Blame It on the Shame There s something lurking in all of us Something we hide and shelter from those we love in order to protect them A darkness we try to suppress because we re ashamed of who that makes us Because that s

  • Title: Blame It on the Shame
  • Author: Ashley Jade
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  • Page: 483
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  • There s something lurking in all of us.Something we hide and shelter from those we love in order to protect them A darkness we try to suppress because we re ashamed of who that makes us Because that s the thing about Shame It wounds us It damages us.Or, for the few poor souls out there like me defines us.It s there in the shadows, beneath the surfacejust waitinThere s something lurking in all of us.Something we hide and shelter from those we love in order to protect them A darkness we try to suppress because we re ashamed of who that makes us Because that s the thing about Shame It wounds us It damages us.Or, for the few poor souls out there like me defines us.It s there in the shadows, beneath the surfacejust waiting.Until you let it break freeAnd the darkness consumes you My name is Ricardo DeLuca There are two things you need to know about me The first is that my heart will always bleed for herOnly her The second is that I m the son of the devil himself the most feared mob boss who ever lived.That isuntil me Ricardo s heart might bleed for me but my heart shatters for him Over and over again I thought I fought all my demonsI thought the worst was over I was wrong Because it s not my demon I m battling this timeIt s his And it wants to claim something I don t have.His soul And that s a battle I m afraid I won t win There are two sides to every storyis is how ours ENDS Warning Due to strong language, some violence, explicit sexual content, and some dark elements, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18 Trigger Warning Any readers with sensitivity to dark reads should proceed with caution and at their own risk.

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    1. It's finished! It's finished!Have you ever become so invested in a story, in the characters that you feel them in your heart? Yea, that's how I feel about Lou-Lou, Ricky, Tyrone and Jackson. I lived and breathed these characters.This is the 3rd book in the Shame series, but 4th in the entire series. There is a standalone, Blame it on the Pain, that goes along with this series. But we're here to talk about Shame 3. This book picks up right where BIOTS part 2 ends, Ricky is out looking for Lou-Lou [...]

    2. **NO SPOILERS** Wow! I don't even know if I have words for this review. First off let me say that I was seriously invested in this series, I had read all the previous books and had loved them. They were some of my best reads of 2016 and THIS book was my most anticipated read of 2017. My expectations were set high for this book, being so invested in the series and all, but my expectations were surpassed by far. I could not of asked for more in the conclusion to this amazing series. It had all the [...]

    3. Get you a man who can do both. Nah, just get a Ricardo DeLuca!Ricardo and Lou-Lou last left their story by separating from one another after a HUGE death happened in their lives. Not only did it FREE them, but it also changed them. For the better or for the worse? You'll have to read this story to see. I'm not taking the risk of spoiling anything so that's all you're getting from me!Ricardo. You evil dark mother chucker. I love you even though you are horrible. Ashley Jade did such a fantastic j [...]

    4. He let her go. Let her be free, but what happens when there's an old threat raising from the dead to get her back.Ricardo DeLuca has turned into the one person he didn't want to be His father. But will his love for Lou-Lou show him he is not completely like his father?Lou-Lou thought she was free, moving on with her life and going back to school, that was until Ricardo took her.If I could put into words what this series has meant to me I would, but I feel like my words will do it no justice, and [...]

    5. Ashley Jade doesn't give her readers a story, she gives them an experience. A heart-wrenching, deeply emotional, thrilling experience that will leave you breathless and craving more. Flawlessly plotted and filled with emotion, Blame it on the Shame, Part 3 absolutely blew me away with its intensity and rawness. The author concludes Ricardo and Lou-Lou's story in typical Ashley Jade style: jam packed with suspense, heartache, clever twists, engaging dialogue, and absolutely brilliant writing. Ric [...]

    6. What an intense ride to the finish line. Ricardo and Lou-Lou, a broken pair of passionate, dark lovers. This series has been one helluva rollercoaster, more like a jump from a plane without a parachute. One thing is for certain, Ashley Jade knows how to embed her characters into your soul while trapping you into the setting.This is a series and should be read in order. I'd classify this as Romantic Suspense. Darkly Passionate and unable to put down. There's a certain ache that fills your chest, [...]

    7. I knew this would be a great read as the series has proven to be consistently fantastic!What a way to end a series!Where do I begin?Blame it on the Shame 3 surpassed all my expectations!!Darker, grittier, raw and emotional, I'm still numb from this book hangover.Ricardo is back with a vengeance, and my girl LouLou gave as good as she got!Behind the intense cloak of darkness, the suspenseful excitement, and the nonstop drama, there's a passionate romance between 2 tortured souls!What happened bet [...]

    8. I'm too emotional and raw at this moment to review. Review will follow shortly*******Review**********Shame 3 is an epic finale for an epic series! The series told their story. Shame 3 defined their destiny! The human mind and spirit can only consume so much before completely breaking. Ricardo's break from reality and his actions as a result of that break are raw and scream "I'm in pain"! Jade nailed "Ricardo's point of no return". I've yet to find another story where the author has successfully [...]

    9. Ashley blew my mind once againThis was on heck of a roller coaster ride. Its dangerous, dark, dramatic, incredibly hot, and leaves you in a puddle of mush! I balled my eyes out! I literally cried big fat ugly tears. This is rare for me.Both Lou-lou and Ricardo are by far my most favorite couple of the year. They will be missed, but will never be forgotten."This black thing in my chest belongs to you Lou-Lou

    10. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!I'm not even sure I can form coherent sentences right now - this entire series was explosive incendiary.ovocative. beyond the realm of ALL things you'd expect. If you need a trigger warning, just stop reading this and close your browser window now. On the other hand, if you want to read the wildest, most insane story that will ever grace your eyeballs READ THESE BOOKS. They start with "Blame It on the Pain"Edge of your seat, heart pounding, out of this world twisty, turny, angsy [...]

    11. Bruno DeLuca once told me that damaged people were the most dangerous, because they're survivors. But he was dead wrong Broken people are the most dangerous because they just don't give a fuck. remember this line from book 2? It's so fitting in book 3 Befitting and hopeful end to a volatile thrilling story.Ashley drove this roller coaster from start to finish with loop de loops and twists and corkscrews and upside down turns. Just when you thought you had it all figured out, there came another s [...]

    12. Im really relieved after finishing this bookIt was really painful journey. Ricardo and Lou-Lou's story were extra ordinary I can not even make to words I m exhausted with this book We meet Ricardo's bloodly side killer He killed he turned in to real monster He took lifes without any doubt. he sacrificed his good side for his heart.There were people who have to paid their sins And this Guy Ricardo did it very well mybe a little more tourturous than adequated I will not be same after these books I [...]

    13. PART 3 WAS EVERYTHING!"Don't look for the colour in the dark .e there is none"Wow! Ricardo is consumed with love for Lou Lou, he's even darker in this book, Ricardo is one bad-ass Mafia boss and a character you can't help but love despite the evil that runs through his blood. My name is Ricardo DeLuca. There are two things you need to know about me. The first is my heart will always bleed for her. Only her. The second is that I'm the son of the devil himself, the most feared mob boss who ever li [...]

    14. What a freaking rollercoaster! I almost want to claim this one as my favorite out of the entire series. I was scared to keep reading and just as scared to stop. Ashley Jade does not disappoint once again! Ricardo has landed on the dark side. There's only one person who can shine some light on that man and she's determined to do just that! "I'll keep shining the light so you can see and find your way back to me. But you don't get to leavet without me going with you. So choose our destination. Eit [...]

    15. OMG Ashley Jade has written an outstanding series one I will never forgot and the final Part #3 knocked me sideways 5 Massive Stars from me.My review is not going to go into details about the character's because to get to this stage you will be aware of the back story and who is who. Blame is on the Shame Part 3 ~The Sex is scorching, The Violence is brutal no holding back,The one liners will have you crying with laughter,The sorrow will leave you heart broken.The drama and twists will have your [...]

    16. Title: Blame It On The Shame Part 3 Author: Ashley Jade Genre: Dark Romance There's something lurking in all of us.Something we hide and shelter from those we love in order to protect them. A darkness we try to suppress because we're ashamed of who that makes us. Because that's the thing about Shame. It wounds us. It damages us.Or, for the few poor souls out there like me defines us.It's there—in the shadows, beneath the surfacejust waiting.Until you let it break freeAnd the darkness consum [...]

    17. First let me say I read this book because I could not have survived without it. I needed this story like I needed air. The final installment of the Blame It On The Shame series, just thinking that makes me tear up, was absolutely everything I imagined it would be and so much more. Ashley Jade has captivated me with her writing since the day I opened the first book I read by her. I've never second guessed that decision and never will. Ricardo and LouLou needed this book to let all their readers k [...]

    18. 4.5 StarsARC Provided and Reviewed by We’ve Licked that book blog!This is the conclusion to this amazing series about Ricardo & Lou-Lou…It starts where book 2 left us. Lou Lou has gone and Ricardo is now looking for her can he find her before danger strikes. Well you will have to read to find out.Ricardo will do anything to keep Lou Lou safe even if that means he can’t be with her?Lou Lou is just trying hard to get on with her life without Ric but she misses him. As much as she tries t [...]

    19. What a fantastic end to what has been one hell of a rollercoaster coaster of a journey!One thing that has been persistent throughout it all has been the amazing way in which it was written. I was drawn in from book 1 and couldn't put ANY of the books down. This one tied up the loose ends perfectly and was just AMAZING!Loved it!!

    20. This will be an Iconic read in a few years. It just has to if there is any justice in the world.Lou Lou and Ricardo have been through so much, and it isn’t about to stop yet with the re-emergence of Lou-Lou’s stepfather. The vile man that abused her as a child before leaving her little choice but to flee with the devil himself, Bruno De Luca.Bruno is dead, and there is a new De Luca in charge, his reluctant son, Ricardo. All Ricardo wants to do is make sure that his friends and the woman he [...]

    21. I asked for a ride and a ride I went on, Ashley Jade delivered on this final book in the Blame it on the Shame Series!! God Bless the love of Corn <3 Picking up right where we left off in Blame it on the Shame Part 2, Ricardo is now the leader and Lou-Lou is trying to start her new life away from it all. While attempting to start her new life, Lou-Lou is struggling to find her spot in this big, big world. Working and going back to school to finally get her high school diploma. “I love how r [...]

    22. Bad Guys do Win.Blame it on the Shame is amazingly good. It gives you heartache, tragedy, dysfunctional love, love, emotions and shock. "We started off as a tragedy, Ricky. We don't end as one." This part of the series is the final installment. You will go through the lives of the characters as they play out in front of you. They will have you clinging to them as if you're family member. Part 3 is about Ricardo and Lou Lou. They have to come over their obstacles of the past to have a relationshi [...]

    23. The monsters will always find youThis book is a hell of a ride and the perfect end to the series. I was on the edge of my seat and mentally chewing my fingernails as I turned each page. An emotional, heartbreaking and chilling book. I couldnt have wished for a better finish. Strength, love, hate and everything in between.Wow!

    24. "My dark, broken savior who fell in love with a wicked, broken bird and saw her for what she really was."Oh Ricardo and Lou-Lou I will miss these two. The Author couldn't have given us a better conclusion to the wild, dirty, mind-bending Mafia Romance that is Blame It On The Shame. My chest hurt in some places, spit out my drink in others, and this couple never fails to take the line of sexy-dirty and jump rope with it. The demons were out in full force, examining and fighting through these two [...]

    25. One word to describe Ashley Jade - Phenomenal. One word to describe Blame it on the Shame series - Revolutionary. What can I say is that this series really did a huge number on me both emotionally and psychically. It took me a huge wild ride through out all three books. I was invested in this series a lot. I was forever changed with this series. Blame it on the Shame Part 3 is that one book in the series that tied everything together. It is a book that told a story so well that my heart was comp [...]

    26. Each time I think Ashley can't top the previous book in this amazing series, she proves me wrong. This is the thrilling emotional conclusion to Ricardo and Lou Lou story. Once again it is so well written, each sentence carefully constructed and packed full of memorable lines which will stay with me for a long time to come. It's a perfect mix of high tension, unexpected twists and the most moving amazing love story that literally had me on the edge of my seat. I was unable to put this book down. [...]

    27. 4.5 stars. Lou Lou and Ricardo are back and both are left struggling to deal with the after effects of what happened in the last two books. Getting rid of one enemy doesn't necessarily mean they're no longer in danger and with Ricardo having no idea where Lou Lou is, he's doing his best to handle everything on his own. Lou Lou is putting on a good front but she's still reeling from everything that's happened. When Ricardo bursts back into her life, she's not quite sure what to think or who to tr [...]

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