Blood Magic The alternate cover edition for this book can be found here Branded as an abomination Dragon Born mage Alex Dering has spent her whole life hiding what she is a secret her father died to protect Eigh

  • Title: Blood Magic
  • Author: Ella Summers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The alternate cover edition for this book can be found here.Branded as an abomination, Dragon Born mage Alex Dering has spent her whole life hiding what she is a secret her father died to protect Eight years after his death, Alex finally gets the chance to track down the mage responsible.But her vengeance is put on hold when she gets a lead in London on the Blood Orb, a mThe alternate cover edition for this book can be found here.Branded as an abomination, Dragon Born mage Alex Dering has spent her whole life hiding what she is a secret her father died to protect Eight years after his death, Alex finally gets the chance to track down the mage responsible.But her vengeance is put on hold when she gets a lead in London on the Blood Orb, a magical artifact with the power to control vampires Retrieving the orb from the hate group that holds it won t be easy thwarting their plan to exterminate every supernatural in the world will be even harder.To make matters worse, a mysterious killer is stalking Alex s every move, determined to end her life To survive this, it will take all her magic, a lot of help from a dangerous ally, and a really big sword.

    • ó Blood Magic || ✓ PDF Read by ↠ Ella Summers
      341 Ella Summers
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    1. Ella Summers

      Ella Summers has been writing stories for as long as she could read she s been coming up with tall tales even longer than that One of her early year masterpieces was a story about a pigtailed princess and her dragon sidekick Nowadays, she still writes fantasy She likes books with layered plots, lots of action and adventure, and a touch of romance When she is not busy writing or spending time with her two young children, she makes the world safe by fighting robots.Originally from the U.S Ella currently resides in Switzerland She is the author of Sorcery and Science, a fantasy adventure series set in a world splintered by magic and technology.

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    1. Theres something about an assassin am I right?Meet Alex our sweet lovely petite mercenary And she’s in love with Logan, an assassin #great lifedecisions They both have their demons and been to hell. But thats just the way we like them, right ladies?Blood Magic starts right up after the first book with Alex searching for her father’s killer after 8 years, being stalked by an assassin, and oh yeah she is trying to save the world by locating the Blood Orb to thwart a supernatural group. All on [...]

    2. Alex and Sera's storyline is only growing better with each book I read! I am thoroughly engaged in every page of the books I've read so far! Ella has created an incredible world here! I look forward to reading more!

    3. I wonderI can't believe how much trouble Alex gets to in all this. I really enjoy how much Alex's and Logan's relationship heats up but it seemed to go from 10 to 100% within one book. It was really exciting though and the way the relationship matured so fast was done in a way that still made sense. The Convictionites sure are sneaky and I wonder how the world will change from what has happened in this book. I also wonder how much longer the sister's secret will last. Too many people are finding [...]

    4. I'm enjoying my introduction to Ella Summers's books!I love this series! All the books are great, but I got hooked on Sera's story the most. Alex's story is just beginning for me & im excited to read more Including her story with the assassin!!

    5. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsBlood Magic begins when Alex and her new assassin friend agree to help find the blood orb. The problem is this creates a whole new set of issues, and on top of that someone is gunning for Alex and no one knows who or why. Alex and her friends must figure out what's going on before it is too late. I thought this book was a great sequel to the first one. It brought in a whole slew of new issues and it was more in depth of the relationship between Alex and [...]

    6. So I've been reading this for a week now and I'm not feeling it, which is a disappointment considering i quite enjoyed the first one.DNF @63%I think it's the fact that between book 1 and this, it appears I've missed out on quite a lot of stuff. NOTE: It needs to be read in the recommended reading order, not just in the series' order or you miss out on important information.I've struggled along up to here but because I've missed important things, i just can't be bothered to try and understand wha [...]

    7. 3.5 starsjust. I love this intertwined series; however the constant (multiple times per page, if not paragraph) mention of assassins and smart-mouthed mercenaries just did my head in! We get it already! Alex is a bad ass mercenary and Logan is an assassin - it doesn't need to be discussed during every conversation! Ugh. Could've been so much better with some tighter editing. I'm not going to read the 3rd book in this series, because it drives me nuts. Thankfully Sera's books seem to flow much be [...]

    8. Yummy Great Reading Ella Summers wins Gold once again! This time with hot romance thrown in for good measure. I sound redundant but really do read her books. If you like females with strong ethics, certainly not a wimpy whining weak woman, read Ms. Summers ' storylines. She has some great ones. I don't like leaking the plots, trust me when I say I thoroughly enjoy reading her books. Never a dull moment.

    9. Fab!I am loving this series. I love the way Ella writes, all of her characters are interesting and likeable. I am hoping I will get to a book where they all work together. On that note, I am off to start the next one 😀😀

    10. Great Fantasy TaleAlex and Logan plot and fight against humanity's enemies, which include Logan's mother. Alex and Logan explore their personal trust issues and their feelings while simultaneously fighting all three types of vampires. Lots of action, fun and romance.

    11. Another great readLiked the dialogueDisliked the slow movement until near then endRecommend the seriesThis has been an enjoyable good to read, and the evil queen is absolutely marvelous.

    12. Getting a little mundaneThe author keeps the story going but has a tendency to repeat stuff. The story kind just repeats and that can be a little troublesome.

    13. Blood Magic picks up right where Magic Edge ends. Alex, Logan and her bestie Marek are still hunting the orbs. Logan’s momma is still the evil leader of the Convictionites. Logan is still looking into the death of Alex’s daddy-who hired the assassin Nightshade and why. After a particularly bad battle Alex and Logan go home- well to Marek’s home, in England. Alex gets a rare chance to talk to Sera, who sent her a present- Naomi. (Side note- maybe this means that Naomi will get her own book. [...]

    14. Alex and Logan are off to London and tracking the killer who was sent to assassinate Alex and Sera as Dagon Born. They encounter more than expected when the Convictionites use the Blood Orb to control Vampires to read havoc in the streets of London. They stumble across a new and powerful enemy the Sultan and discover the kidnapping of Hybrid supernaturals. All of these things lead them back to the Convictionites and Logan's mother. Alex while fighting for her life connects with her dragon and pr [...]

    15. Good book, some weird editing missesRant first, compliments second. No one ogles AT, they just ogle the object of their attention. Then there is the palm "gracing" her breast instead of grazing it. Those are just weird, plus a bit mood diminishing, and they throw you out of the proper story head space.Other than those oddities, it's a pretty awesome second (or 6th, if you go in her recommended reading order, which includes the 3 sister books) book. Characters a just as fun, she's ramping up the [...]

    16. Another great entry into the Dragon Born world. The story picks up right after the end of Magic Nights (Dragon Born Serafina Book 3 that is amazing as well.) and plunged us back into the focus of the Alexandria novels, in this case Alex, Logan and Marek and later on in the book Naomi[ With her own mission] continued hunt for the Blood Orb and the fight against the Convictionites. I love each series of Dragon Born that i have read so far, take place in one world, they really can be read as standa [...]

    17. A nice quick, fun read. I definitely prefer this branch of the Dragon Born series over the Serafina one. The progress between Logan and Alex irked me a touch (they're adults, they didn't need to pussy foot around so long). All in all it was well-written and something I look forward to reading more of.

    18. Evil Queen More Evil Than AdvertisedThis book had some dark moments and Alex's meeting with Logan's mother shows that The Evil Queen is the biggest birch on long list of big britches. She horrified me.Logan says it first and shows it best, plus Alex really connects with her Dragon.

    19. Mage has spent years protecting what she is. Her dad was killed 8 years before protecting their secret. She is set out to find her dads killer but gets side tracked when she hears about something to help control vampires. I'm loving this series.

    20. This is a really good book in a great series that joins together with at least 2 other series. This one had me wondering what to expect next and finding big things in the most obvious never thought of sort of way. I can't wait to read the next one!

    21. Quick, easy read. I really like Sera and Kai's story more than Alex and Logan's so far. But Alex's story is still fun.

    22. More please!Just read all the books q this series so far and I want more! It keeps getting better! Action, adventure and romance. What more could you for? Just More!

    23. Great bookI really enjoy this series and these characters. This was a guys book in the series and I highly recommend the whole series!

    24. I love the dynamic between Logan and Alex. They really compliment each other well - his dry wit and her sarcasm make for some fantastic back and forth.

    25. Both Dragon Born series are fun paranormal action romances in the vein of Rachel Caine and Hailey Edwards. Fun!

    26. Yummy.Exciting and fast paced adventure with lots of tasty romance and magic. A superb second book and I can't wait to read the third.

    27. Blood Magic because I never know how to title theseIt was a really good book and I was happy with how everything ended up playing out. I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!

    28. I really enjoy the banter between Alex and her inner dragon the chemistry between Alex and Logan is great. I'm definitely looking forward to more of this series

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