Last Call for the Living For bank teller Charlie Colquitt it was just another Saturday For Hobe Hicklin an ex con with nothing to lose it was just another score For Hobe s drug addled sex crazed girlfriend it was just lu

  • Title: Last Call for the Living
  • Author: Peter Farris
  • ISBN: 9780765330079
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For bank teller Charlie Colquitt, it was just another Saturday For Hobe Hicklin, an ex con with nothing to lose, it was just another score For Hobe s drug addled, sex crazed girlfriend, it was just lust, violence, and drugs But in this gripping narrative, nothing is as it seems.Hicklin s first mistake was double crossing his partners in the Aryan Brotherhood His sFor bank teller Charlie Colquitt, it was just another Saturday For Hobe Hicklin, an ex con with nothing to lose, it was just another score For Hobe s drug addled, sex crazed girlfriend, it was just lust, violence, and drugs But in this gripping narrative, nothing is as it seems.Hicklin s first mistake was double crossing his partners in the Aryan Brotherhood His second mistake was taking a hostage But he and Charlie can only hide out for so long in the mountains of north Georgia before the sins of Hicklin s past catch up to them.Hot on Hicklin s trail are a pair of ruthless Brotherhood soldiers, ready to burn a path of murder and mayhem to get their revenge GBI Special Agent Sallie Crews and Sheriff Tommy Lang catch the case, themselves no strangers to the evil men are capable of Soon Crews is making some dangerous connections while for the hard drinking, despondent Lang, rescuing Charlie Colquitt might be the key to personal salvation.Prodigious talent Peter Farris has written a backwoods fairy tale of fate and flight that is also a dark, modern thriller Like the bastard child of Stephen Hunter s Dirty White Boys and Cormac McCarthy s No Country for Old Men, Last Call for the Living is a smashing debut from a writer whose unique and disturbing vision of the world cannot be ignored.

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    1. Peter Farris

      Peter Farris is the author of Last Call for the Living and Ghost in the Fields, which will be published in France by editions Gallmeister He lives in Cherokee County, Georgia.

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    1. ANOTHER great literary crime novel! i am on a roll!it's got all the things i like: multiple viewpoints, southern locale, blood splatter, and people down on their luck, but with dreams as big as all the outdoors."i raised him myself," she said with particular pride. "he was always a bit peculiar, kept to himself, never had friends except for some kids from the rocket club at school. charlie wants to build rockets and jet planes, work for lockhead or nasa one day. i sent him to space camp over in [...]

    2. This is a must-read book for those who like their crime fiction dark, violent and unrelenting, populated by characters almost all of whom are lost in one way or another, and very few of whom will be redeemed in the end.Charlie Colquitt comes from an extremely broken home. He's shy, withdrawn, physically unappealing and interested in little more than the model rockets he builds and flys. He supports himself by working as a teller at a small branch bank, and it's his serious misfortune to be on du [...]

    3. "Cold steel and gun metal grey.Nightmares, another night has turned to day."Peter Farris is a new talent to take note of alongside recently Frank Bill and Donald Ray Pollock these writers waste no words and really engage you right from the start.What should have been a usual day at work turns out to be the mark of a pivotal point in a young mans life. A bank teller Charlie a model rocket enthusiast, and a kid that many fathers would be proud to have, finds himself in a three week hostage situati [...]

    4. In a hick town in Georgia about the size of a thumb, a larcenous ex-convict, Hicklin, executes a bank robbery. He leaves a blood splattering mess behind and abducts a bank teller on the way out. He double-crosses some other ex-cons and goes into hiding with his frightened hostage at a cabin in the wooded hills, where his crack addled lady friend is embedded. Now the story REALLY begins.The prison-tatted ex-cons are part of the Aryan Brotherhood, a group of loathsome, odiferous men that were loya [...]

    5. Very interesting premise, very first-novel execution. What I really liked got mired in what was trying too hard and ultimately, it just didn’t click. The characters fell flat for me in a way that made the book seem tame, not something that should happen when violence is roiling like electricity. It was very written, and maybe that’s a nebulous kind of distinction to make, and a personal one, but I’m hypersensitive these days to when the writer keeps interjecting over the freight-train stor [...]

    6. The first seven chapters created a brutal, intriguing, and gritty atmosphere which are needed for a bleak crime thriller, then it hit rock bottom, particularly, in consideration of overabundant italics and needless narration about the lives of the fill-in characters that appeared trivial to the story, and left a room to ponder whether the story would've enhanced if the author kept his focus on telling us more about Charlie Colquitt's life and Hobe Hicklin's motive to double-cross his partners. U [...]

    7. I really enjoyed No Country for Old Men when I watched the movie, so when this book was compared to that I thought I’d at least read the first chapter. These are not always my cup of tea. They’re gritty, harsh, in-your-face dark thrillers and they don’t always appeal to me. But, I gave it a try and was surprised at how much I liked it.You’re almost afraid to say you enjoyed it, because it is so disturbing. But, though the story itself is good, it is really the characters that make it har [...]

    8. A very good debut novel that caught my attention from the very first page. I would definitely recommend it to people who like crime novels.

    9. Author Peter Farris' debut thriller has the literary impact of a 12 gauge shotgun blast in a small room. A relatively simple bank robbery on a quiet Saturday morning deep in rural Georgia goes sideways for young bank teller Charlie Colquitt when he's taken hostage by an ex-con named Hicklin right after he murders the bank manager. Complications develop quickly because Hicklin decided he wanted to keep the entire score and hide out on his home mountain in Jubilation County instead of sharing it w [...]

    10. You may also read my review here: mybookishways/2012/05/Looking to settle down with a nice, gentle mystery, maybe about quilting, or something along those lines? Well, that’s not gonna happen with Last Call For the Living. Not by a longshot. Strap yourself in and get ready for a bumpy ride into the dark, Georgia woods with some of the nastiest characters I’ve come across in a long time. Young bank teller Charlie Colquitt was opening the bank with his manager on a normal Saturday morning, whe [...]

    11. This was written in 2012 and published in the UK in 2013. Pretty much the same time, maybe a bit earlier, than Wiley Cash's A Land More Kind Than Home. They share the genre, modern American noir, and they share snake loving pastors and churches. Although Cash's book is superior, the snake scene in Farris's novel is tremendous and will stay with me as one of the great scenes in books. For that reason it's a 5 star novel for me. His writing stumbles sometimes, with a habit of irrelevancies creepin [...]

    12. A parolee and member of the Aryan Brotherhood (AB), robs a bank solo without waiting for his two partners, grabs a bank teller as a hostage and holes up in the mountains with his meth addict girlfriend. Violent and dark, the police and the AB brothers work to bring him to justice of one type or the other. There is some weirdness around the bank robber, the loner bank teller, who is the highlight of the book, and his mother. If you like Blood Meredian or No Country for Old Men, you will like this [...]

    13. Coincidence and violence. When combined they create a force that uproots a person's life and sends their know world into chaos. This is what happened to bank teller Charlie Colquitt and Aryan Brotherhood member Hicklin. The abrupt impact of Hicklin's armed bank robbery creates an instinct for improvisation as he takes Charlie as hostage. Deep into the Georgia woods they fleet from the policebut from other Brotherhood members who Hicklin has double crossed. The tenacious fury of these hunters tra [...]

    14. I received an Advanced Read Copy of this book in a giveaway.The good first: I couldn't put this book down. I read it in one day. From the minute Hobe Hicklin changes Charlie Colquitt's life forever, to the very end where Charlie begins to live the changes instigated by these events, this book is an attention grabber. It winds through the dark world of the prison system, the Aryan Brotherhood and the stark brutality of stone cold killers who exploit others without guilt or remorse. The juxtaposi [...]

    15. “Last Call for the Living” is a thriller, but it is also a study of character: of the good guys, the bad guys-and the innocent, such as poor Charlie Colquitt, an unmeaning victim on a date with destiny. In an economically isolated rural area of North Georgia, a lone branch bank remains, the sole business in an otherwise abandoned and vacant strip mall on a back road, far from Interstate traffic. Few customers hold accounts there; the branch mainly services paycheck cashing for mills. Not muc [...]

    16. As a lifelong fan of Harry Crews, William Gay and Larry Brown, I have been concerned with who would pick up the torch and carry on after these greats had passed. Having just read Peter Farris's debut novel "Last Call For The Living" I know the futures in good hands. I really dug this book, it's a violent, steam locomotive ride from the first page. I love southern goth & this is definetly one of the best I've read in awhile. The book is fast paced and full of engaging characters. You will wan [...]

    17. yes yes yes! Dark, twisted, Love it. Charlie is a naive bank teller. He goes to work on Saturday, just like every other Saturday. Only this isn't just an ordinary Saturday. The bank Charlie works at robbed, his co worker murdered, and Charlie is taken hostage by career criminal Hobe Hinklin. While reading this book, I wasn't sure gow to rate it. 4 stars? Then there it was about 3/4 of the way through the book- the 5th star. The charecter development in this story was superb. You will hate Hobe f [...]

    18. very nice 1st novel of crime and police procedural, with some nice twists, like primitive baptists having a snake handling/strychnine drinking service and then bad guy hides in amongst the congregation and the suffering bent sheriff comes in and a huge ass gun battle slash snake biting ensues. yeah, so lots of prison info and that angle of the con world running crime syndicates outside the walls lots of unique things here, beautifully written and quite exciting and very violent. 4 STARS . remind [...]

    19. Completely blown away! LAST CALL FOR THE LIVING by @PJFarris - phenomenal. Cannot believe this is his first book. Rural noir at it's best!!! This is going to be a tough one to follow up. I have read about 60 books in 2013. This book and Donnybrook by Frank Bill are at the top of my list. Highly recommended.

    20. A criminal thriller set in the rural South of north Georgia that explores violence, family, longing and belonging among people the future has no use for. Fast-paced from the beginning, the book reads like a combination of 'No Country for Old Men', 'In Cold Blood' and 'American History X'.

    21. sorry people, review in french and i'm too lazy to translate itwritten for work in 08.2015~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C'est l'histoire d'un braquage qui tourne mal. Où le braqueur embarque comme otage, et sans trop savoir pourquoi, le jeune guichetier.C'est aussi l'histoire de gens paumés, cabossés, qui survivent comme ils peuvent. C'est l'histoire de la relation qui se crée entre l'ex-taulard et son prisonnier.Dernier appel pour les vivants est un roman sombre et violent, au style cru et [...]

    22. I liked the shifting points of view. The inherently flawed characters were interesting, well-drawn, and believable. The action was visually compelling. A good read, but not a great read.

    23. Fresh out of prison after a long stretch, what’s the first thing up on ex-con Hobe Hicklin’s ‘To Do’ list? Rob his hometown North Georgia Savings and Loan, of course. In and out in under 3 minutes with the cash, as robberies go this one goes pretty smoothly.Well, except for killing the bank manager. Probably shouldn’t have taken the teller hostage either. Oh, and considering the job was planned with his fellow Aryan Brotherhood members while he was inside, Hicklin probably should have [...]

    24. This book is like an onion. A violent onion. There’s no backdrop here except the mountains. No one is a minor character. In each layer, each person is the center of his or her own story. They all have their own motives, their own reasons and fears, their own skin only they can inhabit. As such, no matter how intertwined they become, no matter what alliances – formal or otherwise – they make, in the end, they all stand alone.Last Call for the Living is not the kind of uplifting, feel-good b [...]

    25. Peter Farris comes out blasting with a real scorcher here, hard to believe it's a debut novel. Starts with a bank robbery and, as you know, mostly losers rob banks these days, not exactly the heroic desperado move it used to be, and the gunman takes a hostage, a fat slobby geek who digs rockets and has a one-eyed mom, all in the first couple dozen pages. Then it turns out that this bank robber has jumped the gun on the heist, grabbing all the honey before his amigos, both ex cons, like him, and [...]

    26. "He was smarter than this and he knew it."This line in the books sums up most of the characters in this book pretty well. The book is chock full of characters that keep doing things they know better than to do, and paying for it.It's hard to not compare this book to "Dirty White Boys' by Stephen Hunter. The parallels are too obvious. It manages to hold up pretty well though in that comparison. While it lacks the wit and occasional humor of Hunter's book, it makes up for it with deeper character [...]

    27. Hard to believe this is a debut Novel. The best Bank heist novel I have maybe ever read. This ain't your daddy's crime novel. It takes an otherwise bland genre and injects it with a needle full of holy Fu*k. I would love to see this turned into a movie, but then again I would cringe to think Micheal Bay would ruin this gem for everyone who didn't read it. If you have the intestinal fortitude to read a legit novel that isn't politically correct, but 100% accurate of how things really are, this is [...]

    28. For a debut crime novel, The Last Call For the Living delivers the goods with such skill that comparing the writer Peter Farris with gritty storytellers like Cormac McCarthy or Stephen Hunter is almost dissmissive. Ok, that said, sometimes Farris' voice is not too original, especially Hunter's solid Dirty White Boys comes into mind little too often, but that may easily be forgiven. Cause for a debut novel, this piece of written rednecky gold has unbelievable powerful narrative energy. The story [...]

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