Merissa This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B IVS I K Every girl in my building is an escort The news was nearly as shocking as being asked to take on a client A hot dominant BDSM loving client ju

  • Title: Merissa
  • Author: Emma Jaye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00IVS7I3K.Every girl in my building is an escort The news was nearly as shocking as being asked to take on a client A hot, dominant, BDSM loving client, just like the guys in her favourite books All you have to do is convince him you re an inexperienced submissive wanting to explore the lifestyle, which you are You have pleThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00IVS7I3K.Every girl in my building is an escort The news was nearly as shocking as being asked to take on a client A hot, dominant, BDSM loving client, just like the guys in her favourite books All you have to do is convince him you re an inexperienced submissive wanting to explore the lifestyle, which you are You have plenty of mind blowing kinky action, collect a huge fee and walk away Sasha made it sound so simple, but the books warned that people new to the scene shouldn t hook up, but the customer is always right, isn t he This is a full length novel in the Call girls series It contains spanking, sensual massage, role play, rope play, a shy, body conscious submissive heroine and a seriously hot dominant hero who makes mistakes.

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      121 Emma Jaye
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    1. Emma Jaye

      Endlessly curious about the natural world and the human condition, Emma moved from writing essays on the biological, psychological and sociological aspects of human reproduction to writing fiction after papering the smallest room in the house with degree certificates Emma has been a tropical fish farmer, a development scientist for a pet products company, a preschool teacher, a lab tech, and an academic tutor and course writer In between these paid jobs, she did some practical human reproduction and had four sons before deciding to write down some of the daydreams that had been bugging her for years It turns out that getting reviews was fun than getting ticks from tutors although she still gives out ticks on a regular basis by reviewing prolifically and running the Review Group Her books range from contemporary to sci fi, paranormal and fantasy, and often involve characters with different patterns of social romantic interaction than are generally considered normal All her stories contain steamy scenes, angst, and sometimes violence Her stories contain M F, M M and M F M and occasionally higher multiples situations, and although there is always an HEA or HFN, her books could never be described as sweet.To sign up to her newsletter and get your hands on some ass kicking, steamy freebies eepurl bZKKGf

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    1. “Michael folded his shirt with care before getting into bed and put pyjamas on after they’d had sex. She could still dream about educating him. Just owning the naughty scrap of lace would help with the fantasy.”Nineteen-year-old Sensible Sasha is all but betrothed to Milquetoast Michael. She is, self-described, “depraved,” under her workaday student clothing, nursing a lingerie addiction that she hopes will raise a little . . . interest in Michael. In a way, Sasha’s parents are more [...]

    2. Warning: This review contains spoilers.The book’s main protagonist Merissa aka Rissa to her friends, is a studious, gawky, timid, though not so innocent grad student eager to explore the world of BDSM. To start, I have to say that the author is great at comic relief, though I’m not sure if some of the scenes were meant to be laughable. I thought Rissa’s imagination was hilarious! Honestly, I don’t know how many times I read (in her reasoning) about how a guy, who after complementing her [...]

    3. Emma Jaye returns to her favourite theme of BDSM but this time with a difference as we meet two characters, Merissa and Sully, who are both new to this world. This approach succeeds very well as the couple struggle to overcome their troubles. The inability of the Dom in the relationship to control and care for Merissa shows the pitfalls that can occur, people can get physically hurt in this world and that’s a theme not always covered in this genre.The characters are engaging and the story keep [...]

    4. Merissa (Call Girls #1) is a competently crafted erotic novel, but I do think it could have benefited from a bit more editing.The overall plot: young shy grad student Merissa lives in a gorgeous flat at a ridiculously low price. Turns out there's a reason the price is so low: the landlady isn't only master of the house, she has another business on the side, and Merissa is drafted into servicing her clientele. BDSM with an attractive (and rich, of course. Why are these smoldering objects of femal [...]

    5. Merissa is a fairytale for grownups. I know, I know, not everyone’s fairytale includes BDSM. It is a story about a girl in search for a prince. He arrives on a white horse (sports car) and sweeps her off her feet (literary, some ropes included). And you have the happy end any girl dreams of. You can get more sugary than this.What makes this book special is that the two protagonists are also embarking in an adventure. They learn about themselves and BDSM in a progressive manner which is highly [...]

    6. I'd have to say this book was very eye-opening. I don't know much at all about the BDSM world and reading those types of books isn't usually my cup of tea.The story of Merissa is an in-depth, yet well written look at one girl's exploratory journey into her own secret desires. I had a little trouble connecting with the male lead, but I think that is perhaps because I don't have any submissive tendencies. It was obvious that he was exactly what Merissa needed, though. The intricate way in which th [...]

    7. OutstandingA great book/story if you like the BDSM. BDSM is one of my all time favorite storylines. Dark romance as well. A very well written story.

    8. This was a well written and informative insight into a world which for most, is taboo. I enjoyed the story and the pace was just right in terms of holding my interest. The characters were well formed and believable. Jaye pulls us into this unusual world with elegant prose and an emerging love story that delivers a HEA. Would read more from this author.

    9. Excellent readWhat an amazingly well written book. It was completely different to what I expected after reading book 1 in the series. Great insight into some aspects of BDSM without it being too erotic. I can't wait to read more.

    10. I think that other reviewers have said enough about the story and characters so all I want to say is that I found it riveting. The story of Rissa and her Dom is a brilliant insight into the world of BDSM for beginners. Well crafted and, for me, a riveting read that has me totally hooked on the series. Having said that I'm off to begin the next one, can't wait.

    11. I actually enjoyed this book. It's hardcore BDSM, which is always fun. But this book isn't stupid, like that ridiculous Fifty Shades of Grey. No, this book describes BDSM as it should be. Where the Dom actually protects, and cares for his Sub.Fifty Shades is more about abuse, and mental illness. It's about BDSM gone wrong. This book describes how BDSM can be a good, healthy relationship. With immense pleasure, on both sides. In fact, it describes something called 'subspace', which is like a runn [...]

    12. I'm a sucker for Happily Ever Afters and therefore I kept looking for one in this book. The characters were lovable and fleshed out enough for me to wonder about their pasts or their futures. Now for the leading charactersGraduate researcher Merissa Harrington stumbles upon a great pad at a good price. Too good. Turns out that the building is run by a high class call girl who only takes on special clients and hires just as carefully. Turns out that residents in the building are also just as care [...]

    13. Overall, a well written novel that is sure to delight fans of this scene. I believe it also acts as a good introduction to the genre, particularly as the main character is only beginning to explore the BDSM world for herself. There will be some spoilers to follow.The beats of the story are predictable, but that does not have to be a bad thing. After all, how you tell the stories is what makes them interesting. Still, I think the plot would benefit from at least one more twist or turn, particular [...]

    14. First, this book is a great intro for anyone curious about BDSM. The reader learns about the lifestyle as the characters do in the book, which was great for a reader like myself, who isn't that familiar. Our heroine, or sub, in this case, is Merissa. Merissa is a shy graduate student who studies the life of some kind of mud bug. If that isn't thrilling enough, she spends her evenings at home drinking cheap wine, imagining what her classy roomies are up to. Lucky for her, they reveal their secret [...]

    15. This is the continuation of Call Girls: The BeginningWe jump several years in the future, Sasha has a successful escort agency along with her childhood friend Missy.Merissa the painfully shy graduate student longs for the adventures descripted in the books Sasha has lent her. Her few romantic encounters were not successful. She siscovers that the BDSM lifestyle has a strong pull on her but she lacks the ability to act on it. Realizing fantasy is not reality she is prepared to content herself wit [...]

    16. First, let me just say that I loved seeing characters from the previous book show up in this one. It was fun to see where Sasha and Missy are now.This book follows the story of Merissa, a shy redhead with a secret desire to be dominated. After her friends admit to their involvement in the lifestyle, Rissa decides to give it a try, which is how she meets the super sexy Sully. There is instant sizzle between these two as they begin to explore their long-suppressed desires and the BDSM scene togeth [...]

    17. Call Girls (Book 1) by Emma Jaye is a well-written book in the erotica genre. The main character, Merissa (Rissa), is a shy graduate student who reads BDSM books on the side. She learns that her apartment building is run by a high-end call girl. She is enticed and secretly interested in the lifestyle, enough so that when offered the chance to be a call girl for a wealthy client, Merissa takes the plunge, hoping that with the support of her friends, she can navigate this world. She quickly finds [...]

    18. I enjoy BDSM books with a real plot line, and this one does not disappoint. Merissa is a graduate student with a boring job who gets enlisted to serve as a call girl for an upscale clientele. The money was enough to entice her, but she also secretly enjoyed the intriguing lifestyle. She is not the only character involved in the world of BDSM and sex for money. Her apartment building is actually run by a type of Madam, and the residents who live there are involved in a brothel lifestyle.Merissa's [...]

    19. Merissa had no idea what her neighbors did for a living. They slowly introduce her to the BDSM world by giving her "naughty" stories to read. Soon, Merissa is wondering what it would be like to find a man just like she reads about in these books that her friend gives her. Sully is a wealthy man who would like nothing better than to learn to become a Dom. Through a convoluted plan, Merissa and Sully meet and decide to try to learn on their own what it means to be part of a D/s relationship. They [...]

    20. I read this book for an honest review!!I can totally relate to Merissa in the shy timid aspect of her life.Reading this book opened my world up to a complete different outlook on life in the bedroom and as a woman ultimately. No I don't wanna be spanked or hung off the ceiling but I think alot of people could relate to Merissa with the inability to ask for what they want. whether in the bedroom or in just everyday life. sometimes giving the reins to someone else is your best shot at getting thro [...]

    21. I'm always a sucker for books that attempt to illustrate how people (usually women) find their way into dominance or submission. The female's (Rissa's) thoughts and actions are well written. Sully, the male protagonist, isn't going to survive (I think) although he makes it through this first in the series book. An added negative for me is this is yet one of zillions of rich men, poor women, stories. I'm probably too generous at 4 stars. I give it because these do don't immediately become masters [...]

    22. I haven’t read erotica for years…and years…. Well, not since my mother found a dog-eared copy of Candy under my mattress. (It was being passed around by my teen friends at the time.)I agreed to review this book and thought, “I can do this.” I will read this book and provide an honest review. First off, I was sucked into the story. The author has a sense of humor. The book has a plot, the characters are fun, and boy, oh boy, did I get an education! There were a few minor typo’s some m [...]

    23. The first scene in which Merissa is put into subspace through rope play was one of the best written anywhere in the genre using a female sub perspective, in my opinion.Although the HEA was clear from early in the text, Jaye did use the MC to bring up issues related to excessive drinking, low self-esteem, and emotional instability, which helped balance the more fantastical elements with doses of reality. The broader support system of characters worked well, and no scene felt overwhelmed by too ma [...]

    24. I liked reading Author Emma Jaye’s unique twist on a BDSM themed story. In the beginning when Merissa was pondering whether any real Dominant men existed that weren’t complete creeps, I had a good laugh. Everything she was thinking was so true, and it was from this instance that I liked her character straight away. She was witty and sweet, and I found her internal monologue easy to follow. The scenes were hot and well written, and I really liked seeing Merissa and Sully’s interactions toge [...]

    25. I was given this book free for an honest review by the author. I don't usually read/review books on request, but I am glad I read this one. This is not my normal read, it's much more complex than the short sex-filled stories I gravitate towards, but no less satisfying. I won't rehash the story in this review, but this is a BDSM tale unlike others I have read. It follows the sexual journey and awakening between a SUB & a DOM both new to their roles. They make mistakes and need to trust in eac [...]

    26. Not my favourite in the series, mainly because I found Merissa just a little whiney on occasion, but it fitted with her inexperienced submissive personality. The sex scenes were just as hot as you will expect from this author as you follow two people new to the BDSM lifestyle through their early mistakes, and there are quite a few by both of them.I was intrigued by the snippets of information about one of the characters who is apparently going to be the subject of a later book in the series Miss [...]

    27. Where have I been? Emma Jaye is one of the best authors I have read for BDSM genre. Merissa is a shy woman with serious self consciousness issues. The delicious Sully is learning to be a dominant and Merissa is learning to be a submissive. I enjoyed their interactions so much, he was so much a gentleman even when he wasn't! If ever there was a hero out there I could root for, it would be Sully. He tried so hard, I easily fell in love with him right along with Merissa. I'll definitely be reading [...]

    28. Emma Jaye has done it again. Erotica at it's finest! Merissa is a shy girl who can count her number of partners on one hand, not including her thumb. She feels pulled toward BDSM and longs to be submissive in the bedroom. Enter Sully, a hot millionaire looking to learn the 'ropes' of being a dom. They make mistakes, but they learn from them. As their knowledge grows, so does their connection. I absolutely loved this book and can't wait to read the next installment.I received a free copy of this [...]

    29. I loved how Merissa progressed in this story- and being that this has a strong BDSM theme, I was also happy to see a bit of amusement intertwined in the plot. Merissa’s naivety is endearing in the beginning, and the interaction between her a Sully, make for a sensual and charming relationship. I appreciate Emma’s style, and adore her ability to tell a story, and tell it well.It's refreshing to see a Dom truly act in a shielding fashion – very authentic and genuine. I am already onto the ne [...]

    30. A forthright and in places amusing account of the eponymous heroine’s BDSM fantasy that becomes reality when her fellow housemates, all experienced call-girls, put her in touch with a would-be Dominant. The relationship that then ensues between Merissa and Sully has its highs and lows, and lots of sizzling hot interactions, as they explore the complexities of their respective D/s roles.The story is told with warmth and humour, the author’s informal and engaging writing style bringing the cha [...]

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