Saint Saint has always been the good wolf until the hunger strikes To be the Pack Alpha is the greatest honor a wolf can receive but also the greatest responsibility Saint always put the law and the pack

  • Title: Saint
  • Author: Bella Roccaforte
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Saint has always been the good wolf, until the hunger strikes To be the Pack Alpha is the greatest honor a wolf can receive, but also the greatest responsibility Saint always put the law and the pack before himself, but when a mysterious woman arrives in town and his hunger becomes insatiable, all hell breaks loose Scarlet never fit in anywhere Born without her wolfSaint has always been the good wolf, until the hunger strikes To be the Pack Alpha is the greatest honor a wolf can receive, but also the greatest responsibility Saint always put the law and the pack before himself, but when a mysterious woman arrives in town and his hunger becomes insatiable, all hell breaks loose Scarlet never fit in anywhere Born without her wolf, she was sent away at birth for being a bad omen Her bright red eyes were a dead giveaway that she wasn t human either After twenty five years living as an outsider, her mother brings her home there s still no place for Scarlet among the pack, and she tries to go on the run.n Though an inexplicable force keeps Scarlet from leaving, is it her wolf Or the handsome young Alpha she meets on the road Saint has found his mate, but will Scarlet find her wolf in time to save Saint from losing himself to his wolf forever Book 1 in New York Times Bestselling Author, A K Michaels new Shifter series full of passion, intrigue and Paranormal Romance All are standalones with a HEA and no cliffhangers Jam packed full of suspense, romance, thrills and hot Shifters.

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    1. Saint is ready to take his place as Alpha of his pack when his father steps down, but all of a sudden he feels this uncontrollable desire to run as his wolf and hunt. There is a rage in him that he won't admit to as he steps unto the reservation to sate his uncontrollable hunger. He is going against all the pack rules and doesn't care When he sees a girl with beautiful red eyes being attacked by a wolf on his land, his wolf springs into action with the need to protect her. Problem is she disappe [...]

    2. Book Reviewed: Saint (A Wolf’s Hunger #6)Author: Bella RoccafortePublication Date: 5/22/2017Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook NutsMy Rating: 4 StarsREVIEWNew to me author.This is book six in the A Wolf's Hunger series, and wow let's just say this one packs an excellent, intriguing, suspenseful punch. Saint is to become Alpha soon, and his father and others simply are at a loss as to what is up with him. He is just running a muck, causing undo stress for the pack. Scarlet is back on pack land [...]

    3. This is a great series and I love how different authors write the stories! In this book Saint was just announced to be his father's successor as Alpha of the pack but he's behaving strangely, not like himself. Scarlet is home visiting but doesn't feel like she belongs since she doesn't have a wolf and plans on leaving when she can, if she can. When they meet saint knows she's his mate and he doesn't care about her not having her wolf but he keeps seeing a wolf so what's going on?I have to admit [...]

    4. Oh, the feels! A big bad Alpha with a strong female.SWOON! Saint is next in line to be Alpha. All of a sudden he feels something brewing in him. His wolf is a little out of control and is never satisfied. One night while in wolf form he comes across Scarlet. Scarlet is from this pack but was taken away as a baby because she was born without her wolf. Being born without your wolf is a bad omen for packs, or so they say. There is an intense attraction between these two with a romance that blossoms [...]

    5. A refreshing addition to this seriesThis is a wonderful addition to the A Wolf's Hunger series.This book has a wonderful storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat and you won't want to put it down until you read the very last word.This book in the series is different in the respect you go through the whole hunger, meeting, dating, drama, and finally bonding. There is no jumping into the sack first in this book Great job Bella Roccaforte, I will definitely be reading more of your work [...]

    6. This is my first book by Bella Roccaforte. I enjoyed her writing style. The story of Saint and Scarlet was great. Saint the up and coming Alpha who has let his wolf run wild. He's hunting more and going out of the packs territory. He can't get enough to eat. It's not just the hunger, its the excitement of the chase. Scarlet was born without her wolf. She has red eyes that makes it hard to to pass as a human. But, Scarlet is not a wolf, not a witch and not human she's a vague. She was sent a star [...]

    7. Alpha me please I love shifter books especially when there is a hot alpha male involved the author does an amazing job at making these paranormal characters realistic. Saint isn't the typical alpha. He is broken by some unknown force. You can feel his struggle with helping himself yet his desire to be the alpha he needs to be. Scarlett our little red eyed vixen. This one tugged at your heart. She felt incomplete and unworthy of her family and self. It's always hard to translate pain of self loat [...]

    8. Great AdditionThis was an excellent addition to the Wolf's Hunger collection. The first couple of chapters had me a little confused as to who the players were, but once I figured out everything I was on a roll.This book brought in some of my emotions because i could feel Scarlet's pain with what she was going thru and I was pulling for her to figure things out.Saint had his own issues going on and reading the book you begin to wonder if things will turn out the way you want them too. This is one [...]

    9. Scarlett was always different. She was born to a werewolf family but she was born without a wolf. Usually children like her are abused and sometimes killed so her parents sent her away to her aunt to be safe. Now she is home and hopefully starting a new life but her father seems to be unwelcoming. She runs out and is attacked by a wolf and is saved by a second wolf. Saint is the leader for his pack and he is suffering a strange hunger. Nothing satisfies it until he smells this wonderful scent. H [...]

    10. Scarlet is a vague, a shifter born without a wolf, not accepted by their packs so when Saint, next in line to be Alpha recognises her as his mate she knows that they can never be together.Saint doesn't care what Scarlet is, she's HIS and he has no intention of giving her up.As things unfold it becomes clear not everything is as it seems! with betrayal running deep putting lives on the line can Scarlet really find the home and acceptance she craves in Saint ? Saint has his work cut out to not onl [...]

    11. SaintOh myThis was a fascinating story. Ms Roccaforte has done an excellent job of writing the next book in this series. Characters were very realistic, the story plot was very well thought out, everything worked together. The reader was drawn into the story from the beginning. This is how good authors capture their readers and Ms Roccaforte has done that. This is definitely a must read book. Each book is a HEA and a stand alone but each author in this series manages the tie the books together. [...]

    12. Saint is destined to become the pack Alpha after his father and has always been well rounded with his priorities right and a healthy respect for both the pack and the law. But when an unknown woman arrives in town his hunger goes completely mad. Scarlet was born without her wolf and so was banished as a bad omen. Then after 25 years her mother brings her home but nothing has changed so Scarlet tries to run away - but there is some strange force that stops her leaving. Could it be something conne [...]

    13. Saint Blackhawk, who will be Alpha of his clan, suddenly gets hit with the Hunger! Mako, his beta and best friend, keeps watch over Saint who has become uncontrollable. He's even going on the Cheyenne land to do his killing, which is forbidden. Mako helps with hiding Saint's kills.Scarlett Briggs is a Vague (she can't shift into her wolf) and is also an Enpath with red eyes. Her clan considers her an abomination and she had to leave her clan as a child. She was raised by a foster Mom. She also h [...]

    14. Oh, I love shifter books and having one written by Bella Roccaforte was a must have – it was even free but had to install kindle well it was worth it. The female character strong, the male shifter hot and good but torn and there are so many things going on in so less pages. My heart nearly stopped beating at the end and I fully accepted Bella won't give us a happy end!(view spoiler)[But she did :)(hide spoiler)]A short but intense story! Easy read and leaves you longing for more, there are mor [...]

    15. Oooooh this series just continues to bring joy!This was my first read by this author but it won't be my last!!Saint is the perfect mix is stubborn, sexy and stumped!! He can't make heads nor tails of the hunger he finds himself consumed by! Add in a woman that sends his wolf batty with need and he is a wolf at the end if his tether.Scarlet is a vagueor is she?? With Machiavellian plans afoot to disrupt the pack and steal power and magic, it's not the best time to find your mate And your wolf!Bri [...]

    16. While this book does start out a tiny bit choppy it highly improves the more you read it. You have a twist on the hungry that takes over an alpha male at the start of his mating. But there is a twist to this story which will hit like there is no tomorrow. Not just one but many twists you just do not see coming till they hit. You will not be disappointed, with the purchase of this book. It walks a fine line between a "clean" read and a naughty hide under the cover with a flashlight book! But it i [...]

    17. Great shifter romance!!This is my first book from this author and I must say I loved it!! It's been awhile since I've read a shifter book as well and it makes me what to dive immediately into another one!! This book had a bit of everything for you!! A sexy alpha (Saint) who is having a restless time taming his wolf then this sweet, caring "vague" (Scarlet) comes to town and things get turned up on its head. Scarlet had a tough time growing up and is instantly drawn to Saint. So we have some craz [...]

    18. Good paranormal story.I found this book through following AK Michaels. It is the first book that I've read by this author, so I had no idea what to expect. However, this was a really good paranormal story. It wasn't your straight cut shifter, hunger, mating, finished. It did have a really good back story that had me reading this in one sitting. I do hope there is more from these shifters because there is potential. I really don't have anything negative to say. I loved the characters, the story a [...]

    19. I found this book through an email newsletter recommendation. This book wasn't marked as young adult, but reading it made it very obvious that was the intended audience. The writing itself made me think it was a new author who was still building their style, but apparently that's not the case. The story itself had some interesting points, but the juvenile writing style distracted. The end was also not wrapped up. I understand there was to be a sequel, but it's like the characters forgot at the e [...]

    20. I had not read any of the other books in the series so was afraid I wouldn't be able to understand parts. I was wrong. I never thought I was missing out on anything or confused because of not reading in order. I would definitely be reading the rest of series.This particular book was about identity. Alpha, son, vague, daughterte. The difference between Alpha and vague though is the wolf inside. This tale offers the reader drama, betrayal, lust, hatred and pure love. Definitely recommend reading t [...]

    21. Wolf to wolfI read this story in one day, it kept me reading till the end ! I liked how you kept the revolving around Saint and his trial's with his hunger till he finally realize's it his mate that his wolf is hunting for as he walk's into the pack's bar and finally finds her and they both relies their each other's mate! Well done but I was hopping for that you would have a follow up story about how this pack goes on, please be good to your readers and take them into the next story !!!!!!!!!

    22. AWSOME This he fist time I've read this authors book. I read it vin a day. The story was so good ad nothing like I've read before. Scarlett wolf was stollen at birth. She was sent to live with another pack. The reunited with her parents 25 years later. She has her own unique gifts. Then their is Saint who's going crazy u Gil he meets his mate,, who is Scarlet,, ok enough of the spoilers, seriously guys read the book is AWSOME sauce.

    23. This book entertained me from beginning to end. I love the bad boy, don't care to follow the rules type alpha and Saint is that and more. I love the way Scarlet develops into a true she-wolf and alpha-mate. The story line is believable, and that's the way a good paranormal should be. The ending really had me glue to the pages, the twist and turns were a rush of paranormal surprises. Thank you for such a great read! Look forward to reading more from you.

    24. Great bookI really enjoyed reading Saint and Scarlett's book. It was intriguing and suspenseful and exciting. I was shocked at some of the twists that Bella threw in. Very Edge of Your Seat I couldn't put It down for one second. I can't wait to read Mako and Robin's book and more in this exciting series.

    25. Saint: A Wolfs HungerSaint has been going through a period where he is ravenous and believes he has been cursed. Scarlet is fighting her own battles as a vague, a child born to shifters but without a wolf. There is evil afoot. Saint can see Scarlett's wolf but has to find it. Great story with some intriguing twists

    26. Unsuspected evilSomething is making pack members leave and the Alpha won't tell his son why. Our hero is caught up in strange urges until he crosses paths with his mate. There is something wrong though and our heroine is out to find out what has caused this problem and how to fix it. Special forces are at work and in the end betrayal is overcome by love.

    27. These Hunger stories AWESOMEWOW.I'm really loving these hunger storiesey all have the same thing in commonMATING .Alpha's finding their mates. Saint hasn't become alpha yet and if he continues to act crazy he won't make it. Poor Scarlet has many she doesn't have a wolf.or does she? Great storyline and awesome characters. Definitely recommend it!

    28. Scarlet comes back to her parents a different person from the baby who left years ago. She knows her parents are shifters, but she is not like them. That is until she tries to leave their small town and she feels the pull off her wolf. As well as the pull of a son of the alpha

    29. Really enjoyed this book! This is the first book I've read by Belle Roccaforte, and can't wait to read more. Saint has a hunger that is consuming him. Destroying his life and chances of being alpha. He just can't get his wolf under controlScarlett is back in her home town. She was sent away as a child, as she was born without her wolf. Life hasn't been easy, and she still doesn't feel like fits in with all the wolves. All she wants do is leave. That is until she meets SaintCan Saint help Scarlet [...]

    30. Wow!I love the Wolf's Hunger series. This is definitely amongst the best. I don't want to give out any spoilers so all I will say is, read it, you won't be disappointed. Glad I bought the next in the series. I'm going to start it straight away.

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