Entitled A Bad Boy Romance From the authors of Made A Bad Boy Romance and Trapped In His World They call me heartless But that s just because I always get what I want And now I want her Devlin Masters has spent his entire life

  • Title: Entitled: A Bad Boy Romance
  • Author: Danielle Slater Roxy Sinclaire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the authors of Made A Bad Boy Romance, and Trapped In His World They call me heartless But that s just because I always get what I want And now I want her Devlin Masters has spent his entire life in the service of his family s business empire, working his way up from the mailroom to the boardroom of Masters In Style As C.E.O and heir to the billion dollar ha From the authors of Made A Bad Boy Romance, and Trapped In His World.They call me heartless But that s just because I always get what I want And now I want her Devlin Masters has spent his entire life in the service of his family s business empire, working his way up from the mailroom to the boardroom of Masters In Style As C.E.O and heir to the billion dollar hair care company, Devlin s life is consumed by his work But when a rival orchestrates his downfall, Devlin must rehabilitate his image or lose control of his cherished company Then he meets Ayron He instantly wants her curvy body He soon appreciates her mind just as much But what if she wants his heart His father hired me to help him He s not supposed to know about this deal I can t fall in love with him I ve got to be heartless Community therapist Ayron Winters loves helping people than she craves a big paycheck But when faced with losing her office space and her beloved assistant s huge medical bills Ayron knows she needs money, and a lot of it Fast When the founder of the famed Masters In Style hair care corporation wants to hire Ayron to counsel his impulsive, bad boy son, she s intrigued When she finds out how much he s paying, she thinks it s a godsend But the devil s in the details she can t let Devlin Masters know she s a therapist In order to gain his trust, she must post as his friend His confidant But what happens if he wants What happens if she does Ayron can t lose her heart to Devlin But than anything she can t let him find out who she actually is This is a STANDALONE bad boy romance novella with NO cliffhanger, NO cheating Has a HAPPY ENDING Intended for audiences 18

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    1. Danielle Slater Roxy Sinclaire

      Danielle Slater Roxy Sinclaire Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Entitled: A Bad Boy Romance book, this is one of the most wanted Danielle Slater Roxy Sinclaire author readers around the world.

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    1. The idea of the bad boy romance sounds good, although I found the story difficult to get into. The writing was adequate, but could definitely have done with another edit, or read through. The characters could have been more relatable, there wasn’t much of a romance aspect to it. Yes, they do have a connection, but I just didn’t feel like the story had enough pull for me. Devlin has to curb his anger, and his father intervenes without his knowledge and hires Ayron, who is a certified therapis [...]

    2. Title:EntitledAuthor: Danielle Slater & Roxy SinclaireSeries: Bad Boys for Life, Book #1Publisher: Roxy SinclaireRelease Date: February 18, 2016Genre(s): Contemporary RomancePage Count: 162Heat Level:4 flames out of 5Rating:5 stars out of 5Blurb:They call me heartless. But that's just because I always get what I want. And now I want her. Devlin Masters has spent his entire life in the service of his family's business empire, working his way up from the mailroom to the boardroom of Masters In [...]

    3. I was given this book for an honest review Devlin Masters has spent his entire life in the service of his family's business empire, working his way up from the mailroom to the boardroom of Masters In Style. As C.E.O. and heir to the billion-dollar hair-care company, Devlin's life is consumed by his work. But when a rival orchestrates his downfall, Devlin must rehabilitate his image or lose control of his cherished company. When his position is threatened, he lets anger get control and there are [...]

    4. I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review and here it is.While I generally enjoy bad boy romances, and have read many of them, I simply could not get into this story no matter how hard I tried, and after 6 chapters and several attempts I did not finish reading it. The writing was passable, although there were a number of grammatical errors, but I simply did not and could not relate to either of the main characters, Ayron or Devlin. I was unable to put mysel [...]

    5. Too Negative Inter-Character Conflicts. I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom. I couldn't finish this audiobook. After giving it till over two hours in (half-way) I just couldn't keep listening. The inter-character conflicts was just way too negative and full of animosity. Plus the lies between the main characters was building up for more negativity once all came to light. This much negativity and [...]

    6. I Can't Go For That. No.🔨Could not get into this book. The story and characters were just blah. I had no feelings at all for either character. The book is well edited and I generally like Roxy's books, but not this one. Not this time.🐕Read "Trapped in His World🌍" instead.

    7. This was a relatively short but enjoyable audiobook. I liked the chemistry between Devlin and Aylon. With Aylon's coaching, Devlin was able to transform from an impulsive hothead into a much more mature man - one who thought before he acted. The narration was okay and I thought that there was enough background given on Devlin and Aylon to understand their motivations and actions. I would recommend this audiobook.I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, pu [...]

    8. I received this audiobook free for an honest review. I thought the overall book was good. The story had a cute plot. However, I believe it was a little underdeveloped. I think there could have been much more intrigue with the undercover psychologist than there was. I was very disappointed in the narrator. She has good voices for some of the characters, but I didn't get her pausing between words on some of the other characters. Very staccato. Had me hating some of the characters just because of h [...]

    9. "Entitled" is the first book I have read by Roxy Sinclair and Danielle Slater and I absolutely loved it. I found engaging realistic characters in a plot line that drew me in.Devlin Masters has spent most of his life working in the family business moving his way up from mail room to Executive waiting for his chance to become Ceo, the youngest of three children he is the only one who is interested in the position , with the exception of his sisters fiancée Trevor who takes every opportunity to pu [...]

    10. Roxy Sinclaire keeps bringing good books for us to listen to! Teamed up with Danielle Slater, this story brings us Devlin and Ayron. Ayron is a psychologist that is hired by Devlin's dad to help Devlin without letting Devlin know he is getting therapy. Devlin is an angry young powerful billionaire that is having difficulty with his soon to be brother--in-law and puts work at the forefront of his world. The chemistry was instant and powerful. It is interesting how Ayron is able to actually really [...]

    11. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Ayron Winters and Devlin Masters. Ayron has had quite the life when she was little she lost both of her parents and went to live with her grandma. Her grandmother worked hard to give Ayron a good life. They were never rich but she was able to leave college debt free and pay cash for her car. Ayron is a psychologist and is always like her grandma trying to give something back to those around her. Little did she know when sh [...]

    12. Ayron was about to lose her house, her office, and her most trusted employee. And she didn't have the finances to sustain them. So when the opportunity came in the form of a cladestine therapy session with the son of a business mogul, she had to grab it. What she didn't expect was to fall in love with the hot billionaire who had behavior management issues according to his father. She had thought she was okay with just being comfortably alone until he came into her life. But he was really a sweet [...]

    13. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.This is a page turner and a "just one more page' kind of book. I love this book. It has humor, angry, a little bit of tricks being played but for the well-being of others, all wrapped up into this book.Devlin is all business, not time for play. If he sees something he wants well basically it is his. He also has a bit of a bad boy temper. It is kept in check usually but there are times there just is no holds barred. His future brother in law [...]

    14. Sweet RomanceDevlin Masters is the quintessential millionaire playboy heir to Masters In Style, whose family business developed and distributed African American hair products. At age 30, Devlin is driven and focused about getting what he wants in business. Unfortunately, his obsession gives little time for a personal life and ratchets up the stress level on his short-fused temper. Ayron Winters is a therapist and life coach who works with people at points of crisis in their lives. Devlin’s fat [...]

    15. Devlin works hard at the family business. He is the youngest of three and feels like he has earned the top position. When his position is threatened, he lets anger get control and there are consequences at work. Ayron first met Devlin at a club. They were very attracted to each other but she chose not to pursue it. She is in a difficult situation. She lost her grandmother who raised her and is now having to find a new place to do her work which will add to her bills. Ayron is very devoted to her [...]

    16. “Entitled: A Bad Boy Romance” is Danielle Slater and Roxy Sinclaire’s second story from The Bad Boys For Life series. 

Devlin Masters is the youngest of the three and feels that he has to work harder to get approval not only to be in his family, but for the top position. The position he worked so hard to earn might be threatened and so what does he do? He finally lets all his anger out… at work. Now his father wants him to go see a therapist. Devlin obviously doesn’t want to go se [...]

    17. Love the heat in the Bad Boy Billionaire story –Mr Billionaire better known as Devlin Masters who is CEO of Masters In Style. He is very smart, to be as young, running a Fortune 500 company. He goes thru many women and doesn’t seem to be settling. He lives for his company and that’s about it. He has a rival out there that sets him up and they do something that costs him A LOT of money and jeopardize his company’s standing. Soo not cool—and that sets off Dev’s temper- and when he is i [...]

    18. Devlin Masters is now an executive at his family’s business after working his way up from the mailroom, at the age of sixteen. His goal is to make his dad proud and for his siblings to see him as an equal, but then his dad names an “outsider” as interim president of the family company. An altercation leaves him with an ultimatum; see a psychologist about his anger problems, or he’s out of the family business. Devlin doesn’t think he has a problem, but his dad is so worried about him th [...]

    19. Devlin Masters is the CEO of Masters In Style. He is very smart, and sexy and a complete bad boy Or is he? Is he also very young to be running a Fortune 500 company. Playboy?oh yes He goes thru many women without a care of getting into a committing relationship. He is a target by woman and enemies because his company is thriving. One enemy ( his brother in law) set something up in order to make a dent in the stronghold of the company, jeopardizing not just the company but making Devlin seem like [...]

    20. He has worked his way up through the ranks at his family's company. Never one to expect things to be handed to him, he works hard, too hard. His father is convinced that he needs to have some fun and quit letting work rule his life. Devlin doesn't understand how after all his hard work and loyalty his father could give the position of interim leader to Trevor, the guy is just skeezy! Not willing to stand by and let Trevor disrespect his family, especially his mom, he lets his anger cloud his jud [...]

    21. Really enjoyed this book. Loved to watch Devlin grow and become a great guy. Felt sad to see all the heartache that Ayron has been through in life, but happy that she can find some happiness as well.Devlin has worked his way up in the family business and now his sisters sneaky fiancé is trying to take it all away from him. When he goes off on Trevor and tries to attack him, the board of directors calls for Devlin to be suspended and go through counseling. Devlin's father arranges for Ayron to b [...]

    22. I found this book to be very heartfelt, funny and romantic Ayron Winters was a therapist who love to council her patients to the best of her ability and she had a great secretary that she loved like a grandmother after hers died and her parents died when she was young so she was pretty much on her on except for her best friend Monique she sees a man who takes her breathe away a billionaire playboy Devlin Masters at the club one night while dancing with Mo but she slips away before he can get her [...]

    23. I had to make my self read this book as for me it was ok. A good book to me has a good vs bad plot & some romance. This had some romance not many if at all descriptive sex scenes. Devlin & Ayron 1st see each other at a night club but then she disappears; the next time he sees her is after his father hires her (because she's a therapist) to help Devlin with this anger at work as he had just punched his temporary boss & got suspended from work. As they get to know each other even thoug [...]

    24. Devlin has only one purpose in life: living for his job! When he collides with his soon-to-be-brother in lin, his father takes drastic steps to prevent him from making the same mistakes he's made. he shut devlin out of the company and out of the building. he's getting 30 days to proof that he can have a life outside of the business and can control his temper. that's where ayron comes in. hired by his father, she's more then surprised to find out the man she's taking on as a new patient (only the [...]

    25. Entitled by Danielle Slater is the first of a series called Bad Boys For Life. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Devlin Masters, youngest in his family, is CEO of his family's multi-billion dollar company. He's a hothead who often speaks/acts before he thinks. The board of directors feel he needs counselling to bring his temper in check after a confrontation with his sister's fiancee. His father convinces community therapist Ayron Winters to work with Devlin, no [...]

    26. Not sure what to say about devlin and ayron story as I expected their story to be different. It was a ok story if you look into a young man getting over past issues and neglected from his own family. Therefor causing a rift between them which in turn causing Devlin to work all the time and be very angry and aggressive. Devlin is the youngest of his sibilings but is also the most hated as he was born when their parents came into money therefor causing sibling rivalry as he was spoiled unlike his [...]

    27. Received this complimentary arc copy from the authorDevlin Masters is a workaholic. Building up the family business, now someone wants his position as CEO. His father thinks he should take time off and relax!! So his father decides to hire a therapist to help himAyron Winter. Out one night, Devlin meets a beautiful woman in a purple dress, who is she. He must get to see her but she disappears.Money is a problem, or the lack of it. Ayron a Community Therapist needs money for various things and qu [...]

    28. This was a good book right from the first few chapters. Devlin is a wealthy man with some serious anger issues. Doesn't seem too much of a bad boy though more he just knows what he wants and goes after it. He definitely fits the title, Entitle as that is his personality. He is loyal and I think that is what sparks his anger which gets him into trouble and almost loses him his job. Ayron, a psychologist, meets him in a club and is immediately attracted to him but nothing happens. The she gets the [...]

    29. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*Entitled is centered around two very different people. We are introduced to Dr. Ayron Winters who is someone that I can relate to immensely. She's kind, caring, considerate, and inside burns a fire for something more. Our other character is Mr. Devlin Masters. He is an executive who is very intense with his work and a very unrelenting man. When his intense nature lands him in a bind in walks Ayron there to solve it. This leads [...]

    30. *** Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review ***This is the first time reading a novel by this author but not the last and I'm looking to read more from her. This is the story of Devlin Masters(CEO of his father's company) and Ayron ( certified psychologist), who was hired by Devlin's father to control his anger. Ayron tries to fight her attraction for Devlin because of the conflict of interest, as well as tries to fight her feelings of loss.but she fails miserably. Dev [...]

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