Presumed Guilty Miranda s ex lover is found murdered She had a motive and the opportunity After being arrested for the crime Miranda is shocked to learn she s been released on bail bail posted by someone determined

  • Title: Presumed Guilty
  • Author: Tess Gerritsen
  • ISBN: 9781551662992
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • Miranda s ex lover is found murdered She had a motive and the opportunity After being arrested for the crime, Miranda is shocked to learn she s been released on bail bail posted by someone determined to remain anonymous Is someone trying to help Miranda Or is someone trying to manipulate Miranda and draw her into the dark and secret world of a murdered man, where everMiranda s ex lover is found murdered She had a motive and the opportunity After being arrested for the crime, Miranda is shocked to learn she s been released on bail bail posted by someone determined to remain anonymous Is someone trying to help Miranda Or is someone trying to manipulate Miranda and draw her into the dark and secret world of a murdered man, where everybody s presumed guilty

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    1. Tess Gerritsen

      Internationally bestselling author Tess Gerritsen took an unusual route to a writing career A graduate of Stanford University, Tess went on to medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, where she was awarded her M.D.While on maternity leave from her work as a physician, she began to write fiction In 1987, her first novel was published Call After Midnight, a romantic thriller, was followed by eight romantic suspense novels She also wrote a screenplay, Adrift , which aired as a 1993 CBS Movie of the Week starring Kate Jackson.Tess s first medical thriller, Harvest, was released in hardcover in 1996, and it marked her debut on the New York Times bestseller list Her suspense novels since then have been Life Support 1997 , Bloodstream 1998 , Gravity 1999 , The Surgeon 2001 , The Apprentice 2002 , The Sinner 2003 , Body Double 2004 , Vanish 2005 , The Mephisto Club 2006 , and The Bone Garden 2007 Her books have been translated into 31 languages, and than 15 million copies have been sold around the world.As well as being a New York Times bestselling author, she has also been a 1 bestseller in both Germany and the UK She has won both the Nero Wolfe Award for Vanish and the Rita Award for The Surgeon Critics around the world have praised her novels as Pulse pounding fun Philadelphia Inquirer , Scary and brilliant Toronto Globe and Mail , and Polished, riveting prose Chicago Tribune Publisher Weekly has dubbed her the medical suspense queen.Now retired from medicine, she writes full time She lives in Maine.

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    1. Tess Gerritsen writes consistently good books. However, for me, the kind of good they are varies depending upon the era they come from. Presumed Guilty falls into her romantic thriller category, which is my least favourite category for her work. Don’t get me wrong, the books that fall into this category are still great, but there is far too much of a romantic focus (as the category title would suggest).If you’re a fan of all of Geritsen’s work – by that I mean you have read her early nin [...]

    2. Gosh, it was a Harlequin Romance. It read like one, but like a really well written one. Tess Gerritsen always delivers - even in her very early books. This one was a fast and enjoyable read - much better than most of the high priced suspense novels of today. The plot started with a bang and moved right along. Sure, there were some holes, but some pretty decent twists and turns, as well. It would be a good book for the beach - a quick afternoon read.The fact that nobody locked their doors when th [...]

    3. This was possibly one of the worst books I have ever read. Ok, maybe not the worst, but the worst one that I have actually finished. Normally I give up. Life is too short:) But this was a short one and an easy read, and I had to know "who done it."The weird thing is I read 3 or so other books by this author and enjoyed them. I think this was one of her first books. It is basically a really mediocre murder mystery combined with a romance novel.Case in point - "She tasted of summer and warmth and [...]

    4. This was early Tess Gerritsen before she got into her thrillers. This was a romance mystery. It was ok, but not great for me. Short and easy to read, but the characters were mostly forgettable. The plot was mostly predictable. A happily ever after ending, just like you would expect.

    5. This is a good mystery thriller that combines all the traditional elements of a small town murder wrapped up in affairs, gossip and secrets with Gerritsen's superb writing talent. Granted there is nothing new or amazingly shocking in the story but sometimes you just need a good bit of crime fluff to break up all the heavy reading I'm sure you do. And this is one of those books. An all round good read.

    6. "Happy endings are not automatic. Someone has to work for them."I usually don't like infidelity (don't care if you're the other woman/man or the cheater because you all look the same to me) but this story is different.When Miranda's ex-lover was found in her bedroom,with her knife sticking out in his chest,she knows she's fucked. It doesn't matter that she knows she's innocent because everyone in town hates the "other woman."I thought that I wouldn't like Miranda's character because duh. My claw [...]

    7. Miranda Wood was finally content, after a terrible couple of weeks, where she quit her job and broke up with her married lover. She had decided to leave the island, start afresh with a new job and new home. Until the night Richard telephoned her, wanting to see her, not believing she would actually leave him. He was coming to her home, and she didn’t want to see him. So she went for a long walk, sat by the water for an hour or so then slowly made her way home. When she saw Richard’s car was [...]

    8. Tess ya işte her zaman okunur. Her ne kadar kitabın editinde bazı küçük sorunlar gözüme çarpmış olsa dahi konu iyi. Kimse gerilim beklemesin, macera çünkü. Konu özeti kendini anlatıyor. Kitap akıcı kendini okutuyor. Ben sevdim. Tavsiyemdir:)

    9. Tess does a fantastic job of weaving a story that keeps you guessing who did it. I never know who it is until she reveals the person at the end and it's never the person I would have imagined. This is another fantastic murder mystery. It was good as an audiobook.

    10. This is one of Gerritsen's older books- i.e. Pre-Rizzoli and Isles. And there really isn't anything terribly wrong with that. The characters are not terribly fleshed out. But the plot moves quickly in somewhat unexpected ways that still feel somewhat realistic.However, I have one major bone to pick with Ms. Gerritsen. Our plucky heroine, Miranda, is falsely accused of killing the man she used to be having an affair with. I cannot tell you how many times Miranda herself and other characters refer [...]

    11. İyiydi güzeldi hoştu sevdim kitabı da beni bazı merak ettiğim sorularla bıraktı kitap sonu daha iyi toparlanmış olabilirdi hızlı bir bitiş oldu bence.Katil olayı iyiydi ama(view spoiler)[Katile gelene kadar gidilen yolda Rose Hill'in Miranda'ya miras kalması o 4 arazinin sahiplerinin tehdit edilmesi vs vardı tehdit eden kimdi O Graffam mı neydi onun arkasındaki adam kim falan öğrenmek isterdim açıkçası kitabın büyük kısmında bu konu araştırıldı sonuçta kısacık [...]

    12. This is one of Tess Gerritsen's earlier book that is a romantic mystery rather than being the more hard-boiled mysteries that she wrote later. It's a good solid book, even though I like her good old murder mysteries best.Miranda has broken up with her lover, Richard, but no one has ever done that and he refuses to allow it. Then he is found naked, stabbed in her bed. She is arrested for murder and no one believes in her innocence. She is surprised when an anonymous person raises her bail. She st [...]

    13. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned That's all this book is about. Love deception and revenge the usual trinity when it comes to romantic thrillers. The book tried to keep surprise till the end, by making the name of the perpetrator a suspense. But in a very small island like that it's an almost impossible thing to do. You find yourself following the usual train of detection and end up guessing the killer. An entertaining read for a few hours, that's all this is.

    14. Presumed Guilty isn't a new book; in fact, it was written about 15 years ago, reprinted and re-released in May 2012 for sale at . Most of the reader reviews there were positively awful, though it should be noted that some were simply ticked off that they'd paid good money for a reprint of an old book. Still, after seeing those reviews, I almost didn't start reading it even though Gerritsen is one of my favorite authors.Now that I've read it, I agree it's far from her best. In a nutshell, it's ab [...]

    15. Tess Gerritsen Fans Group Link-Reread - I had no review from 2011As in most murder mysteries, once suspects are identified, an amazing twist to the end.In Shepard Island, Maine - Richard Tremain has a wife, Evelyn, children Phillip & Cassie(19 - twins).But Richard Tremain will not leave Miranda Wood alone, they work together at the Island Herald News, had a past love affair but she wants him to stop bothering her NOW! When Miranda returns home one evening, she finds Richard murdered in her h [...]

    16. Masumiyetin İçin Savaş Orjinal Adı: Presumed Guilty Puanı5/3,60 Benim puanım 5/5 Çok beğendimYazarın 1993 Yıllarında yazdığı bir kitap idi.Korktuğum gibi kanlı bir hikaye değildiBaştan sona kadar çok severek okudumYazarındaha önce Bıçak Sırtı romanının okuyup sevmiştimYazar hikayede çözülmesi gereken bir cinayeti kurguladığı gibi tutku dolu bir aşkı da unutmamıştıOkuduğum ikinci kitabı bu yazara hayeranlığım daha da arttıKitabın çevirisi beni rahat [...]

    17. I am a massive fan of Tess's Rizzoli & Isles series, so I was thrilled to read another book by her. Miranda Wood is just like any other person who falls in love, although not all romance stories end with a happy ending. Arriving home, Miranda walks into her worst nightmare, the married man who she had been having an affair with is now dead in her bed. Not only that but she is now the prime suspect in his murder. When she gets bail, Miranda is thrown in a dangerous world, not knowing who to t [...]

    18. Title: Presumed GuiltyAuthor: Tess GerritsenSynopsis (from bn):Miranda Wood thinks she has seen the last of Richard Tremain, her rich and married ex-lover—until she discovers him stabbed to death in her bed. With her knife.Miranda is the obvious suspect, and she looks even guiltier when her bail is posted by an anonymous donor. Was this an act of kindness designed to buy her time to clear her name? Or is someone trying to manipulate Miranda and draw her into the dark and secret world of a murd [...]

    19. When Miranda comes home to find her ex-lover dead in her bed, stabbed with her knife, she knows there's no way anyone will believe it wasn't her. But when someone posts her bail and all sorts of things start to happen, she realises she has to find out who the killer really is, no matter what the cost will beAs I've said many times before, Tess Gerritsen's romantic thrillers aren't as good as her medical thrillers, but they are still very good. This particular story was my favourite of her romant [...]

    20. I loved this. Not a Rizzoli & Ilses but good. Lila St John was a Hoot. Mirannda and Chase well that could have used some more development.I was sure about Noah but Annie was a complete surprize. Richard was a man who needed Killing. His childern the twins Phillip was a total yes man and Clasandra(Sp) was a total snot nose bitch. Phillip was self entitled and She was the typical snotty 2nd childEvelyn a total snobThe files one the neighbors. totally off the wall, lovd them. The sherriff sleep [...]

    21. Tess ve kitapları için ne diyebilirim ki Yine harika bir kitaptı. Okurken kendimden geçtim diyebilirim. Ve bir gün gibi kısa bir süre de bitti. Okurken sayfaları heyecanla çeviriyor , diğer sayfaya geçmek için can atıyorsunuz. Okuduktan sonra insana "vay be" dedirten cinsten bir kitap. Ve eğer okumaya başlamadıysanız bir an önce gidip alın ve okuyun derim. Tess 'e ve kitaplarına bayılacaksınız.

    22. Tess'in her kitabı okunuyor sıkmadan ama Rizzoli serisi kadar heyecanlandırmıyor beni. Rizzoli serisini okurken kendimden geçiyorum resmen ama bunlara da katlanıyoruz. Bu kitapta kötü değildi okunabilirdi. Romantizmi az boğucu değildi. Tamam katil hiç beklemediğim biriydi ama kurgu tamamiyle basitti. Yani Arka sokaklarda bile işlenebilecek bir konuydu.

    23. Im a big time Rizzoli & Isles fan. Read all 10 books in a month. But this is tooooo harlequin romance for me. I lost interest after half the book. This is her earlier stuff, so im not gonna be too harsh since shes obviously getting better. But this book bored me. Im really sorry to say. Hate to give it just one star but i cant stretch to 2. Sorry miss Gerritsen.

    24. 3.5**Tess'in harlequin gunlerinden kalan kafayla yazdığını düşünüyorum.İçinde baskın aşk şeyisini çıkarır yada hafifletirsen dört dörtlük kitap olur.Aşkın başrolde olduğu polisiye severler için ideal kitaplardan biri ama benim için değil.

    25. Bence Tess her zaman okunur. Yine döktürmüş, polisiyenin kraliçesi Rizzoli serisi kadar olmasa da ben soluksuz okudum Yazarın dili büyülemeye devam ediyor, her zaman ki gibi Harikasın Tess

    26. Too much romance for my taste. Tess is an amazing writer and I always enjoy her mysteries/crime/who dun it story lines

    27. This was a nice easy read with an interesting storyline. This is my first book by Tess Gerritsen, however, it will not be my last.

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