Kate even a little more crazy if that is possible.Each [...]

    6. Peppered with biting wit and southern charm, Charlotte Hughes returns with “High Anxiety” to transport her fans back into the laugh out loud and constantly crazy world of Dr. Kate Holly. Kate truly believes that her chaotic life might be actually calming down…or at least she seriously hopes so after she nurses her firefighting ex-husband back to health. When Mona, Kate’s longtime best friend and secretary, finds herself suffering from a bad case of hives, Kate is forced to hire a temp— [...]

    7. I hope there will be a fourth installment in this series or I will be a little disappointed. If there is a fourth, I would like to see Charlotte Hughes rein in Kate's neighbor, Bitsy Stout. Either make her a patient of a psychologist or get rid of her, preferably the latter. The antics of religious zealot Bitsy, while entertaining in the first novel, and mildly amusing in the second novel, were just grating in this one. I know she and her friends are supposed to provide comic relief to balance s [...]

    8. Kate Holly is a psychologist , who feels like she,s ready for a straight jacket. Her most recent patients iclude an anger management group who are directing thier rage at her. a man obsessed with overdosing on cologne after an unfortunate sewage accident. How can she help these people when she,s still in love with her ex husband a fire fighter. And when her secretary is forced to take a personal leave of absence. she has no choice but to hire a temp. Abigail Davis is a competent worker with a fr [...]

    9. Nothing new. I haven't read her books (except with Evanovich) but this was on the boring sidee "plot" really didn't get going til 3/4 the way through. If I had read her first two, maybe I would have been more intrigued by the character development, but as it was, didn't care about the characters (other than Mona) and just wanted it to end. Still don't understand how Mona got over her "ailments"

    10. These books by Charlotte Hughes are a nice diversion from some of the more intense books I'm reading. Light and fluffy, not a ton of thought required, easy to read.

    11. This book was annoying. Yes! Let me tap someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder on the shoulder and ask to speak to the "other" people inside. Give me a break.

    12. This book was really entertaining. The books also never turn out like you expect them to but it isn't really a mystery, at least this one isn't.

    13. It was an alright story, things got resolved or so it seems and there doesn't appear to be a fourth book, as of right now anyways. While entertaining at times the story just wasn't believable, there's no way a shrink would react to those types of behaviors like that and ultimately shrug it off. Like the other books this was a quick and easy read with no major fluff involved so there's no agonizing who will end up with who, or rivalries that last for 200 pages that make no real difference to the [...]

    14. Kate Holly just can't seem to catch a break. The clinical psychologist from Atlanta, Georgia, endures catastrophe after catastrophe in each book in this series from novelist Charlotte Hughes, and the third (and newest) installment High Anxiety is no exception. Of course, catastrophe is somewhat the business Kate is in; she counsels patients with mental illness at her practice in a multi-business building in Atlanta (You can do your banking AND grab a bite to eat after your therapy session!).Ther [...]

    15. Did anyone notice anything that resembled a mystery plot in this book?This book was more of a pamphlet made to dissuade people from becoming psychologists, because the cons outweigh the pros bucket-loads. And for a book that's supposed to be funny, it was actually quite depressing. People sometimes have bad days, but Kate just has a bad life.Kate is borderline obsessive compulsive, tiresome, loaded with emotional baggage, impulsive and reckless and a bit dim-witted for someone that's supposed to [...]

    16. 3.5+ starsPG-13Unfortunately, this is the 3rd and last book in the Kate Holly series. Too bad - I really like Kate and her stories.In this book, Kate fills in for a colleague at an anger management seminar, only to stop an older woman from shooting her daughter-in-law. But by taking the gun from her, Kate shoots up a picture of Jesus and offends one of the anger management regulars. When Kate tries to downplay the incident to a reporter, the POd reporter makes it sound as if Kate deliberately sh [...]

    17. #3 Kate Holly series - Romantic ComedyThe adventures of Kate Holly, psychologist, continue Kate's life is populated with very colorful and entertaining friends, co-workers, clients, family. The author will make you laugh at Kate's clients' situations, but she is always respectful and never crosses the line to where you are laughing AT those who seek counseling.Kate's on-again-off-again relationship with ex-husband (now boyfriend) Jay, the hunky fire captain, is still unsettled.At times there was [...]

    18. Sort of like Stephanie Plum from Janet Evanovitch’s novels, Kate Holly has the worst luck. As a therapist, it’s her job to deal with the crazies. But when her best friend/assistant has to take time off work, Kate must find a temporary replacement. That replacement is Amanda Davis. Amanda seems to have some interpersonal issues, but Kate thinks it is nothing that can’t be overlooked. That is, until Amanda breaks into Kate’s office, goes through her thinks, and then pulls a Single White Fe [...]

    19. I love this Kate Holly Series - so funny! For those not in the know, Dr. Kate Holly is a psychologist with issues! High Anxiety is the third installment in her series - read What Looks Like Crazy and then Nutcase first, because the stories are connected. Laugh out loud funny, and easy to relate to - especially for me, being in the same profession. Granted, I am so relieved I have never blown up my office, been stalked by my secretary or had one of my patients date my aunt! For a fun read, try th [...]

    20. Ms Hughes has redeemed herself with this novel given the second book in the series ('Nutcase') was so lackluster. In this 3rd book of the Kate Holly series the author has begun to better develop the supporting character's relationships and it makes for a much more interesting read. I'm actually looking forward to the next book which is great considering I wasn't sure I wanted to read this one following the mediocre 'Nutcase'. Things are looking up!

    21. As hoped, this third book is the best in Hughes' series so far. Kate Holly, still surrounded by crazies, some relatives, some clients, hires a temp receptionist when faithful secretary/friend, Mona, breaks out in a rash due to the stress caused by a shooting at the Anger Management meeting Holly was substitute chairing. The "temp", together the rest of the group make for an interesting read. Another half star would be nice as this is a C+!

    22. Another fun romp in Kate Holly's crazy life. This book was just as fun and entertaining as the previous installments. I would love to continue to hear what sort of issues Kate encounters next, but it looks like this series may have stalled out. I have seen some indication that there is a fourth book, but it doesn't appear to be available anywhere. I hope Charlotte Hughes comes back to these characters and cranks out some more books!

    23. Cute story. Man, Abigail was kinda scary! I love that Kate and Jay are starting to work out their problems, but I don't like that it took Kate having a stalker for them to get it together. I really like Mona and Thad together. They're both so vapid, but such good, kind people that they deserve to grow up and be happy. Such a fun, easy read.

    24. I enjoyed this book more than the previous two Kate Holly books. I think Ms. Hughes hit the ground running with this third installment of the Kate Holly series. The characters are more fleshed out, the book flows wonderfully, and the plot is interesting and suspenseful. I was still smiling after I finished this book.

    25. Maybe a bit shy of 4 stars. Nice twist having a non-traditional bad guy/girl, good suspense, still enjoy Kate (who can't love a therapist with mild OCD and as many issues as her patients?) but the whole ex-not-really-ex husband line still bugs me. C'mon, stop putting roadblocks where there shouldn't be any.

    26. While i always get a laugh from kate's clients, i felt that this book was alittle to predictable. Everything bad you saw coming, and even the "surprises" were kind of a given. I laughed alot though!

    27. Interesting series put out by Charlotte Hughes. Light hearted and a quick read. Funny and amusing, parts of it slows down but then picks up again. The highly religious neighbor, her mother and aunt making their living off junk. Her husband, the firefighter.

    28. A laugh-out-loud, stand-alone-in-a-series quick read. Those best suited to helping the truly crazy typically have a little craziness in their own lives as well, as does the main character in this story. It was a nice escape-the-world-while-waiting-for-the-bus kind of book.

    29. Book #3 in the Kate Holly series. I think this was the best book out of the 3. Really wish there were a few more books to this series as it leaves you hanging as to what happens to Kate's love life in the end.

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