V ktarens hemlighet H sten r p v g och kv llarna blir allt m rkare Det r dags f r V ktaren och hans l rling Tom att flytta till Anglezarke V ktarens vinterboning Tom har h rt att det ska vara en olycksb dande och hotf

  • Title: Väktarens hemlighet
  • Author: Joseph Delaney Ylva Kempe
  • ISBN: 9789173710084
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Hardcover
  • H sten r p v g och kv llarna blir allt m rkare Det r dags f r V ktaren och hans l rling, Tom, att flytta till Anglezarke, V ktarens vinterboning Tom har h rt att det ska vara en olycksb dande och hotfull plats, och vistelsen d r blir mycket v rre n han v ntat sig Huset och heden utanf r byn r fulla av hemligheter om V ktarens liv Hemligheter som kommer upp till ytH sten r p v g och kv llarna blir allt m rkare Det r dags f r V ktaren och hans l rling, Tom, att flytta till Anglezarke, V ktarens vinterboning Tom har h rt att det ska vara en olycksb dande och hotfull plats, och vistelsen d r blir mycket v rre n han v ntat sig Huset och heden utanf r byn r fulla av hemligheter om V ktarens liv Hemligheter som kommer upp till ytan och som hotar att del gga hela trakten.

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      157 Joseph Delaney Ylva Kempe
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    1. Joseph Delaney Ylva Kempe

      Joseph Delaney is a full time writer living in Lancashire, in the heart of Boggart territory He first got the idea for the Wardstone Chronicles series when he moved to the village where he lives now and discovered there was a local boggart a man like me needs boggarts around He made a note in his notebook a story about a man who hunts boggarts and years later when he had to come up with an idea at short notice developed this into The Spook s Apprentice , the first book in the series.He continues to draw upon the folklore of Lancashire and has acquired much local knowledge over the years which he tweaks and modifies to create his fictional world Another source of inspiration has been Lancashire s varied and atmospheric landscape Many of the locations in the County are based on actual places in Lancashire In the early days of his writing career Joseph worked as a teacher at a Sixth Form College his subjects were English, Film and Media Studies He used to get up early and write every morning before work That way he could write a book a year which promptly got rejected When the Americans bought the series he decided to give up teaching and write full time Prior to teaching he worked as an engineer in his twenties, completing an apprenticeship just like Tom Ward in the spook s books.Joseph describes his method of writing as a process of discovery He doesn t plot too far ahead and often doesn t know what is going to happen until he writes it down In other words he makes it up as he goes along He prefers writing dialogue to description, in which he says he is a minimalist and leaves much to the reader s imagination He has a new series underway, Arena 13 This is a complete departure from the world of ghosts, ghasts and boggarts and centres on a young boy called Leith and surprisingly, an Arena and an evil creature called Hob Joseph has three children and nine grandchildren and is a wonderful public speaker available for conference, library and bookshop events.The Spook s Apprentice, The Spook s Curse and The Spook s Secret have all been shortlisted for the Lancashire children s Book for the Year Award The Spook s Apprentice is the winner of both the Sefton Book Award and the Hampshire Book Awardom publisher s website

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    1. The Spook and his apprentice Tom Ward settled in Spook's winter residence: For Tom this is the first time he visits the place and it is spooky - sorry, the bad pun was not intentional. The winter means reduced mobility, so it makes sense for Spook to live close to a big concentration of evil forces. This time it is not just random supernatural baddies that give troubles, but Spook's past mistakes caught up with him. Sometimes it is up to Tom by his lonely self to try to fix the numerous problems [...]

    2. I'm re-listening to these. The Spook's Apprentice series were some of the first audiobooks I listened to; I loved them back then and I love them now. Great series.Update: listened to this again with my kids on our school trips. 16 year old son's rating: 4 stars10 year old son's rating: 4.5 starsMy rating, this time around: 4 stars. But I'll keep it at 5 stars. Just because.

    3. This is the third in a series (as I'm sure you spotted) and while I like them I can't quite bring myself to go above 4 stars.A friend here on mentioned that her biggest complaint with the Wardstone Chronicles was (is) that Tom doesn't change much. That is so far true. To be fair however the 3 books I've read so far take place in a period of months (less than a year). As this book ends and spring approaches Tom is about to "celebrate" (not really a good word for it I suppose) a year as the Spook [...]

    4. OMG! I will always love this series! This is the third book of the series that I've read and it never disappointed me by far. There's just more and more adventure in each book that I've read. So, Mr Gregory has a lot of untold secret. The stranger that came up to Mr Gregory's house at Chipenden is actually Morgan, the failed apprentice who chose the dark and wanted to raise Golgoth, The Lord of Winter. I'm glad that Morgan dies in the end but sad that Tom's dad died too and that he never got the [...]

    5. Wardstone Chronicles Book 3*The Spook's Secret*Wow! The series is just getting better and better with each page. You can feel the characters growing with each breath. It's so wonderful to see how Tom has grown do much since, he became the Spooks apprentice, both physically and mentally. He is more passionate about being the Spook and is confident and responsible. Sometimes lazy, but still passionate. This book has 3 antagonists, namely, Morgan, the Spooks Ex-Apprentice, who has taken the dark pa [...]

    6. Much, much, MUCH better than the Spook's Curse, thank goodness! In this third installment of the Wardstone Chronicles, Thomas Ward and his master, the Spook, head over to Anglezarke for the winter season. While there, Tom uncovers more secrets about the Spook's shady past, including a menacing former apprentice bent on destroying the Spook - and the whole County. Delaney's flair for descriptions has returned full force! Like in The Spook's Apprentice, the setting played a substantial role in the [...]

    7. This third book in the series really stayed true to the title name: The Spook's Secret.There were so much history and secrets glazing over the County and not only just the Spook's background, but some major side characters too. I loved finding out more about the Spook's past, in particular, especially when it was directly linked to Morgan or Meg because it gave them much more substance as believable characters and drove on the plot; of which some very surprising twists were thrown into the story [...]

    8. This was my favorite in the series so far. Where I thought that the second book kinda went back and forth a lot, this one kept moving forward in just the right paste. It was never boring, always a lot of action going on. I thought it was a really great book and I very much enjoyed it! The only thing I am missing is the scary parts that I think the first book had. In that one I was actually "scared" but there has not been that same feeling in number two or three in the same way, and I think that [...]

    9. Another installment in Mr. Delaney's Wardstone Chronicles, bit by bit we are introduced to his wonderful/dark universe(for me it is a bit teen-ish????), first two books introduced to us the particular creepy crawlies that inhabit his particular world, boggarts, witches, ghasts, ghosts and a the Bane(again I prefer to ask the people who read my rant/rave section to discover by their own, rather than give spoilers)!!For Book Three, the story of Thomas Ward continues, here we are introduced to some [...]

    10. I want to take the Harry Potter books away from every children and put these books in their hands instead. I really love this series :)

    11. The Night of soul Stealer (The Last Apprentice, #3), 2006, Joseph DelaneyCharacters: Mr. Gregory, Thomas J. Ward, Alice DeaneAbstract: It's going to be a long, hard, cruel winter. And there couldn't be a worse place to spend it than up on Anglezarke.Thomas Ward is the apprentice for the local Spook, who captures witches and drives away ghosts. As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in, the Spook receives an unexpected visitor. Tom doesn't know who the stranger is or what he wants, but th [...]

    12. buku ini dapet dipinjemin Mbak Mia. *peluk peluk mbak Miaa*, dibantu pinjemin ama Mbak Echa *peluk-peluk mbak Echa* ;Dpertama baca langsung dag dig dug hehehehbener2 memicu adrenalin yahdatangan tamu tak terduga, bikin boggart pet nya sang spook ngamuk2. Tom dan si Spook ceritanya mesti pindah ke Winter House nya, si Alice di titipin di rumah petani lain. Jahat sih emang. tapi kata Spook itu yang terbaik buat Alice.Oh ternyata alasan nya gak cuma itu. di Winter House itu ada Meg. penyihir yang d [...]

    13. Приятно-мрачна поредица с един отворен завършек и 9 части след това в допълнение, но без да видят бял свят на български. Жалко за слабия интерес Детайлно описан свят на богърти, вещици, привидения, некромант и Прогонващия духове с неговия чирак. Увлекателно четиво поне за ме [...]

    14. Another in the exciting adventure series featuring Tom Ward and his mentor, the Spook. This time Tom and his mentor have to overwinter in the Spook's winter house. The winter house has secrets that Tom's mentor keeps to himself about his life experiences. Ultimately, with Tom's help, the Spook has to confront some of the consequences of his earlier life choices. This tale seems darker in tone especially with the introduction into the story of one of the Spook's past apprentices that failed to co [...]

    15. 4.5Diğer kitaplardan bir nebze daha az olsa da hareketli ve ürkütücü öğelerle dolu bir kitaptı. Yazarın tek bir konuya takılıp kalmamasını çok seviyorum, kitabı mümkün olduğunca dolu dolu yazıyor ve farklı farklı hikayelerle donatıyor. Sadece Hayalet'in sırrını okumuyorsunuz, beraberinde bağlantılı ve bağımsız olaylar da okuyorsunuz ki bu da kitabı hiç sıkılmadan, sayfaların nasıl geçtiğini anlamadan okumanızı sağlıyor. Hareketli, güzel bir kitaptı. S [...]

    16. Another good Last Apprentice. Some of the plot devices are getting a little tired (everything would have gone a lot smoother if the kid had just told his friends what he was doing, etc.) and the plot is guessable, but the elements are still done solidly and the characters are interesting. We finally get to meet a character that was introduced in a previous book. I still like that Alice is kind of on the edge, good/bad wise, and that it's her treatment by the good side that kind of keeps her ther [...]

    17. Not bad. More happened in this volume than in the previous one and the enemies felt more appropriate to this place in the series than did the enemies in the second volume. I also enjoyed the further insight into the Spook's past. However, I swear the protagonist is getting more and more contemptible and foolish with each passing novel; likewise, his mentor seems to learn nothing from his own repeated mistakes. The author still manages to squeeze in another bit of shallow anti-religious, anti-cle [...]

    18. This great series shows no signs of letting up. If I could go back and give myself some books when I was 10, this series would definitely go with me.

    19. Can't wait to read the next one! Story is perfect. Apprentice growing ans master read it if you want to know!

    20. "The darkness hates the light."This is a great series. Book 3 and I'm still really enjoying it! The Spook is finally opening up to Tom and giving him more information. Along with still teaching and instructing, he's also allowing Tom real life times of facing something and having to think on is feet.And Tom is truly showing he can handle it. He faces many things of evil in this story and shows he has been well trained but is also bright and creative. He's getting stronger and better.But this one [...]

    21. Each book is getting better than the last. I like how Delaney can tell a focused, self-contained story with each book, and at the same time advance his over-arching plot. There are two main threads in this book, both dealing with the Spook's past. First, there is the central plot involving one of the Spook's failed apprentices, and his forays into the dark. This is the main driver of the book, but probably the less interesting of the two main threads. The second involves the thing in the basemen [...]

    22. “Why does it have to be like this?' I asked bitterly. 'Why does life have to be so short, with all the good things passing quickly. Is it worth living at all?”―Thomas Ward Thomas Ward, the protagonist of The Last Apprentice series, lives in a primitive time with his teacher, John Gregory, and witch friend, Alice, in a town called Chipenden. Tom began his apprenticeship early in autumn, but now winter was approaching and he was now going to move to the Spook's winter house located outside t [...]

    23. NECROMANCER-lah yang menjadi sorotan utama petualangan spook kali ini. Spook yang semakin cupu dan Alice yang makin cantik (:P) (Tom mah ke laut aja) *ngiri sama Tom, karena disukain Alice >,<*. Well, tapi harus d akui Tom itu hebat :) tetap tegar dengan semua cobaan yang dia hadapi dalam buku ini, dan bisa fokus dan ingat dengan tujuan utama tugas yang dia emban. *thumbup buat Tom* dibuat sedikit kewalahan dengan kehadiran sang Necromancer. Necromancer emang job paling hebat dan sangat be [...]

    24. nyari ebooknya susyee apalagi nunggu terjemahannya, jadi terpaksa beli bukunya deh abis dikomporin *uhuk*echa*uhuk* bilang buku aslinya lebih keren dan asli serem ilustrasinya, ga cupu kaya terjemahannya -- matahatiii, dirimu bikin cover cupu bener, temanya serem covernya kok oren ^.^jadi sekarang udah mo winter, spook sama tom harus pindah ke rumah musim dingin [spook banyak duit amat yak:], karena temanya "Spook's secret", jadi banyaklah terungkap rahasia pribadi Spook.Musuhnya disini juga asa [...]

    25. This a part of a Young Adult series, which I recommend because the story is not only gripping, but the book stands on its own while referring to incidents that occurred in a previous book. Thirteen-year-old Tom Ward is the Spook's last apprentice because the others didn't last. He certainly has to be dedicated because his teacher not only gives him tedious chores but draws him into frightening adventures as they seek to push back the darkness that wants to invade the world. Each character has hi [...]

    26. Review #2 - July 15, 2016One of my favorite themes running through this series is that no one is perfect. No one is wholly good or wholly evil. The Spook counsels against girls with pointy shoes but has Meg. Alice tells Tom that what the Spook is doing to Meg is wrong and Tom believes it, but also trusts the Spook. I love that there isn't really a right answer most of the time, it's just Tom and all his friends doing the best they can. Sometimes all our choices our bad and we just have to go wit [...]

    27. After a great beginning for the series, I felt the plot for The Curse of Bane was logically weak. This book, however, was a step back in the right direction. Following the pattern of the two previous books, the Spook carries this story along (i.e for me, he's the strongest character and the reason I keep reading). He gets additional depth in the confrontations with Meg, Morgan and the stone-chucker.Interesting take on purgatory and how our perceptions during mortality dictate our experiences in [...]

    28. I just finished two more books by Joseph Delaney. 'Curse of the Bane' was good. 'Night of the Soul Stealer' is even better. Mr. Delaney creates a darkly textured and very believable world in which a traveling "spook" an his young apprentice fight against forces of darkness. The threats they face include greedy inquisitors, rock hurling boggarts, shape shifters, and, best of all, witches. Scary witches. Really scary witches.Mr. Delaney creates witches that are unique and original. The punishment [...]

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