Heart Song Rock star Liam is on tour with his band Vicious Heart when a jealous ex outs him to the tabloids When his manager Liz comes to let him know the band is split on whether or not they want to stay toget

  • Title: Heart Song
  • Author: Sara Bell
  • ISBN: 9781603702317
  • Page: 395
  • Format: ebook
  • Rock star Liam is on tour with his band Vicious Heart when a jealous ex outs him to the tabloids When his manager Liz comes to let him know, the band is split on whether or not they want to stay together Liam is most concerned about how band mate Brody will take the news, as he s been in love with Brody for years When Brody disappears, Liam fears the worst Brody has plRock star Liam is on tour with his band Vicious Heart when a jealous ex outs him to the tabloids When his manager Liz comes to let him know, the band is split on whether or not they want to stay together Liam is most concerned about how band mate Brody will take the news, as he s been in love with Brody for years When Brody disappears, Liam fears the worst Brody has plans of his own Things go from bad to worse, spiraling out of control Can Liam and Brody do enough damage control to save the band, and their friendship

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    About "Sara Bell"

    1. Sara Bell

      Sara Bell lives in North Alabama with the world s sexiest, most supportive husband, the two most beautiful, gifted daughters on the planet, and two of the most neurotic but loveable dogs ever created She s a full time author who writes stories about never ending love for all kinds of characters gay, straight, and somewhere in between Sara still can t believe she gets paid to do something she loves so much, and she s darned grateful to her incredible readers for making her dream a reality.

    341 thoughts on “Heart Song”

    1. Liam, creator of the hit band Vicious Heart, is not just pushed out of the closet. The closet explodes and Liam is blown out. Half of the band takes the news badly, one member is cool and then there's the lead singer Brody. Liam's in love with Brody and has been for six years. When Liam's outed in the media, Brody disappears. Cue drunkeness, brawls and misunderstandings. It's all in the name of love. Brody and Liam, when they finally get it together, are pretty adorable. Liam made my heart melt [...]

    2. Nice read, but I didn't understand all the drama around Liam coming out of the closet. I mean, I didn't buy the idea that his career would be harmed by that revelation, so I didn't "connect" with the story. I also didn't get into Brody, Liam's love interest, since I was never privy to his thoughts. Considering the lenght of the story, I understand the lack of character development, though.

    3. Awww nothing makes me happier than rocker boys falling in love. This short was sweet and sexy. Only problem is I wanted about 200 more pages of Liam and Brody in love.So Liam lead guitarist and founder of rock band Vicious Heart has been outed by his jilted ex. He expected it, but hoped it would not come to that. Some of the band members were not happy, that's fine. Let them leave. Except Brody, his lead singer and the man he's been desperately in love with for years. Brody has been in an angry [...]

    4. 3.5This was fun. I like rockstars and I like rockstars with tattoos. :DI love the characters here. The story is a bit out there:(view spoiler)[I'm not sure why his band was so against Liam being gay, their reaction was way harsh. Also, six and half years is a long time to carry a torch for someone with no inkling that feelings are recipricated. I'd think that the rest of the band would noticed that Brody was bisexual long before he mentioned it to Liam after the whole Adam debacle. (hide spoiler [...]

    5. A delightful coming out story about a rocker being outed and the events that take place afterward ranging from losing some of his bandmates, being admitted to the hospital and getting the love he thought was unrequited returned.I loved Liam and Brody in this book. Liam's emotions when he hears of an ex-lover outing him and then being faced with the fact that the one person he really cared about was ignoring him made me feel for Liam all the more. Brody's anger towards the whole situation and the [...]

    6. Liam has harbored feelings for Brody, the lead singer for "Vicious Heart" for 6 years. The thing is, Liam never tells anyone that he's gay. Until he is outed in a tabloid by his ex and suddenly Liam's world is turning upside down; his band members walked out, press are on his back and the one that matters, Brody, seems to be really upset with him.This book reminds me of J.M. Snyder's "Beautiful Disaster" in a good way. I love how they are coming together, it's beautiful and sweet and pulling em [...]

    7. I love Rock star stories and this one is no exception.While short this still manages to deliver a full story. The love between Liam and Brody and the mix up caused by them both hiding their feelings gives this story a solid plot. The only thing that could make this better is length. I want too see a little more on everyone lol.

    8. I can't tell you how many times I've read this book. So sweet and fills the need for happy ever after. Had a bad day? Read this book. You can't help but smile.

    9. Sweet story about Brody and Liam. They are band mates and have been secretly in love with each other.They are also both in the closet, when Liam is outed by an ex, it causes a lot of drama!I really liked this one, I just wished I had a bit more of why Brody and Liam were in love, what they saw in each other, and a bit more of their "before" thoughts!

    10. This was a wonderful short story! It's super sweet and a total comfort read - I just love a good rockers story and I adored Liam and Brody. This is perfect if you're looking for something to make you smile, and it certainly satisfied my need for a HEA. I'll be reading it again whenever I need to lift my mood.

    11. I think this book is pretty much in keeping with Sara Bell's style, which is overly simplistic.On paper, the general idea of the story is good and would make for a decent romance. The problem is that everything is resolved to quickly, the characters are all flat, and all the plot twists can be seen coming a mile away. This book is essentially identical to Sara Bell's "Aquamarine" and "The Lovers" -- famous gay person is betrayed by a former lover/family member, it causes a rift with the gay pers [...]

    12. When the tabloids break the story that Liam is gay, his whole band is affected. Turns out, Liam started a casual relationship with a guy, except the guy thought it was more and as revenge, he outs the guitarist. Liam has an awesome support team so personally he'll be ok, but some of the band is not okay with his sexuality. Plus now Liam struggles with whether or not to tell the object of his obsession that he is attracted to him what to doAnother story that is a fun quick read, but not all that [...]

    13. This was a really nice story about Liam, a rock star, who is outed by his ex. While this story is not new, I still enjoyed this particular rendition and I liked Liam. 6 years of unrequited love is an awful long time though. I don't like to see characters waste all those potential years together

    14. Nicely done m/m romance about a guitar player who's forcibly outed and the impact it has on the rest of the band. What I really like about Sara Bell? She can write a sweet story without making it sappy.

    15. I loved this book. It had all the elements necessary to make a wonderful read. The pace was perfect, the characters amazing and the emotions were everywhere. I was shocked, happy, sad and even angry at times. An amazing read added to my keep pile.

    16. Love Sara Bell and this is another winner.Liam is very likable and you can’t help but feel for him when he gets outed by a misguided ex. The surprise hits some harder than others. There is the predictable “why didn’t you tell me?” reaction because everyone seems to think they have a right to know the personal details of Liam’s sex life. This has always bothered me in “coming out” stories. Half the band gets over it pretty quick the other half don’t. Luckily, his family is very su [...]

    17. This story felt like an outline…ke it was missing important pieces of the story that would explain the characters' motivations for certain actions…. Liam is the closeted gay leader of the band Vicious Heart. He has been secretly in love with the band's singer, Brody, for years. Liam thinks Brody is straight.Here is the story - Liam is outed by an ex, the homophobic members of his band leave, Brody disappears to beat up the ex, Brody comes back, gives Liam a BJ, disappears again, Liam gets dr [...]

    18. Heart Song is the last novella in this collection of short stories. I liked the heroes in this book. Liam is a brave man who takes his "outing" hard at first, but soon discovers it opened the door to the life he's always wanted. The love of his life, Brody, defends his honor and the HEA is heart-warming and sweet. The book is definitly more romantic than erotic-romance, but was a very enjoyable read none-the-less. The dialogue was sweet and played well in the intimate scenes. I enjoyed this sugg [...]

    19. Good short story about a rock band that may/may not split up over the outing of it's founding member who just happens to also be in love with the lead singer. Of course there are fights, miscommunications, drinking, bigoted band mates and a couple of good women thrown in for good measure! Really nice resolution - just wish it had been longer!

    20. 2012 Review:I have no idea why I periodically return to this story since it’s really not that good. In fact it’s just barely tolerable with how mushy and… just plain boring it is written.Maybe it's because I read it very early on in my ventures into m/m land. Sheer sentimentality?

    21. The only bad thing to me with this book it's that it's publish by Torquere Press and they really do a crappy job at editing, always. It's was difficult to read some time because of that.For the rest, I enjoy reading this short and cute story.

    22. When liam is outed by his ex, His manager info's him and then there are decision to be made when 2 leave the band. and when his love for brody is show how will everyone react is there hope for them and for the band read and enjoy. light read and quick one.

    23. Enjoyable short novella about a band and usual problems in music world. Liam was secretly gay and in love with his band member Brody. In my mind those two came together to fast and it wasn't real. The end was, to unreal, to even saying it was good.

    24. Sorta cute, I actually wish this had been a longer story. I would have enjoyed getting to know the characters better, and I definitely think the romance could have been extended a bit. It was a little too abrupt in this format, making it a little unbelievable.

    25. Another shortie by Sara Bell, predictable like most of her stuff but what can you do in so few pages when you wants you a happy ending?

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