Splattered Blood A retired state trooper is killed and made to look like it was suicide The widow s friend and financial advisor helps her probe it was murder and then joins her and her brother in a search for the kil

  • Title: Splattered Blood
  • Author: Michael A. Draper
  • ISBN: 9780533164691
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • A retired state trooper is killed and made to look like it was suicide The widow s friend and financial advisor helps her probe it was murder and then joins her and her brother in a search for the killer.

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    1. Michael A. Draper

      Michael A Draper holds a master s degree in teaching from Saint Michael s College in Vermont He spent four years in the Air Force, achieving the rank of captain Currently agent emeritus in the field of life insurance and retirement planning, Mr Draper found a great deal of inspiration for this novel while working with law enforcement personnel.

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    1. SPLATTERED BLOOD by Michael Draper01/12 - Vantage Press, Inc. – 318 pagesHow can I get an answer to my question when none of the facts add up?Living the consistent life of an insurance agent has provided Randy Larkin with a sense of peace and some extended family. Randy likes the security he can give to others and knows his clients as friends. Therefore, when one of his best friends is brutally murdered there is no way he is going to stand by and not make this right for the family. He may be a [...]

    2. Johnny Kelly was a retired police officer who had recently started a new job as head of security for a professional basketball team. He had been looking into some issues regarding one of the players when he is found dead in his office, with a suicide note. Of course his wife Roseanne is distraught so she calls up family friend and insurance agent Randy Larkin. Both are confident that Johnny would never have taken his own life and decide to do some investigating on their own, and are soon joined [...]

    3. "The chief of internal security for New England's professional basketball team, the Highlanders, is found dead in his office, with a suicide note and conflicting evidence of foul play. Refusing to believe that he would have reason to kill himself, and frustrated with the slowness of the police force's progress on the case, Johnny's widow, Roseanne, and her friend, Randy, launch a renegade investigation on their own. Aided by Roseanne's brother, Graham, a fiercely protective loose cannon, they di [...]

    4. The security chief for Boston's pro basketball team has committed suicide, or so it seems. His widow, Roseanne, is understandably distraught, and she and her brother Graham decide to investigate on their own. They request assistance from the family's insurance agent, Randy, who's also their good friend. It's not every day that insurance guys get to play PI! And that's part of the charm of this new novel. The trio's efforts take them up and down the east coast, entangling them in an international [...]

    5. I have read Michael's reviews of other authors books and it is nice to be able to read and review one of his. Splattered Blood is a story of the widow of a Chief of Security for a professional basketball team and her efforts to find out exactly why her husband died. It was officially claimed as a suicide but Roseanne knows her husband well enough that this is an impossibility. With the help of her brother Graham and Randy, a salesman of life insurance and other financial products to cops and oth [...]

    6. Visit my blog for my review of Mike Draper's first novel "Splattered Blood" - you will be happy you did!!thejoyofthewrittenword/201

    7. Roseanne and her friend Randy decide to start their own investigation into the death of the Chief of Internal Security for New England's basketball team, the Highlanders. Johnny was found with a suicide note which seems to conflict with any evidence of foul play. Roseanne is very familiar with the deceased man since she is actually his widow, now left to raise their young son on her own. She and her friend Randy can not believe Johnny would ever have committed suicide even though there was a sui [...]

    8. Once again I'm featuring a debut novel, this time by a writer who lives in Connecticut. His hero is in insurance and retirement planning, as is Draper himself. The character may be the writer's alter ego but the character Randy Larkin is a believable sort of guy in this book who gets involved in a murder investigation because the victim was a good friend. Also Larkin sells insurance to police departments and individuals in the field so he has made friends who help him, and he has absorbed quite [...]

    9. Good things come in 3's. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. The Golden Trio of Harry Potter. The Unholy Trinity of Glee. The number of Arrested Development seasons SO FAR (OMGIAMSOSTOKED). I'm adding to this list a fearsome threesome comprised of a widow, a protective brother, and a life insurance agent. Let's call themTHE DRAPER TREY. I think it's appropriate if you can catch the double meaning of "trey." :)Splattered Blood starts with a suicide (*gasp!*) with the first line being two words. "Johnn [...]

    10. Splattered Blood is a fast-paced murder mystery by author Michael A. Draper.A man named Johnny used to work for the state police then became security chief for a professional basketball team. When he’s murdered, his wife, her brother, and a friend decide to do some investigating of their own. Roseanne, Graham, and Randy start digging to get information, and they run into plenty of trouble.Certain players on the basketball team become victims in one way or another. Is the team cursed? Why would [...]

    11. I do not normally read detective novels, but Mike Draper has been an avid follower and supporter of my blog and my reviews, so when he asked if I would read and review his debut novel, I was honored.The book is well written and very fast paced. The reader is left winded by the story as you follow the three main characters through their investigation to clear the husband's name of one of the main characters. There is a load of action in the book as you meet the low life characters that become par [...]

    12. Splattered Blood ( Michael A. Draper)The head of security for a New England Basketball team, the Highlanders is found dead. The police found a suicide note but the widow (Roseanne) does not believe her husband would kill himself. She is determined to find out what really happened and who killed her husband.With the help of her brother Graham and their friend Randy they set out to find the truth. As they start to question fellow team members they start to wonder if their is some kind of connectio [...]

    13. Splattered Blood took me quite a while to read. It took me almost two weeks, which is very unusual for me. In my personal opinion, the book started off slow and stayed slow throughout the middle and end. Of course, that could be because it's not my usual genre to read. My favorite character was Evan. I liked his attitude, and how he wasn't afraid to get deep to get his story, even if it meant getting hurt or killed. At first, I couldn't stand Graham because of his arrogant and cocky attitude, bu [...]

    14. A very strong debut from author Michael Draper. You're sucked in from the very beginning and there's barely ever a pause in the action. I'm very pleased with this novel and will most definitely recommend it to thriller/mystery fans like myself!

    15. Would-be writers are always told to write about what they know. Perhaps that is why Michael Draper chose as the hero of his first novel a mild-mannered insurance agent. Draper works in the insurance field and obviously knows it well and, in the course of his work, we are told that he has developed relationships and contacts with law enforcement personnel. He draws on all of that experience in plotting his tale of amateur detectives trying to solve a murder case.The murder case itself starts out [...]

    16. Johnny thought he had the perfect job as Chief of Internal Security for the New England Highlanders basketball team, until he committed suicide. His wife Roseanne couldn't believe that he would choose to end his life and pushed for an investigation. Along with her brother Graham and friend Randy, they carried out their own probe.The story is told from Randy's point of view. He's been a friend of the family for many years since selling them their first insurance policy. His job has given him many [...]

    17. Well this book didn't disappoint. It was a murder mystery with just about everything you'd expect, blood, gore, suspense and thrill all brought to you by a widow, her brother and a friend. In this book, Roseanne's husband, Johnny, is murdered at work for something that he's investigating. Her brother, Graham, and a good friend, Randy and herself decide they need to find who killed Johnny and why. What they find and what they are put through along the way is more than any of them bargained for an [...]

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