Odd Girl Out Former government agent Frank Compton can t catch a break After a successful mission against the Modhri the coral polyp based group mind that is attempting to take over the galaxy Frank arrives at h

  • Title: Odd Girl Out
  • Author: Timothy Zahn
  • ISBN: 9780765317339
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Former government agent Frank Compton can t catch a break After a successful mission against the Modhri, the coral polyp based group mind that is attempting to take over the galaxy, Frank arrives at his New York apartment and has to turn away another request Young Lorelai Beach points his gun at his face, and asks his help to rescue her sister Rebekah 10 from New TigrisFormer government agent Frank Compton can t catch a break After a successful mission against the Modhri, the coral polyp based group mind that is attempting to take over the galaxy, Frank arrives at his New York apartment and has to turn away another request Young Lorelai Beach points his gun at his face, and asks his help to rescue her sister Rebekah 10 from New Tigris planetary settlement Only four hours later, her head is half blown off, and Frank is charged with double murder.Expert spy Bruce McMicking posts his bail and meets him in New Tigris Frank s partner and friend Bayta is human, but her Chahwyn symbiote donates extra stamina, activates sole artifact disabling kwi weapon and links telepathically to their metal Spider creations that run interspace Tube transit and, unable to fight themselves, secretly help fight against Mohdri Rebekah has to get out along with boxes of coral and reach the hidden outpost of rebel Melding to safety.

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    1. Timothy Zahn

      Timothy Zahn attended Michigan State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in physics in 1973 He then moved to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and achieved an M.S degree in physics in 1975 While he was pursuing a doctorate in physics, his adviser became ill and died Zahn never completed the doctorate In 1975 he had begun writing science fiction as a hobby, and he became a professional writer He and his wife Anna live in Bandon, Oregon They have a son, Corwin Zahn.

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    1. Frank Compton, the best trouble-shooter/private eye in the known universe, is at it again. Again, that is, for those of you who are already on the Quadrail train. As for me, I’m a trouble-creator since I acted by impulse in pulling Odd Girl Out off the shelf at the local library and couldn’t put it down. And, consequently, I had no idea what transpired in books #1 and #2. Zahn is moving up fast on my favorite authors list. Here, he doesn’t disappoint. In the opening few pages: someone intr [...]

    2. Odd Girl Out by Timothy ZahnFrank Compton, a government whistle blower is back with faithful side kick and engineered schizophrenic Bayta. The Modhri, group mind omnipotent evil opponent, is willing to compromise to destroy an abomination. Much of the action once again takes place on the Quadrail. The concept of the Quadrail and it’s interconnection of galactic empires is the thread that ties the plots of the books in this series, Night Train To Rigel and The Third Lynx being the first two. Ba [...]

    3. This is actually the third in a series, which I didn't realize when I picked it up. Fortunately, Zahn does a pretty good job of dropping enough hints that you can tell what's going on (without the dreaded, "So, Bob, as you well know [info dump]").He's trying to do something between Sam Spade and James Bond, which I think mostly works. Frank Compton, the narrator, is appropriately cynical but chivalrous. He's quite competent but still manages to misjudge things on a regular basis. Given that the [...]

    4. Odd Girl Out (2008) 379 pages by Timothy Zahn.Excellent.This is the third book in the Quadrail series. Telling you any of the plot is a spoiler for the first book, Night Train to Rigel, so I'll keep that to a minimum. Frank Compton is sort of the 1950s witty private eye, thrown into an SF universe. I think all three books start off with a murder that and he becomes the prime suspect.Compton is quick to recognize a change in tactic and infer what is happening. He uses that skill along with the ha [...]

    5. One of an endless parade of science fiction books by men where everything is plot plot plot and none of the characters have any depth or development. I'm willing to tolerate all of that if the world is interesting enough, but the Modhri is such a bog-standard Borg that none of it could hold my interest. Did not finish.

    6. The only problem with these delightful science fiction novels is that they are too short, and someday I'll run out! Part suspense thriller, part human (and alien) interest story, they are fast-paced and funny. Recommended for a light read.

    7. Better than Book 2. Continues to be fun if not particularly sophisticated, but I knew what I was getting into when I started the series. Main character's favorite phrase is still "I'll figure it out" or some variation of it.

    8. Another solid adventure This one has more action (fight scenes) than the earlier books in the series, but still plenty of secrets and conspiracies. Fun read.

    9. Not sure why, but this series is always right on the edge of boring me to the point of quitting more.

    10. I picked this one up at the Dollar Store and must admit that I would have been upset if had paid the full price for it. I enjoyed it for what it was, and for the amount I paid for it. But I would not recommend it to anyone but die-hard sci-fi fans that like even the most ordinary stories.I'll admit that I picked up this book out of order, so maybe I missed something. But the main character was too unbelievable. He had the answer to everything and could get out of every situation with ease. I als [...]

    11. This is the third book in Zahn’s Quadrail series and I liked it much better than the last two, though it still feels like a whole lot of lost potential.Zahn posits a system of interstellar travel that is based off of trains. In fact it is almost exactly that. The Quadrail is a train that can travel across lightyears in just a few days. The hitch is that there is also some sentient coral that wants to take over the galaxy. The coral can implant itself in people’s minds if they touch it and it [...]

    12. "Odd Girl Out" is Rebekah 10, helped to escape from evil Modhri hive by human Frank, symbiote host Bayta. Shoot-em-up galactic mystery with many dead and disabled, symbiotes, hive minds, Glocks, Berettas, and one kwi. Clear fast action, with odd spellings interfering.After Lorelai Beach asks him to rescue her sister Rebekah and ends up head half blown off, same brain area parasitical Modhri hive alien mind inhabits, narrator Frank Compton heads to twenty-year old planetary settlement New Tigris, [...]

    13. I brought this book home all excited to read a good ol' science fiction, opened it up and discovered it was third in a series. Third. I was tempted to drive the 14 miles back to the library in wintery conditions just to take it back and start with book #1 but I controlled myself. After reading it, I'm sure I could have used a bit of the background on characters from the first two books, but the plot and story of this book was separate enough that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.Frank Compton is embr [...]

    14. I love Zahn's style in this series. It's traditional detective style set in the far future with aliens and inventive technology. It had been 2 years since I read the last book in the series, but Zahn did a great job of reminding me of the setting and pertinent facts without doing a boring recap. The idea of a parasitic group mind coral establishing colonies in people's brains and trying to take over the world/universe isn't exactly original (except the coral part) but the method and setting are [...]

    15. I liked this book but because I was so preoccupied doing other things this summer, it really didn't get the attention it deserved. It took me 12 weeks to complete this book. There were some nice gems in this book that really showcase Zahn's writing style in this series. With so many stops and starts I had with this novel, I'm lucky I managed to finish this in the time I did. I liked the way the protagonist and his side kick were handled. What didn't work for me was how lame I felt the villain wa [...]

    16. This third volume in Timothy Zahn's science-fiction Hitchcock series, Odd Girl Out is fast-paced and satisfying. Frank Compton, the protagonist, is impossibly resourceful and devious, but an interesting character nonetheless. His accomplice Bayta, a symbiont being made of a human and an alien species known as the Chahwyn (didn't see that in The Birds, did you?) was disappointingly less developed in this book than in the Third Lynx. All in all, don't expect a deeply philosophical story like some [...]

    17. Without doing a recap of the book, which everyone does and can be easily gotten for anyone curious, I'm really liking this series of books, even though it strikes me as generally a bit silly to have a railroad of sorts in space. Frank Compton is a throwback, fitting somewhat into the Mike Hammer mold, the hard-boiled detective with the heart of gold who sets out to save the world, just one man (or in this case, one man and one woman) against the universe. It's not exactly original but it certain [...]

    18. I've always enjoyed this science fiction author because of the action and new ideas he invents about alien beings cultures. The Dragonback series is also fantastic.This one is about a search to find "an abomination". The main character is sent to rescue a little girl that has something "special" about her. He is part of a network to get rid or Modrhi, a thing that implants coral into people and aliens to be under its power. They can have group think and communicate through the implanted coral.It [...]

    19. I expected more from Timothy Zahn than was delivered in this flat, boring book. Since I have not read the first two Quadrail books, my impressions might be skewed, but I felt that this was a book set in a rich and interesting universe but with an uninteresting and unoriginal story told in a drivingly monotonous way. There was no character development, no demonstration of relationships or plot progression - simply the characters' headlong rush from situation to situation with all motivation, reas [...]

    20. The weakest episode in the series (so far) introduces ANOTHER (third!) telepathic collective mind to the interstellar stew into which ex-intelligence agent Frank Compton has stepped. Otherwise the plot is much of the same-old same-old intrigue, battles, chases and tricks aboard star traveling trains as Frank's efforts to save a (supposed) young girl and her "people" from the Modhri end pretty much in a draw. The premise shows signs of getting stale, so I'm thinking of skipping DOMINO PATTERN and [...]

    21. Thoroughly enjoyable entry in the action space opera series by Zahn. No one writes action and intrigue quite like Zahn, with strong world building, including well developed alien species, strong, complicated plotting and good character development. The main character at this point is starting to get a bit static, but Zahn keeps it interesting by showing him devising inventive ideas and conclusions which keep us on our toes. Highly recommended.

    22. The best one yet. There's more action and the plot kept me reading as opposed to just sort of thumbing through. Frank and Bayta have progressed enough where it seems that they are actually friends now. Hmmwonder if that'll go anywhere?Additionally, I enjoyed Rebekah's addition and how that impacted Bayta.McMicking is still pretty awesome and I am left with wondering how in the world Frank and Co. can stop the Modhri.

    23. An okay sci-fi novel about an interstellar rail system. This one is number 3 in the series, so it's more about other action than just the system. Here, the hero, who is rather fun to read, goes off to find the sister of a woman who turned up dead by his gun after appearing at his apartment. Nifty aliens and some interesting ideas about humanity.

    24. This is a very solid third novel in the Quadrail series, and superior to The Third Lynx. While this novel features the same double dealing and hidden agendas that characterized the first two books, the novel flows as smoothly as Night Train to Rigel. I just wish Zahn would quit accusing Frank Compton of murder at every stop on his journey, as a plot device it is growing old.

    25. This was a re-read in preparation for reading the 5th and final book in the series.After reading the 2nd book in this series, and being a tad bit disappointed, I happily devoured this one. I really felt as though this one returned to the feel of the first novel in the series.r The twists and turns all felt natural and necessary along with the usual non-stop action.

    26. Tempted to give this one two stars. The story did not engage me at all. It seemed his normal "take charge" attitude was militant, as if there could be no question but to do what he said. Just not a fun read.I'll read the next in the series only because the previous one showed it can have good entries as well.

    27. He has a way of writing action that just leaves you on the edge of your seat. It is the third of a futuristic PI series with believable science and intelligent characters. Unfortunately, this is not the final volumeI get to wait for who knows how long for the series to complete. Luckily he is a fairly fast-writing author.

    28. This series is just better and better. To an extent you can see the plot working in many ways in entirely different setting like a regular train, but the sci-fi adds a lot of twists that wouldn't work anywhere else. Great!

    29. This third noir mystery/railroad/interstellar adventure in Zahn's series is another good one. The plot and pacing are very well executed, the characters are well drawn, and it's simply a very good old-fashioned science fiction story.

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