Big Red Big Red was a champion Irish setter Danny a young trapper who knew about the ways of varmints and hounds than of the world of fancy kennels and dog shows But Red s owner knew a good dog man when he sa

  • Title: Big Red
  • Author: Jim Kjelgaard Bob Kuhn
  • ISBN: 9780823423910
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Big Red was a champion Irish setter Danny a young trapper who knew about the ways of varmints and hounds than of the world of fancy kennels and dog shows But Red s owner knew a good dog man when he saw one, and entrusted Red to Danny s training.

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      379 Jim Kjelgaard Bob Kuhn
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    1. Jim Kjelgaard Bob Kuhn

      an American author of young adult literature.Born in New York City, New York, Jim Kjelgaard is the author of than forty novels, the most famous of which is 1945 s Big Red It sold 225,000 copies by 1956 and was made into a 1962 Walt Disney film with the same title, Big Red His books were primarily about dogs and wild animals, often with animal protagonists and told from the animal s point of view.Jim Kjelgaard committed suicide in 1959, after suffering for several years from chronic pain and depression.

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    1. I thought when I began re-reading this book yesterday that I might change its star rating from 5 to 4. I had marked it 5 stars when I first joined GR and before I really understood how things worked here. But I've just finished the book and I'm leaving it with all 5 stars. I have a soft spot for Kjelgaard and the way he is able to bring dogs, people, and Nature to vivid life. This story of Big Red and Danny is no different and I was caught up from the beginning. Would Danny be able to work with [...]

    2. Jim Kjelgaard's Irish Setter books are the ultimate boy-and-his-dog adventure stories. Although it has been a very long time since I read them, I do remember that they completely enthralled me at the time, and captured my heart and imagination.

    3. I read Big red because it looked very interesting and I like dogs. This book is very enjoying and I think that it is a perfect book for a freshman to read that likes outdoor stuff. This book was action packed and I didn't want to put it down.In the beginning Danny is working for his boss Mr. Haggin. He finds a bull that was killed by a huge bear and then he sees the bear. His family has tried to kill this bear for years and he also wants to. After he told Mr. haggin about the bull he sees his do [...]

    4. Jim Kjelgaard really started my obsessive compulsive reading lifestyle. He was really the first author that I can vividly remember, at like 8 years old, going into a bookstore and blurting out to any employee "Do you have any Jim Kjelgaard books, I'll spell it for youK-J-E-L-G-A-A-R-D" Great dog books too, by the way. Jack London lite.

    5. Danny Pickett’s always loved dogs. Course, the only dogs he’s ever really seen are hounds, but he likes them fine. And then, he meets Red.Red is an Irish setter – a well built, but refined looking dog. His eyes shine with intelligence and he has spunk, too. He’s taken to Danny – but he belongs to Mr. Haggins, a rich and kindly neighbor. When Mr. Haggins sees how well Danny and Red get along, he hires Danny to help take care of Red.Red’s a fancy show dog. But during the months when he [...]

    6. I loved this book as a child and reread it many times. I loved the thrilling adventures from the "smaller" ones like his encounter with the wolverine to the main conflict with the savage bear. Oooo, I remember being so creeped out by the bear! Danny sitting in the dark, hearing the bear's claws scraping on the rock and watching Big Red's hackles rise . . . brrrrr! IMO, if kids are looking to be scared and feel chills up and down their spine, this is a lot healthier than some of the truly twisted [...]

    7. I rated this when I first joined , but I don't remember why I only gave it three stars. I seems to me that I enjoyed it more than that. I've recently picked up a used copy of the book, so sooner or later I'll get around to rereading it and give it a proper review. I'm really stumped that Kjelgaard seems to be largely out of print--I loved the few of his books I encountered growing up, and can't see why kids today shouldn't enjoy them, too.

    8. So, we have a 17-year old hillbilly Danny Pickett, living in a shack with his father, Ross. They support themselves by hunting, fishing and trapping. Occasionally they do some odd jobs for the rich guy, Mr. Haggin, on whose estate they have been squatting for years. I'm guessing they're somewhere in Appalachia, although we're also told they're only 300 miles from New York City. Whatever, they live an idyllic life, albeit a bit on the rough side. One day Danny goes to see Mr. Haggin and is greete [...]

    9. This book has a copyright of 1945 (mine is a 4th printing dated 1962) and was written back when " Books" had some real substance instead of the silly stuff I see now when I go to the Book Fairs at my grandsons' schools. My youngest grandson (3rd grade) and I chose this to read together because he's crazy about dogs. This is about an Irish Setter (a Championship show dog worth $7,000 back in the '50s) named Champion Sylvester's Boy. Mr. Haggin, his owner, trusts "Red's" care and training (as a pa [...]

    10. They were in the woods out in the country, at night, tracking Ole Majesty the bear. It wasn't long until they started hearing sounds. In the book Big Red, most of the pages talk about Danny and Red, but there are many other characters. This book shows that doing the right thing is best.This book shows that by doing the right thing, not necessarily the beneficial thing, happiness can be achieved. Mr. Haggin doesn't want to get rid of Red, his show dog, but he will with a discounted price just for [...]

    11. In the first quarter we had to choose a book, I chose this one, the lexile level is 910. This is the first book that I have read by Jim Kjelgaard. This is his most well known book he has written. He lived for 69 years and wrote 31 books. I picked this book because I really enjoy dogs and adventure stories. I`m also the kind of person who looks at the cover and gets drawn in. The book is called big red because a boy named Danny was given a dog named red. He is a Irish setter who is in dog shows, [...]

    12. Big Red a wonderful book about a young man and his dog, a champion Irish Setter. Although Danny doesn't own him, it is his job to take care of Red. The book was written by Jim Kjelgaard in 1945, so the reader must picture a time when life was a little simpler. Ross is a trapper and they live without running water and electricity in a small shack in the woods.Having been written in the 1940's, this book does not look at the world that we see it today. Danny has grown up with a trapper for a fathe [...]

    13. Reading through this book I kept finding outdated ecological ideas. Finally I looked up the copyright and found it was published in 1945. No wonder its ideas about how a predator fits into an ecosystem are so out of step with modern research.Such problems aside, the book is a good story of a boy and his dog. It has plenty of challenges and excitement. The ending is happy and lends itself to the sequels that followed.Jim and his father are trappers. They earn their living trapping and hunting the [...]

    14. Fans of boy-and-his-dog hunting stories like "Where the Red Fern Grows" and "Old Yeller" will love this book. While you can pretty much guess what is going to happen by the end of the book, based on the opening chapters, the journey getting there is full of twists and turns that keep the reader interested and eager to find out exactly how the events will unfold. My only complaint--and it's a mild one--is the sometimes hokey-sounding dialect the characters use when they speak. Other than that, th [...]

    15. This is about a Big Red dog and a boy who really loves this dog and lives in a place I cannot remember the name. The dog is a show dog but he can tell he is a good hunt dog. Eventually he gets hired to be a trainer, but the dog's leg is injured and will not be able to show any longer. He turns him into a partridge dog. There is also a bear named Old Majesty because no dog has been able to run him down. Big Red is there to challenge him and they defeat him in the night. I really liked this book b [...]

    16. 1945 debut of the Young Adult Big Red series. I remembered reading this book over 50 years ago and rereading it found that it was as engrossing and enjoyable as the first time around. Kjelgaard wrote a number of books featuring an animal, usually a dog. YA - "Big Red" was a champion Irish setter; Danny a young trapper who knew more about the ways of varmints and hounds than of the world of fancy kennels and dog shows. But Red's owner knew a good dog man when he saw one, and entrusted Red to Dann [...]

    17. Wonderful and creative dog story, but Bid Red is also a timeless tale of friendship, hard work and the beauty of natural and rural environments. This book was an excellent journey through time and I highly recommend it.

    18. A wonderful book! Jim Kjelgaard's style of describing and writing about the woods is unparalleled by any other boy's author. I loved this book-should have read it sooner! It was funny, tense, exciting, intriguing, and more.

    19. I would suggest this book to hunters.It is about a man and a dog who try to kill a bear who eats there cattle.

    20. Read this when I was a bit younger, and remember quite enjoying it! Books about dogs aren't usually my thing these days; but I have fond memories of reading them in the past! :)

    21. Read Kjelgaard's books when I was a kid and they were a formative influence. Indeed, here is a longer blog post I wrote up about the books (back when I was giving blogging a brief go):I gave my nephew a set of four books this last Christmas: Big Red, Irish Red, Outlaw Red (a trilogy of Irish Setter stories) and Stormy, all by Jim Kjelgaard, and then for his ninth birthday, I found two more (the books are mostly out-of-print) Snow Dog and Wild Trek. He’s loved the books, as I figured he would, [...]

    22. Big red, by Jim Kjelgaard is one of my favorite books I have ever read. It has so many great parts in it. This book is one of the classic boy and dog stories. It is about a boy named Danny who is herding the bulls into the ranch one day. One of the bulls runs away and gets attacked by a bear, but it was no ordinary bear. He saw it and immediately knew that is was the legendary bear that everyone calls “Old Majesty”. He finds an Irish Setter,(Breed of dog)and they call the Wintapi woods home. [...]

    23. “Big Red” was a champion Irish Setter; from the moment Danny saw him, he knew Red would be his dog. Danny was just a lowly trapper, a boy who knew more about the ways of the woods than fancy kennels and dog shows. But when the two meet for the first time, they quickly become inseparable and Red’s owner entrusts him to Danny’s care. In the harsh wilderness that Danny calls home, Red proves to be a reliable, loyal companion…even when faced with a legendary enemy!Mr. Kjelgaard is the prol [...]

    24. In this book Danny, who lives with his father Ross, is given an Irish Setter to take care of. The dog is a show dog worth 7,000 dollars. After going to New York to see a dog show, Danny teaches Red to become a Partridge Dog. Once Red's training is finished and he can hunt Partridges Danny is given a mate for Red, another Irish Setter. This dog takes a liking for Ross. Finally Red and Danny kill the Legendary bear who rules the forest named Old Majesty. And Red and Danny are honored for this achi [...]

    25. All I can remember is that this was my favorite children's book! I read this in the 3rd grade and remember that it was one of my favorite reads of my life up until that point.

    26. We did this as a read aloud. The children were really happy with this book, it brought back many great memories from my childhood reading with my mom and grandma. Great story of a time gone by.

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